Serving York County
Third Quarter  2015
Katallasso Provider Spotlight

Michele Munch
has served at Katallasso right from the beginning as a women's health practitioner.  Michele started her career as a 9 year Emergency Department Registered Nurse.  She returned to school and received her Masters in Nursing from the University of Delaware in 1994 and then her Masters in Nurse Practitioner from Salisbury State University
.  Michele has spoken nationally for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and currently guest lectures at York College and Lancaster School of Nursing as well as teaching Pharmacology on line.   Currently she works in women's health at The Fertility Center in York.  Thank you so much Michele for your servants heart and helping Katallasso Reach Beyond Healthcare!
Volunteer of the Quarter
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Kay Mahanes
Kudos to Kay who has been working very hard during the staffing transition.  She has been bending over backwards with additional duties including volunteer management, scheduling and training.   Kay has worked at Katallasso since it opened in 2013 and has so much knowledge
to share.
Kay graduated from the Maryland Medical Secretary School and worked as a medical secretary at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for 4 years. She worked at Dallastown Family Medical Center for 15 years and York Hospital
 for 7 years.
Kay is married to Ed and has three children and three grandchildren. Kay is truly committed to the Lord and the mission of Katallasso.

Thank you, thank you Kay for the  impact  you make and for the example of culture of excellence you exude!!!

Katallasso Out And About 

HLS Golf Outing 
Once again Katallasso was a sponsor of the Human Life Services "Golf For Life" Golf outing.  Pictured are co-founder Duane and Board Member Ron.  Collaboration and support....a key Katallasso principle! 
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National Night Out
 Katallasso participated in National Night Out this year at Lincoln Charter.  Pictured are Mayor Bracey, Didi and Brian.  What a great evening with awesome participation!
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Block Party 
What a great day at the Dreamcenter Block party.  The neighborhood was rockin' on that hot Saturday afternoon.  Pictured is Didi spreading the message about Katallasso.
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Spirit of Youth Awards 
During Saturday in the Park at Springettsbury Park, Central Communities that Care honored those that impact youth in a big way during a breakfast.  Brian provided the keynote.
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Katallasso....Reaching Beyond Healthcare!
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Special Thanks!
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A big thank you to St. Matthew Lutheran church for the work they did at the clinic during the ELCA national  outreach event "God's Work, Our Hands."
Noble City Church
partnered with other area ministries to impact the city with a day of service.  Katallasso was a recipient of their much needed

Don't forget about our gift of a Day Program...
Names are posted at Katallasso in the waiting room on the day of support and in the Medical Area permanently on the above plaques.

(This program was started in October 2013.  $750 
supports one day of service at Katallasso.  Any donor contributing that amount in one year is a member of our Gift of a Day Program)

Thank you so much for supporting Katallasso!
Katallasso is a proud member of the following:

We are also registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations

What is happening at Katallasso?  Just for starters we have now served over 900 clients and are quickly approaching 1000!  That's impact!  Add to that the fact that in the next 45 days we will start at least four new providers.  The need is great and Katallasso is there to meet it! 
Katallasso 3rd Annual Breakfast

Join us for a morning of fellowship, food and inspiration as you hear what has been happening at Katallasso this past year. We'll be sharing how the center has been working to impact lives in the York Community.  We'll also be sharing plans for upcoming collaborations and plans for the future including the announcement our next major event.

We look forward to our keynote speaker Matthew Carey, the incoming Executive Director of the York Rescue Mission.  He will be sharing his journey from participant in the Spiritual Life Program at YRM to executive leadership at the mission.

Click HERE to Register
Katallasso Takes a Step in Faith in Hiring 2 New Staff  
A special welcome to Dycelie (Didi) Rivera as Katallasso's new Operations Manager. Didi has a Bachelor of Science in Business Admin from York College of Pennsylvania.  She was a Document Control Manager for a local company and worked in the Advanced Skill Center.  She is very proficient with Microsoft Office and speaks fluent Spanish.  Dycelie worships at Door of Salvation Church.  We are confident that Dycelie will provide solid leadership at Katallasso!

One of the main factors that helped the interviewers choose Dycelie was her incredible heart to be used by God to serve those most vulnerable amongst us.  Her relationship with God solidly impacts every aspect of her life. 

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We are also excited to announce the addition of Julie Maduforo, RN BSN to the staff of Katallasso Family Health Center in the role of Clinical Coordinator.  Julie graduated from HACC with her Associate Degree in Nursing in 2003 and in 2014 with her Bachelors in Nursing from York College. She is currently pursuing her master's  degree in professional counseling.  She worked as an RN at Memorial Hospital for nine years spending time in the Industrial Resource Center in the beginning, then moved on to positions in the Medical-Surgical Unit and Telemetry Unit as a charge nurse.  She then moved on to Healthsouth Rehab Hospital where she has spent time being a charge nurse in the following areas:   Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac and Brain Injury Units.  She also holds the following certifications:  CPR, ACLS, IV, DOT drug screening.

