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Issue No. 4
June 2013
FEMA made easy!

As most Home Owners and Realtors will tell you, since 2008, listing a home FOR SALE in a FEMA Flood Plain has produced negative results. Homes stay on the market longer, get "black flagged" as problem parcels, and eventually sell for many thousands less than expected.

We have been busy at McMahon LaRue as many of you know. Being a second generation surveyor for 30 years with the backing of a first generation surveyor for over 50 years we have formulated methods to deal with those flood plain problems.

With one call we will outline the solutions we can provide. We recommend you call us before listing any home suspected of being in a flood plain. We have seen many deals lost once the new buyer finds out the FEMA insurance adds Thousands a year to their premiums.

Our clients have noticed insurance costs doubling and even tripling in the last three years. Call us to bring you up to speed on FEMA flood plain issues.

As of today, we have removed 85 residential homes!

The positive response to the flood - Funny
The positive response to the flood - Funny


David LaRue, L.S., E.I.T.
FEMA Specialist/Licensed Land Surveyor

McMahon LaRue Associates P.C.

Our Technology:
Altus Technology
Our proven results with FEMA stem from our ownership and use of Survey Grade GPS equipment and Total Stations. We can precisely set elevations for any property that matches the FIRM Map required.

We are not just End user, but Dealers and Beta testers for this equipment. 

This keeps us up to date with any technology changes that may effect our results.
Flooding funny
Elevation Certificate
Our Elevation Certificates reports are the best in the business. High quality color images, legal signatures and stamps. Spiral bound with durable covers to last.
 We take pride in these reports.
eLOMA Example Elevation Certificate(s) plus eLOMA/LOMA determinations
We start the process with a Flood Elevation check. Our survey field crew meets you on site and after they have completed the survey, we will make recommendations based on the results. If the parcel is out of the flood plain, or is just the structure out. If it is in the flood plain, we will advise you if filling around the structure is feasible resulting in the removal of the structure from the flood plain. If none of that is possible, we can offer advice regarding lowering your insurance cost by "wet-proofing" the structures foundation.

Initial Flood Elevation check: $100 (In Rochester area, others for a quoted amount)
For a complete Elevation Certificate & eLOMA/LOMA, Please call us.
Savings: This Elevation check will definitively tell you if the property/home is in or out of the flood plain.
Filingl Operation Removals based on Filling (LOMR-F)
We have removed dozens of homes this year in various Towns by Engineering acceptable filling around the foundation of the structure utilizing FEMA and Local Government approved filling methods. We oversee the whole process, from the initial survey, to design, to Town approvals, to constuction stake -out, to as-built survey of the final constructed fill. Lastly, we file ALL the paper work with FEMA and others. It's that simple!

For your planning purpose: Allow up to 3 months for removal.
Our cost structure is broken down into a simple table of times and procedures.
Savings: We estimate a return of 3-5 years for this process!
Smart Vent Reduce your insurance for structures in a flood plain, "Wet-Proofing"
We are expanding our services to better help you by providing acceptable designs and contractors recommendations for "wet-proofing" foundation walls. More info will be provided in future newsletters from us.

No way to get out of a flood plain?
Reduce your ever increasing cost by "wet-proofing".
Savings: Save on yearly Flood insurance premiums
We are looking forward to helping you soon! Best regards.

McMahon LaRue Associates P.C.
822 Holt Road
Webster, New York 14580

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