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You are receiving this email because of your interest in USA Archery's Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program. We hope to showcase the fun and excitement of youth archery by providing you with the latest news about the JOAD program! We welcome your comments and feedback, directed to 
Outreach Update: USA Archery Welcomes Lots of New Clubs and Members!      


USA Archery is continuing to see fantastic growth in all of its programs! During the third quarter of 2012, USA Archery had several clubs either join or renew their membership including: 48 Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) clubs, 8 Adult Archery Achievement Clubs, and 53 clubs that offer both JOAD and Adult Archery Achievement. If you do not see your club listed on the Club Locator, please contact Outreach Program Coordinator, Callie Grieser at:


In addition, 174 Level I and 184 Level II instructors either renewed or became new instructors with USA Archery! Congratulations to all those who continue to further their archery knowledge and skills. To view a schedule of upcoming certification classes, please visit: Please contact USA Archery Certification Coordinator Jo Chouinard at: with any instructor certification questions you may have.


Social media reminder: USA Archery is ALWAYS looking for great photos from our clubs and instructors/coaches that showcase the fun and excitement of archery! If you have a great or fun archery photo that we can share on social media, please send (along with a caption) to  

Chris and Emily Bee: Standouts in NASP and JOAD     

Emily and Chris Bee are a brother and sister archery duo who are setting the target archery world on fire. Chris and Emily finished first in the U.S. Archery Team rankings for the Cadet division. They compete in both Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) and the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP), and are proof that athletes can compete in both NASP and JOAD, and enjoy the great benefits of both programs!


How - and when - did you get your start in archery?   

Emily: My dad is a bow hunter. I have a younger brother and he started shooting the local JOAD program, I always had to go along so I also joined. I started JOAD when I was seven.


Chris: When I was six years old my dad and I would shoot 3D targets in the yard.


Tell us about your first major achievement in the sport - when was the moment you knew you could be great at archery?

Chris: I shot my first state tournament and placed 3rd and thought I could succeed at this sport.


Emily: My first outdoor national tournament in Pennsylvania, I shot very well for myself, and as I looked at everyone's scores, I was not too far behind. I knew if I practiced a little more I could be placing at these tournaments. I knew then that I wanted to work for being nationally placed.

Outreach Director Blog: Archery Instructor Certification is the Key to Program Success     

SoCal Field

By Mary Emmons, USAA Outreach Director


Certified archery instructors and coaches are the foundation of USA Archery's grassroots developmental programs and essential to the athlete development pipeline. They not only provide instructional services, but also train and certify new archery instructors and are the fundamental key to your programs success. Obtaining your archery instructor certification not only provides you with valuable knowledge and hands-on skills, but also boosts the marketing value of your program or club. I often receive inquiries from program and club leaders asking what certification level they need to obtain to be an effective archery instructor.  The answer to this question depends on the proficiency level of the archers in your program or club, and also your own personal desire to become an archery coach. 


USA Archery offers both long-term and short-term developmental programs that introduce both youth and adults to the sport of archery. Introductory archery programs are a mainstay in many familiar youth serving organizations such as parks and recreation departments, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H and a host of summer camps nationwide.  These organizations do a great job of dutifully teaching the fundamentals of archery safety and shooting techniques to tens of thousands of participants annually. Most utilize USA Archery's JOAD Xperience Program or the After School Archery Program (ASAP), which is a joint program between USA Archery, the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) and the Archery Shooters Association (ASA). The Easton Foundations and Archery Trade Association (ATA) are also partners in this effort.  



Archery Book Release: Comprehensive Guide to Sport for Archers of All Ages        


Colorado Springs, CO - As part of a collaboration with publisher Human Kinetics, USA Archery has contributed to "Archery" - an in-depth guide to archery for competitive compound and recurve archers. For archers who are serious about improving accuracy, increasing consistency, and achieving competitive success, Archery is a go-to guide.

Featuring in-depth instruction, insight, and advice from some of the world's top coaches and archers, Archery sets a new standard in resources for those who compete with the recurve or compound bow.   


Archery includes a wealth of information on perfecting shot technique, equipment selection and tuning, preparing for competition, exercising for archery and perfecting the mental game. You'll master the skills and techniques taught at the U.S. Olympic Training Center by U.S. National Head Coach KiSik Lee, and compound technique as taught by top coach Mel Nichols.   


Click for chapter detail and purchasing information:   

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Committee Update     


The JOAD Committee for 2013 will be:

  •  John Stover: North Region Representative and Committee Chair
  • Brian Ficker: West Region Representative
  •  Doug Ludwig: East Region Representative
  • Dee Falks: South Region Representative
  • Mackenzie Brown: Athlete Representative

USA Archery's JOAD Committee is made up of five (5) members that serve two-year terms.  Members include four regional coordinators and one athlete representative. JOAD Committee members must be at least 18 years old and may serve up to three consecutive two-year terms. Committee service is on a volunteer basis.  The USAA JOAD Committee meets quarterly by conference call and once a year in person. Day to day communications is primarily by email.


Nominations were conducted for the East and South regions in the fall of 2012.  Both Doug Ludwig and Dee Falks were re-elected for their respective regions.  Current JOAD Committee members interviewed all nominees, and recommendations were then given to the USAA Board of Directors to be approved. USA Archery would like to thank all who applied for the positions.  Each region had several strong nominees, many of who were asked to sit on an ad-hoc committee to share their ideas and help support JOAD in their respective areas.

Read more:      

Excited About Archery? Participate in a JOAD Event or Competition!       

