August 2014

10 Things Every Young Entrepreneur Should Do To Stay Healthy, Fit and Productive

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Young entrepreneurs have a lot in common. They are extremely motivated, passionate, and determined to be successful at any cost. While these are all excellent qualities to have, they lead many entrepreneurs to put everything they have into their business while neglecting their ow backlit-meeting.jpg n health and well-being.


Here are a few tips to help you perform at your peak in every aspect and develop healthy habits from the start:


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HIPAA Compliance Corner

The Termination of an Employee

Where the Termination Procedures implementation specification is a reasonable and appropriate safeguard for a covered entity, the covered entity must:


"Implement procedures for terminating access to electronic protected health information when the employment of a workforce member ends or as required by determinations made as specified in paragraph (a)(3)(ii)(B) [the Workforce Clearance Procedure] of this section."


The purpose of this procedure is to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule's requirements pertaining to the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of electronic protected health information (ePHI).


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ABLE Act Wins Warm Reception At Senate Hearing
The ABLE Act, which would allow tax-free
savings accounts for people with disabilities,
 was warmly received today by a U.S. Senate    committee which heard testimony from supportive witnesses, including Bob D'Amelio, a North Carolina advocate who spoke on behalf of Autism Speaks .
ABA Pilot Coverage Extends Past July 24
The law creating the TRICARE Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Pilot expires on July 24, 2014, but TRICARE has extended this coverage until Dec. 31, 2014 when beneficiaries will transition to the new TRICARE Autism Care Demo (ACD). This ensures no beneficiaries receiving ABA will have a gap in coverage.

The ACD technically kicks off on July 25, but it won't go into effect until the end of the year. TRICARE will use the time to flesh out all the details of the program and fully educate affected beneficiaries about the new benefit. The delay also allows beneficiaries in each of the three current ABA programs to transition to this single unified benefit.


Beneficiaries covered under the ABA Pilot, the ABA Demo and TRICARE Basic coverage of ABA don't need to do anything to continue their coverage. They, as well as any new enrollees, will transition seamlessly to the ACD, and TRICARE will work with their ABA providers to get new referrals and authorization once it is needed.

To learn more about the TRICARE ABA coverage, and to sign up for updates on the ACD, visit


BAA Agreements Deadline Updated to September 23

Last year, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued final regulations modifying the HIPAA privacy rules.  All Business Associate Agreements (BAA) updates were to be completed by September 23, 2013.  However, HHS provided an extension for some Covered Entities until September 23, 2014.

If a Covered Entity (CE) had a valid BAA in place as of January 25, 2013, and made no modifications or changes, the deadline for updating the company's BAA is September 23, 2014.  By this date, ALL Business Associate Agreements will:

  • Comply with the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules if the Business Associate carries out any of the Covered Entity's obligations under the Rule;
  • Report breaches of unsecured PHI to a Covered Entity;
  • Require subcontractors to agree to safeguard PHI and ensure the CEs right to terminate the subcontractor for security or privacy violations.

HBMA encourages all members to review your BAA agreements and ensure that they are in compliance with the HIPAA regulations prior to the September 23rd deadline.


2014 Holiday Schedule
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Employee Spotlight
Leann Castor
Billing Specialist

Leann has been in the medical billing field for 25 years and with MRC for a year.  She has enjoyed her time with MRC learning about ABA billing, and her co-workers are great to work with too.  She's a graduate of Hamilton Heights High School which is located south of Kokomo.


 Did you know...


Leann has been married to Tim for 34 years.  They have 2 married sons, Dustin and wife Jill and Ryan and wife Jaymee.  Ryan and Jaymee are both in the Navy.  Leann and Tim have 3 grandchildren, Jaylin, 6, Kiera, 4, Jaxon 1 � and granddaughter Leelah on the way.  In her spare time, Leann enjoys scrapbooking, swimming, flower gardening and spending time with her children and grandchildren.



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