Past Life Regression hypnosis seminar
How would your life be different if you
experienced a past life?

If you have tried it, you may already know.
If you haven't, you are in for a wonderful surprise!

Past Life Regression gives us gifts that
further our spirit's quest for consciousness,
self-discovery, and enlightenment. It yields
rewards that make life richer and happier
in this current incarnation.

Explore and discover the many adventures,
talents, purpose and knowledge gained in
other lifetimes.

BONUS : complimentary hypnosis CD

Thursday June 7 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Church of the Holy Nativity
8 Nevin Rd, So. Weymouth, MA

Seating is limited. Preregistration required.

Tickets : $35.00 
Early bird pricing: $30.00 if payment
is received by June 4.

You may pay by check, payable to
Kathryn McGlynn, and mail to:
P.O. Box 432, So Weymouth, MA 02190 

Or payment is accepted through Paypal
here (scroll to bottom of page).

Questions ? Contact your facilitator: 
Kathryn McGlynn, Certified Hypnotist
AKA 'The Time Traveler' 

Kathryn has been facilitating Past Life
Regressions since her own first regression
experience in 1977.
Upcoming Events
  • Daily Habits for Health - June 1
  • HypnoGolf - June 22

Seminar calendar of events
An Instant Understanding
Amy Weiss (the daughter of Dr Brian Weiss,
author of several books on regression)
writes about one of her past life experiences
and the 'instant understanding' of a life lesson.

Read it here.

Energy Healing Symposium

I was honored to be a speaker at the
Energy Healing Symposium held at
Lesley College this past weekend.

My presentation was live-streamed
around the world. Very exciting!

My hypnosis topic was:
Soul Entrainment® : Hypnotically explore
the answers your Soul holds for you. 

Soul Entrainment® means "coming
into alignment with your Soul." This 
technique allows clients to access
important messages from their Soul -
or highest consciousness. Your Soul 
supports you every step of the way
and has the answers for you, guiding
you with unconditional love and protection. 

Soul Entrainment® can help you bring
healing, clarity and insight to anything
you want answered or resolved in your

Kathryn's training as a hypnotist guides
you effortlessly into relaxation and higher
levels of consciousness where you can
then easily connect to the essence of
your Soul.

An aware Soul helps you heal the root
cause of your fears and blocks so you
can move forward.

If you would like to experience a
Soul Entrainment® session,
contact me: 781-340-2146

To Your Very Good Health -

“The important question regarding spirituality
is not which God you follow but are you true
to your soul? Are you living a spiritual life? ” 
~ Dr Brian Weiss, 'Same Soul, Many Bodies'   
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