  • USA Archery Forum in Las Vegas during the World Archery Festival: 
    • All attendees will have the opportunity to discuss current JOAD questions, concerns, and issues with USA Archery staff. Watch for dates and times! 
  • 1st Quarter Mail-In Tournament
    • The 1st Quarter Mail-In Tournament will run from January 15-March 31st. Traditionally one of the most fun and least expensive tournaments of the year, the JOAD Mail-In Tournament Series offers new and experienced youth and adult archers the opportunity to participate in a national competition without ever leaving their home archery range, and at a very low cost. All archers participating in the Mail-In Tournament series must be a member of either a JOAD or Adult Archery Achievement club. This club must be affiliated with USA Archery and have current membership status. Please visit: for rules and the registration form. In order to accommodate those clubs that have been sending in scores for Yeoman archers, an official Yeoman division has been added to the registration form.
  • 2013 JOAD Camps
    • The following dates and locations have been determined for 2013 JOAD Camps:
      • Ace Archers, August 27-30 Massachusetts
      • Paseo Vista Archery Club-May 24-27 Arizona
      • Bull Run Spider Shooters-August 8-11 Virginia

More information on registration and possible additional camp dates and locations will become available in the first part of 2013. Please continue to check: for updated information.

JOAD Club Spotlight: Newberry JOAD     

Junior Olympic Archery Development, or JOAD, is USA Archery's nationwide youth archery program. JOAD offers beginning, intermediate and advanced archers the chance to learn the sport over a series of classes. Archers may choose to pursue the sport recreationally, or advance as far as their dreams will take them. This feature is part of a series of club profiles called the "JOAD Club Spotlight."


The Newberry Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Club was founded in February 2011 and is based out of the Easton Newberry Sports Complex in Newberry, Fla. In the club's short history it has become a thriving example of a successful JOAD program. This year the club has increased its membership by over 100%, bringing its roster to 75 members. Beside this amazing growth, the program has had amazing success in tournaments: their archers have won 3 national titles, 15 medals in national competitions, 21 regional medals and 59 state records in just over a year.


Newberry JOAD Club President Kim Oliver credits the club's success to the "sense of community" that is a major component of the program's culture. "I believe we have evolved a sense of community with our club, and our kids are very rewarded and encouraged during our club shoots and within their training," said Oliver.


Keeping in touch with the area's JOAD community is a struggle that many archery programs face. Newberry has tackled this challenge by using three forms of communication.   


Remember to Place Orders Online for Club Achievement Awards and Certification Materials!     

USA Archery wants to remind all clubs and instructors to place orders online for JOAD, Adult Achievement and JOAD Xperience star pins and lanyards, as well as for instructor certification materials. Please remember only club leaders of current clubs are eligible to place these orders. Please contact Outreach Program Coordinator, Callie Grieser at: with any questions you may have regarding JOAD or any other USA Archery program offering.


Level I and Level II instructor certification materials can be found and ordered online as well. Instructors with a current Level II or higher certification can order materials to hold a Level I course, and instructors with a Level III or higher current certification may place orders for both Level I and Level II courses. If you have any questions regarding ordering instructor certification materials, or your current status as an instructor, please contact Certification Coordinator, Jo Chouinard at:

Customers who would like to purchase After School Archery Program (ASAP) materials and archery equipment from USA Archery are advised that these items will be temporarily unavailable, effective immediately, while USA Archery modifies the ordering process to make ASAP materials and archery equipment available in a single location for secure online ordering. Both of these items will be available again shortly by visiting and clicking "Shop." USA Archery will provide an update via web and social media as soon as online ordering resumes for these items. Those wishing to order JOAD program materials, instructor packets and apparel may continue to do so by visiting and clicking "Shop."  

Please visit and click "Shop" to place your online order today!

Did You Know? Ann Hoyt/Jim Easton Grants Available to JOAD Clubs      


World Field Heather Trafford

The Ann Hoyt/Jim Easton JOAD Grant is made possible by archery  legend, Ann Hoyt and current supporter of youth archery, Jim Easton. Through contributions from the Ann Hoyt Legacy Fund, the Easton Sports Development Foundation, and the Archery Trade Association. JOAD Clubs can request funds for items such as archery equipment, general supplies and coaching certifications.


Current JOAD clubs in good standing can request funds up to $5,000. USA Archery is currently accepting grant applications. There will be three grant deadlines in 2013: March 1st, June 1st and September 1st. Applications submitted after these deadlines will not be considered until the following grant period.


USA Archery distributed approximately $50,000 in JOAD club grants in 2012. For more information, to review grant requirements, and to find the updated application form, please visit:

USA Archery, National Field Archery Association Announce Live Coach Locator       


Jim White Lee Ford Arizona 2011

Colorado Springs, CO - USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association has launched a live, interactive Coach Locator service that will allow visitors to locate a certified archery instructor or coach near them. Click here to access the Coach Locator:  


The service is linked through an online Certification Management System, which facilitates shared instructor and coach certification data for USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association.


Certified coaches and instructors can opt out of being listed in the Coach Locator by logging into the Management System, and clicking the opt-out checkbox at the bottom of the page on the "Main Info" tab. Click here to access the Management System:    


"We are very excited to offer this service to the public as well as to certified instructors and coaches," explained Denise Parker, USA Archery CEO. "By offering a live, interactive Coach Locator, we can ensure that people who are interested in participating in archery are able to quickly and easily find coaching support." 


Instructors and coaches with questions are encouraged to contact Certification Coordinator Jo Chouinard at 719-866-3451 (MT) or via email at

Photo credits: Dean Alberga, Human Kinetics, Newberry JOAD, Teresa Iaconi