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You are receiving this email because of your interest in USA Archery's Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program. We hope to showcase the fun and excitement of youth archery by providing you with the latest news about the JOAD program! We welcome your comments and feedback, directed to 
Just Announced: Order Program Awards and
Instructor Certification Packets Online!      

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) and Adult Archery Achievement club leaders, and archery instructors, are now able to take advantage of simple, secure online ordering for star pins, lanyards and instructor certification packets.


USA Archery has offered online shopping for its line of apparel - including shirts, jackets and hats - since 2010. The organization has expanded its online offerings this week in an effort to give club leaders, instructors and coaches a simpler method for ordering the items they need most frequently, and to streamline the organization's own order fulfillment efforts to provide better customer service to its members.  


Leaders of JOAD clubs - and clubs with the Adult Archery Achievement and/or JOAD Xperience designation - will be able to order star pins, lanyards, and the six-gold pin beginning this week at  


Coaches and instructors wishing to order instructor certification packets will now place their orders via the same website. Read more:  

Growing Archery at the Community Level:
Outreach Director Blogs on JOAD Growth     

JOAD Camps

By Mary Emmons - 

Archery is a sport most people have tried or would like to try and this year a lot of people to decided to make that goal a reality. In fact, most people I talk to inform me that they have previously tried archery in high school or camp years ago, and loved it.  This conversation usually occurs while the parent accompanies their child to try archery. I always take a moment to encourage the parents to fling an arrow or two, which always results in the same reaction: a big grinning smile and a desire to shoot more arrows.


Modern archery equipment and a bit of instruction can lead to instant gratification, and that is one of the reasons archery is so popular. Archery is also a lifetime sport that can be enjoyed by youth, adults and families, and it also happens to be downright fun. The influx of archery enthusiasts to the sport is a great thing! USA Archery promotes archery education and athlete development through the Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program. JOAD Clubs are the heart of archery grassroots program development and provide a place for archery education, athlete development and - last but not least - camaraderie. In recent years clubs were also given the option to add an Adult Archery Achievement club designation, thus accommodating all age levels. Read more:  

JOAD Club Spotlight: T.H.E. JOAD Club     

 The Club Spotlight is a great way for JOAD clubs to learn about one another - and hopefully get some great ideas about everything from club growth to making practices fun for archers.     


For the November edition of the JOAD newsletter, T.H.E. JOAD Club was chosen as our JOAD Spotlight club.USA Archery would like to thank 2004 Olympian John Magera, the club's director, for taking the time to answer these questions, as well as his continued support of the JOAD program.    


Where is your JOAD club located?


T.H.E. JOAD club is based in Columbus, Texas, a small rural Southeast Texas town located between the cities of Houston and San Antonio.  We shoot at the Colorado County fairgrounds and have archers from all over the county as well as from Houston and its suburbs that come out to join us.   

Read the rest of the interview:   

Congratulations to Winners of 3rd Quarter
JOAD Mail-In Tournament!     

Each quarter, USA Archery's JOAD program conducts a Mail-In tournament, in which members of JOAD and Adult Archery Achievement clubs shoot a score, following tournament rules, at their local club or range, and their club leader returns the scores to USA Archery. Archers are classified by age division, equipment style and gender, and there's even a team event! Very low registration fees make this a popular event for new and veteran competitors.

We recently announced the winners of the 3rd Quarter Mail-In tournament - congratulations to all of the winners! Pictured at right is Jackie Elward, who took top honors in the Female Bowman Genesis category. Her family shared this information: "Jackie, who is 9 years old, of Ipswich, MA has been shooting archery since she was six years old. Jackie's goal for 2012 was to win an archery tournament and she is excited about achieving her goal. Jackie enjoys archery a great deal and thinks it is fun, especially when she hits a bullseye. She likes going to the Ipswich Fish and Game Club to practice archery with her father and her friends. Jackie's other hobbies include dancing and Girl Scouting."

Congratulations to all of the archers who participated! Click here to view the complete results of the 3rd Quarter Mail-In, and read on to find out more about competing in the 4th Quarter event!
JOAD Update: Clubs, Certifications, and
JOAD Committee     


To date, USA Archery has 242 JOAD, 149 JOAD/Adult Achievement, and 52 Adult Archery Achievement clubs with current memberships.  A total of 443 USA Archery clubs are currently registered, including many Olympic Archery in Schools (OAS) clubs who also have JOAD club memberships. If you do not see your club listed on our website (click here to view our Club Locator), please contact JOAD Coordinator Callie Grieser at

USA Archery is pleased to announce that literally thousands of new instructors have been certified in 2012:
  • Level I (formerly Basic) Instructor-3,083
  • Level II (formerly Intermediate) Instructor-450
  • Level III-NTS (formerly Community Coach)-60 
Congratulations to the 3,593 new archery instructors who have been certified thus far in 2012! They will be joined by the successful graduates of the Level 4-NTS Course being held next week at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center.

