May 22, 2018
2018 MEMSPA Summer Leadership Institute
July 31-August 1 | Kalamazoo Radisson Hotel
Finishing Strong
Blog Post by Jonathan Wennstrom
Last week, along with millions of others, I watched the Kentucky Derby. Now, I’m not big into horse racing, but I do try to watch the Kentucky Derby every year. It’s fun to hear all the intriguing names of the horses and see the excitement and fanfare at Churchill Downs. This year the track was wet and muddy and it amazes me that they can still run so fast through rough conditions. When they come out of the starting gates it’s a blur of color as they all burst onto the track. Soon, a few make their way to the front as they turn the corner and head down the track. First one taking the lead and then another. It’s in the final stretch of the race that all the excitement happens. The fans are cheering, the announcers are shouting, and one horse finally breaks ahead of the pack, sometimes by a nose and sometimes by length or more, to become the winner. It’s the last burst of speed and endurance just at the right time that can make a champion!

The Principal Matters Podcast:
Learning & Growing as School Leaders
by William D Parker
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Partner Spotlight
Analytics and Professional Development

I have been using Standard For Success for two years and the option to look at the analytics of my observations has proven to be extremely useful. This is not an option I look at on a regular basis, but as I am planning my professional development for next month or next year, it provides data to help me focus on and improve in the areas where my teachers struggle the most. I looked recently at the data collected over the past two years and noticed that “Check for Understanding” at the Effective level was marked frequently. However, at the Highly Effective level, there were a very low number of marks. Using this information, my beginning of the year and ongoing professional development will focus on skills that my teachers need to “Check for Understanding” at the Highly Effective level.
Partner Spotlight
How Effective is Michigan's Online Learning?

What's Working in Our State's Digital Classrooms? What's Not?
Webinar — Live on Wednesday, May 23 @ 2 p.m. EST!
On Wednesday, May 23 @ 2 p.m. EST the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute will be hosting a webinar on the 2016-17  Michigan’s K-12 Virtual Learning Effectiveness Report Join in to learn more about what's working and what's not working in our state's digital classrooms.
This webinar will be hosted on YouTube — so please use the live chat feature to join in on the fun, ask questions and leave comments. We’d love to hear from you!