Not only does Julie have an excellent resume but more importantly she has a heart for God and a strong desire to live a life in service to Him.


Clearly God has big plans for Katallasso and the addition of these two staff members will allow us to search for needs outside healthcare and implement programs to combat them as we seek to impact the maximum number of lives.
Katallasso Annual Health Festival

The Annual Katallasso Health Festival was held on Saturday, August 29 and was a great success. It has grown to such a level that we now close down Belvidere Avenue with police blockades. Nurses from Katallasso were available to do blood pressure screenings as well as 22 other health and community related vendors. Approximately 200 residents participated in this yearly event in the Salem Square neighborhood.  This is  an excellent community day in the neighborhood where people can be screened for many health issues and get in touch with their own personal health needs through education.

Katallasso Really Needs You!

With the increased capacity that is being created by more providers volunteering to serve at Katallasso,
we need more volunteers to step forward.   
We currently have an incredible staff but as we respond to the great need that staff is being stretched.  Might you be willing to give just 3-5 hours per month to Katallasso as you walk out your faith?   
  Click  here to start the process. 

United Way Giving

This is a reminder that just because Katallasso Family Health Center is not a United Way agency Coins in glass money jar with donations label, financial concept. Vintage wooden background with dramatic light. does not mean you cannot contribute through the United Way.  United Way is gracious enough to allow anyone to give through payroll deduction to any 501(c)3 by designating that organization for their funds.  Just simply write in or type in Katallasso Family Health Center.  It allows you to support this valuable ministry without even thinking about it.  Thanks so much for considering!
Impact of the Quarter 
(from the desk of medical director Duane Furman)
Do you ever wonder what tomorrow may hold? The uncertainty of what the day may bring and how would you respond if your life completely changed with your next breath. May 28, 2015 was that moment for one of our patients. She had worked hard all of her life, always holding a steady job, providing for her family, in good health, serving and loving her husband of many years. On that day, without warning, she experienced a severe stroke and was hospitalized at Memorial Hospital. After a week or so in the hospital she was discharged to go home. Unfortunately, she was one of the many thousands of uninsured people of York County. Where would she go? Where could she turn to receive the follow up care that she so desperately needed? Fortunately, the discharging service at Memorial had referred her to Katallasso to receive her follow up care. I still recall that first day that I met her and her husband. She had the obvious deficits that one would expect from a stroke victim. Behind those deficits though, there was confusion, hurt, uncertainty and a deep emotional burden of how her life had recently changed. Most of our time was spent simply talking, listening to her frustration and fear of what her future may hold. There were bouts of emotional outbreaks with tears of sadness, then a rapid swing to joy.  One of her deficits that she was experiencing were the emotional swings. As our time came to a conclusion on that first visit, we had a chance to pray together, to cry together and to hope together. See, she was a woman who knew of God, but perhaps didn't know God, her Lord and Savior.
Since that day, she has been seen routinely for monthly follow up evaluations for her primary care. In addition, she has seen our orthopedic specialist for care and has weekly been seeing one of our physical therapists for stroke care. She has been working so hard at therapy and we are all so proud of her progress. She is walking better, speaking better and feeling better. Emotionally, she is also better. Now our time together is filled with tears of great joy and gratitude for what was a defining moment for her in her life on May 28, 2015. Since that time she has and continues to grow in her faith as she has realized the love her heavenly Father has for her. She will say that she no longer just knows of God, but she knows God and her savior Jesus. See, at her last appointment in September, she told me that she was baptized! She was once lost...But is now found! She was without hope because of her life changing experience, in a place of great need and found a place of peace and care through Katallasso as she found hope through a greater life changing experience!
I don't know who that next person walking into our waiting room will be that is in need of the caring hands of Katallasso. Won't you consider how you can help us meet their need whether it be through acts of serving, giving of your finances and even your prayers? How can you help one person find hope that is in need of a life changing experience?

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How can you be part of Katallasso? 



2.We still have needs for volunteers.  As we increase the patient hours our needs grow.
    -What is your talent or expertise that Katallasso can use to impact the community?  You don't necessarily have to be a medical staffer.  We have many other needs.

3. Financial support.  We cannot stop now.  Please consider partnering with Katallasso by visiting the quick links section above this block.

4.  Medical providers-  Are you one or might you approach someone you know?

  (It's that important!)

***All of God's people must come together in order for this to be successful.  WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL? 

Our mission is to emulate the love
of Jesus Christ by promoting wellness and providing quality healthcare for both the body and soul. In cooperation with the Church and others, Katallasso FHC will strive to reach beyond the health of the body for York City and surrounding communities.


Katallasso FHC: Reaching Beyond Healthcare


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2014 990's are available upon request by calling Katallasso 


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