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Award winning home in Geyserville

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Dear friends,  

It's hard to imagine that spring has arrived. Coming out of 2011 and into the New Year has been a whirlwind for us at Leff Construction. We've wrapped up some beautiful projects including a new solar mansion in Cazadero (photos coming soon) and an award-winning whole house remodel.  We've added several new staff members and remodeled our office.  Our new Design Center in Sebastopol is getting its finishing touches, and we will soon be holding our free remodeling workshops there. We hope to see you at one of them. 


While winter has seemed to pass us by quietly, we certainly felt it in our hearts with the passing of a dear friend and client, Rich McCall. An artist and a truly kind soul, he touched everyone he knew with his warm and gentle spirit. We will always remember him for his generosity and true friendship.   


Be sure to visit our redesigned website. We'll be adding lots more project photos and resources in the coming weeks. Many thanks to Brendan Boylan at Boylan Point for great work!


We deeply appreciate all our clients, staff and subcontractors for their efforts, support and referrals. Because of you, we are poised for a busy 2012.  



Dave Leff and the Leff Team  

Deep Green
Ahh, spa!

Featured in the current issue of North Bay Biz magazine, many people have been very curious about our Cazadero project. It's wrapping up at long last, and we'll have lots of photos to share soon. 

You can get a sneak peak and learn more about the project here

How Much will it Cost?
Cost vs. Value Report
There are a lot of resources available online to help homeowners get an idea of the cost for the project they are considering and how it affects the value of their home. Unfortunately, most of them are so unrealistic for our region that it sets you up for some serious sticker shock.

This one, however, from Remodeling magazine is the most accurate and reliable we've ever found. Their annually updated Cost vs. Value report contains a wealth of data in an interactive format presented in a way that anyone will understand. Let us know if it helps you.

Transformation of a Teardown:
Our 2011 SFBA NARI Remmies Winner

Stuck with an ugly home?  In many cases, it's often not feasible to sell and move, and there's often no need to tear down and build new.  A talented team listening to you and working together can coax the hidden charm from an eyesore.
Is your home crying for help?

"We purchased our property to develop a new vineyard. The previous owners expected we would level the old ranch home that is on the site and start from the ground up. We had expected to get that advice from whichever builder we selected. Dave Leff looked at the building and told us there was no reason to tear it down.

We specialize in giving you the home you've longed for.

He and his staff created a beautiful, cozy retreat in which we expect to spend the rest of our lives. All the people with Leff Construction, staff and subcontractors, are talented, efficient, professional, patient and empathetic. We've always been treated as if we were their only client."
-Clay & Celeste

Have a look at the transformation of this darling house here

After photos by Treve Johnson Photography

Spring Maintenance Reminder
Off your duff and on to that list!

As spring approaches you can take a few key steps to ensure your home serves you well through the coming months. Please take time to check these items in and around your home and attend to any that need maintenance. 
  • Clean and test smoke and CO alarms.
  • Test and reset ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) breakers.
  • Change or clean the furnace filter.  
  • Operate the air-conditioning system; if service is needed it is more conveniently arranged before the busiest part of the season arrives.
  • Adjust registers and confirm that registers and cold-air returns are clear of furniture or draperies.
  • Make certain the air-conditioner compressor is clear of debris.
  • Flush and drain sediment from the bottom of the water heater per manufacturer's instructions (twice a year) to extend its life dramatically.
  • Wash windows and screens, clean weep holes, and lubricate tracks.
  • Check caulking at doors, windows and exterior trim.
  • Start and adjust sprinkler system. Test exterior faucets for broken pipes.
  • Check drip irrigation system for leaks.
  • Check exterior paint and stain surfaces.
  • Clear defensible space around your home to reduce wild fire risk.
  • Plan your next barbecue.    
Industry News

It's been a rough ride these past few years for contractors, material suppliers, architects and realtors. 
It looks like things are slowly improving.

Recently reported by

The U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently reported that new home sales are up 11 percent from 2011.  
Read the report here. 

February housing starts are up 35 percent from 2011. 
Read more here.  

Builder confidence in the market for newly built, single-family homes was unchanged in March from a revised level of 28 on the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI), released today. This means that following five consecutive months of gains, the HMI is now holding at its highest level since June of 2007.
Read more here.

Why I love my pressure relief valve...

This is just for entertainment, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to get that valve checked now and then...

Mythbusters Water Heater Explosion
Mythbusters Water Heater Explosion

The MythBusters set up a three-tier scaffold to simulate a two-story house. The lowest level housed the 52 US gallon (200 L) water heater, second level contained a simulated living room, and on top was a roof built to standard California building codes. The resulting explosion from the water heater did cause it to shoot through the living room floor and the roof. It was deemed plausible because, unlike the original myth, researchers did not uncover any documented events of water heater explosions in two-story houses.
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We specialize in giving you the home you've longed for. 

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