The JOAD Committee - which helps govern the JOAD program - meets annually in person and quarterly by conference call. The next JOAD Committee meeting will be held in February, in Las Vegas, with the exact date to be announced.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding JOAD that you would like discussed at the meeting, please contact your Regional Coordinator. Click here to find your regional coordinator.

Doug Ludwig, who is the Regional Coordinator for the East, and Dee Falks, who is the Regional Coordinator for the South will have their terms expire in December 2012.  The JOAD Committee will be conducting interviews with those people who submitted a nomination form, and recommendations for the new East and South region positions will be given to USA Archery's Board of Directors at their November meeting.    
USAA Awards Grants to JOAD Clubs    

Camp Photo Target Ground

To date in 2012, USA Archery has awarded $21,400 in grant funds to JOAD Clubs.  Clubs are able to use these funds to offset equipment costs, which can be a big help in expanding their offerings to their local communities. The following clubs have received grants in 2012:

Hemlock Archery $1,500.00 
Evans County JOAD $2,400.00
Desert Sky Archers $2,400.00
Ace Archers Club of Columbus $2,600.00
Reedy's JOAD $2,500.00
Archery Learning Center Snellville Stingers JOAD $3,500.00
Mudjaw Bowmen JOAD $5,000.00
Wolf Ridge Archery Club $1,500.00

2013 grant deadlines for submitting applications will be March 1st, June 1st, and September 1st.  Additional information and the grant application can be found at: 
Want to Grow Archery in Your Community?
Certify New Instructors!   

Coach Lee Coach Symposium

USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association continue to encourage certified instructors at Level 2 and above to offer more instructor courses in their local areas, as the demand for archery programs continues to increase at incredible rates.

"The Hunger Games" had an incredible effect on the growth of our sport, and sequels are currently scheduled for November 2013, 2014 and 2015. Please help USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association, who share this certification program, to ensure that we have enough certified archery instructors available to start JOAD clubs, so that new archers can receive coaching and get involved in the sport! 

Visit our website at: for information about certification and a listing of scheduled courses. To organize a certification course in your area, please contact Outreach Assistant Jo Chouinard at
Policy Update: Sanction Tournaments in Order to Receive Insurance Coverage   

Clayton Gregory

As a result of a meeting with USA Archery's insurance provider, clubs are now required to sanction events with USA Archery when participants include non-club members.

Clubs will need to complete the sanction request
form prior the event taking place. If required by the venue, the club can request a certificate of insurance from USA Archery.

Moving forward, certificate requests will not be accepted if the club has not sanctioned the event with USA Archery.  The sanction request form can be found at:
JOAD Camps Hosted in Massachusetts, Arizona    

Ace Archers JOAD club held a camp in Foxboro, MA August 16-19th with 18 participants. Level 5 coach Steve Cornell and Level 4 coaches Thomas Herrington and E.G. Lebre instructed.

Another camp was held in Chandler, AZ by the Paseo Vista Archery Club and hosted 25 participants. The Level 5 coach at this camp was Mel Nichols. Level 4 coaches Kari Jill Granville and Paralympian Eric Bennett assisted, along with Ed Vortuba. Both camps were successful in helping archers to increase their understanding of the National Training System (NTS) as well as their level of expertise and skills in order to perform better at different competition levels. Please continue to check our website at  or information on upcoming camps.  

4th Quarter Mail-In Tournament Now Underway!   


Youth and adult archers: wax your bowstrings, re-fletch your arrows, and put your game faces on: The JOAD Mail-In Tournament is a GREAT way to test your skills against archers across the country, from the comfort of your home archery range!  Traditionally one of the most fun and least expensive tournaments of the year, the JOAD Mail-In Tournament Series offers new and experienced youth and adult archers the opportunity to participate in a national competition without ever leaving their home archery range, and at a very low cost. 
Students in JOAD as well as Adult Archery Achievement programs are encouraged to participate; archers may also combine to enter a team score for a small additional fee, and join the exciting team competition.  For more information, please visit:
Kentucky High Schools Add Archery as Varsity Sport  

Arrows in Targets

As of August 2012, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association has added archery as a varsity sport, with the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) set to administer the sport.  


This decision continues the state's tradition of introducing progressive sport offerings in high schools. Adding archery as a high school sport will not only continue to get youth excited about archery, but will help connect previously unreached students to extra-curricular activities. Students who participate in archery will also benefit from the great life skills the sport teaches, including patience, focus, discipline and confidence building. For more information on this groundbreaking decision for the state of Kentucky, visit   

Photo credits: Teresa Iaconi, Dee Falks, John Magera, Elward Family