Serving York County
July 2012
Facility Tour
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Katallasso is leasing approximately 2400 square at the corner of West King Street and South Belvidere Avenue pictured above.
 Click hereto take a tour of our facility as it stood when we entered. 
Our First Prayer Event

On June 14th we invited people to the center to write on the walls that are going to be taken down prayers, encouragements and well wishes.  The walls were filled.  Watch a video tour of the walls filled with prayers here. 
After the walls were written on we opened the center for 3 days per week over the next 2 weeks so people could pray themselves through the center.
Awesome experience watching people walking through! 
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    Welcome to the very first Katallasso newsletter!  This has been a long time coming (about 21 months) and we feel so blessed to be bringing it to you.  Our hope is that this newsletter finds you well!  Our purpose in this communication is to bring you up to date on where we stand at this point.  Thank you so much for your interest in the center!  Read on....
What do we intend to do?


Katallasso will provide high quality healthcare to those that are uninsured or under insured in York City and County.  We will strive to develop solid relationships over time with our clients as we share the love of Christ with them.  Our focus will be on relationship based medical care so that at some point we may be able to speak into lives to deal with the real issues of life.  
Why Salem Square??
salem square sign


We spent our first six months asking questions from every community, governmental, pastoral and healthcare leader we could find asking if there was a need and where? (See some examples of letters from those that felt this center is needed by clicking here.)  It was determined through a strong leading of God and the wisdom of these leaders that Salem Square was a perfect fit.  This was because of the strong momentum that is being experienced in this neighborhood with community development efforts, strong neighborhood and community associations and the willingness of the churches to work together.  

What is the Neighborhood Saying??
Watch a video of neighborhood interviews by clicking here.


How can you be part of Katallasso?
2. Share your expertise with us as we
     put the center together...volunteer.
        -We need help to do demolition on
          July 14th and help to frame walls
          on the 21st
        -We need help with all phases of 
          set up and operation of the
            -IT, office set up, construction,
              bookkeeping, medical,
              fundraising, cleaning, etc.
3. Click here to donate financially to 
     the mssion of the center.  Currently
     we are at just under 50% of our goal
     of $200,00 in order to open the  

***All of God's people must come together in order for this to be successful.  WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL?

Our mission is to emulate the love Jesus Christ by promoting wellness and providing quality healthcare for both the body and soul. In cooperation with the Church and others, Katallasso FHC will strive to reach beyond the health of the body for York City and surrounding communities.


Katallasso FHC: Reaching Beyond Healthcare!


Click here to check out a detailed description of our mission. 


Katallasso, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation