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Mad Science, the world leader in fun science for elementary-aged children, is about to open its doors in Charleston.  We're excited about providing the very best programming that Mad Science has developed over 25 years of experience with millions of children.  Our partnership with NASA has allowed us to tap into resources and research not available to others.  For our in-school and after-school programming, we have correlated our presentations with the specific learning outcomes mandated by West Virginia. We will make a difference in science interest, achievement, and performance on standardized tests wherever we have the opportunity to amaze and inspire our children.  
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We hope to hire 5 or 6 energetic, enthusiastic instructors during the week of January 6.  Because you work with our target group every day, we suspect that you are well-placed to send some good candidates our way.  Among those we hire, we will need some who can work some evening and weekend hours to present at birthday parties, after-school programs, birthdays, and special events.  We will need others who can work mornings and afternoons.  All positions will be part-time.  Our teachers will need access to their own transportation.  Can you help us spread the word?
To apply online, applicants can go to to fill out and submit their information.
For a quick overview, showing all areas of business, candidates might enjoy this brief video.

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For now.  West Virginia is working to address the challenge of raising our national rankings in math and science achievement.  Our excellent teachers deliver the content that our children need in the classroom.  The Mad Science approach takes science education to a new level by taking fun science into the homes where interest in science may be lacking.  Our birthday parties expose the whole family to fascinating experiments that dazzle Mom, Dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, and siblings.  Our in-school workshops and after-school programs not only amaze the students in the classroom, but send home with each child an activity to share at home, expanding the interest and the learning to the family.  Our camp programming keeps the interest growing at a time when educational gains normally begin to decrease. 

The state and federal governments cannot solve the problem without thoughtful and effective effort on the part of all the stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and communities.  Mad Science is eager to become one of the tools in the larger toolbox that will make a real difference.

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We will open our doors in mid-January.  In the meantime we're eager to take a few moments to visit with anyone who is ready to explore who we are and what we do!


Our offices are located at the Oakwood Centre, Suite 120,  888 Oakwood Road, Charleston, WV  25314


Office Phone: 304.205.5479


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