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Issue: # 11
October 2012 
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CCHI Team Leaders Head to Uganda
CCHI leaders Joan Quinlan, Dr. Jeff Collins and Sarah Oo will head to Uganda next month to observe and discuss the delivery of healthcare in the community.  Their trip is sponsored by the MGH Center for Global Health which seeks to foster the connections between MGH's global and local community health work.

Presenting the October 2012 edition of CCHI Enews with a new look.
Recovery Month Events Held in Revere and Charlestown
Charlestown/Revere Vigil

Community events to support individuals and families touched by substance abuse were recently held in Revere and Charlestown.  More than 500 people in Revere attended the Community Recovery Walk and Revere Beach Memorial. The fourth annual Charlestown Candlelight Vigil drew 150 people to Hayes Square.

MGH Youth Scholars Kick Off School Year at Thompson Island Retreat  
Forty MGH Youth Scholars -  our program to expose youth to science, technology, engineering and math - in grades 10-12, participated in the annual fall kick-off retreat at Thompson Island.  The 12th grade Scholars worked with the MGH Youth Programs staff and the facilitators from Health Resources in Action to plan the weekend events.  They also led many of the weekend workshops which focused on engaging the younger Scholars in leadership and team building activities.
FastTrack Project Excels at MGH  
Harvard Catalyst and the Harvard School of Public Health recently sponsored a rapid improvement project called FastTrack to improve care for MGH Charlestown Health Center patients infected with the Hepatitis C virus. The Project Team was led by Dr. Jim Morrill, Harvard Medical School student Christine Carr, and Ann-Marie Duffy-Keane of MGH Community Health Associates.  FastTrack is a problem-solving technique adapted from industry and applied to a public health setting to show concrete results in 90 days.  At the end of the 90-day project, new systems and processes resulted in 95 percent of the target group fully tested and having received basic education about the virus.  The sponsors said the results exceeded their expectations for effectiveness and results.
Charlestown Awarded Substance Abuse Prevention Grants
The Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition (CSAC) has received two new grants. The first is a five-year $625,000 grant from the federal Drug-Free Communities Program (DFC) to support youth programs.  The second is an $8000 grant from the American Medical Association to educate MGH Charlestown patients on the dangers of prescription drug abuse.
Cancer Navigation Program Selected by National Cancer Institute
The Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening Patient Navigator program at the MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center has been selected by the National Cancer Institute as one of only nine Research-Tested Intervention Programs for preventing
colorectal cancer in the country.  During the nine month study, led by Dr. Sanja Percac-Lima, 27.4 percent of patients in the navigator program received CRC screening compared to 11.9 percent of the non-navigated patients.  The program, for Latino, non-English speaking and low income patients at Chelsea Health Center, has significantly decreased disparities in CRC screening. 
HAVEN Celebrates 15th Anniversary  
Journey's: Stories of Strength, Hope and Healing, a collection of unique and personal narratives that recount the journeys of survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV), was released at a 15th anniversary celebration of HAVEN (Hospitals Helping Abuse & Violence End Now) on September 5th. 
"These journeys are fueled by a tremendous amount of strength, hope in the promise of a new day, and the countless ways in which people heal and take care of themselves," said Elizabeth Speakman, HAVEN director and a member of the Journeys booklet subcommittee.
CCHI Evaluation Team to Present at American Evaluation Association Conference
The CCHI Evaluation team will deliver two presentations at the American Evaluation Association conference in Minneapolis from October 24-27.  The sessions are entitled:  The Multiple Purposes and Benefits of Conducting Community Assessments and Building Internal Evaluation Capacity at a Hospital Community Benefits Program.  The team also is presenting one poster on Using Social Network Analysis to Evaluate a Community Coalition.
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