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How does lupus affect the eyes?

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Warm Greetings on a Chilly Day!

May 17, 2014
Crown Point Walk to End Lupus Now
Lake County Fairgrounds
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September 27, 2014
Central Indiana Walk to End Lupus Now
Fort Harrison State Park
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Date - TBD
A Tasteful Affair
Join us for this evening of delicious food, beverages and live auction!
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No one will argue that this first month has been a challenging one. From the "Arctic vortex" to bone-chilling cold, impassible roads and school closures, it's been stressful at best. And we all know, neither cold weather or stress are "friends" of lupus patients. For that, we send our wishes for a quick warm up and reminder that we have launched even more patient support groups throughout the state to assist with those issues.


Nonetheless, I'm warmed by the thought of the upcoming year and all of the potential it holds. We remain devoted to solving the cruel mystery of lupus while providing caring support to those who suffer from its brutal impact. With your help, we will continue to support research, education and support services, awareness and advocacy efforts throughout the state of Indiana.


Indeed, it is a Happy New Year.

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NWI Walk Crowd

Crown Point Walk Registration

A delightful harbinger of warmer days ahead, registration for the Crown Point Walk to End Lupus Now is underway. The official kick-off dinner is set for March 4. 


Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson is the honorary chair for the May 17 event. 



Support Group and Services

We proudly began the new year with the addition of three new support groups, adding Fort Wayne, Indianapolis East and Munster to our list. The philosophy of LFA support groups is to provide a warm and caring environment where people with lupus, their family members, caregivers, and loved ones can share their experiences, methods of coping, and insights into living with lupus.  LFA support groups encourage and accept people as they are and provide a comfortable learning environment to help them develop the best coping strategies to reduce stress that often accompanies living with a chronic illness.  The Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana Chapter is fortunate to have professionally-trained volunteers to offer support to lupus patients, friends, and family members throughout the state. For our expanded list of support groups including dates, times and locations,  click here.

Common Themes Among Adult Lupus Patients

A recent review of lupus quality of life studies found five common themes that describe the experiences of adults living with lupus. Using a method called thematic synthesis, Dr. Allison Tong of the University of Sydney and her associates from Australia were able to group the responses of nearly 1,400 people from 46 studies into five concepts:

  1. restricted lifestyle
  2. disrupted identity
  3. societal stigma and indifference
  4. gaining resilience
  5. treatment adherence


Darien Davis Takes on Lupus with Style

Darien Davis' Style Fix participated in the 2013 Volunteer Recognition Luncheon offering a style show to attendees. Her fashions were "recycled chic," many of which came from second-hand stores -- demonstrating that one person's cast- off cardigan is another's savvy sweater.

Last year, at age 22, Indianapolis resident Darien Davis was diagnosed with lupus. But instead of this debilitating disease getting in the way of her dreams, she was empowered to pursue her dreams in the world of fashion and support the Lupus Foundation at the same time. Learn more about Darien and her business, Style Fix.  

Darien Davis Fights Lupus with Style
Darien Davis Fights Lupus with Style

First Hand


How to Cope

 "Not as Bad as I Thought!

One young mom with lupus found the Healthcare Marketplace "lupus friendly" and beneficial to her whole family.


Capitol Hill

News from Capitol Hill
While Congress enacted the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014, H.R. 3547 providing funding for lupus research and education programs, more work is ahead.


Five Tips for Coping 

Every January, many of us make New Year's resolutions. To make that positive change, we need to have the right tools. Having tools to cope with lupus in the coming year is important in order to have a good quality of life.  Here are five tips one expert believes are well within reach for most lupus patients.




Your Donation Does Make a Difference

The Indiana Chapter office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, we strive to serve lupus patients, their families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals across the state. Your support will help to make this possible. Thank You!

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The effects lupus may have in and around the eyes include:

  • Changes in the skin around the eyelids 
  • Dry eyes
  • Inflammation of the white outer layer of the eyeball (scleritis) 
  • Blood vessel changes in the retina -- the light-sensitive lining inside the eye 
  • Damage to nerves in the muscles controlling eye movement and the nerves affecting vision 

   For more information, visit Get Answers now.