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A letter from a happy Fall Prevention Client
"I want to thank you profusely for your assistance with the step ramp.  OSHA and ADA codes prohibited building a ramp so my manager suggested shallow platform steps suitable for ascending and descending while using my walker. 
Where before I had four steep and narrow stairs, now I have eight shallow and broad steps.  They are so easy to navigate -- a truly friendly space replacing that hostile edge.
Again, I can't thank you and your colleagues enough."
Yours, Lenore  
Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services recently received donations in honor of:

James Buenneke
Sharon Crowe
Dolores Gonsalves
Jo Hagle 
Tom Hagle
Phyllis Hallert
Steven D. Hallert
Kathryn Harkness
Alice Dietz Jennings
Oscar Lottman
Martinez Rotary
Barbara and John Moran
Mildred Salmon
Charles Samuel at 97
All the wonderful volunteers!!
All those who contribute to their community to better the lives of those who live there!

   Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services recently received donations
in memory of these individuals.

 Our deepest condolences to the families and friends of: 

Esther Arcardi
John S. Bachelder
Kay and Ed Bezore
Elsie Boarman
Ellen Campbell
Vilma Capitule
Angela Clemons
Walter Connolly
John Patrick Connolly
Vera Davenport
Liladevi C. Desai
Austin Frye
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Elsie Granberg
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Helen C. Sandoval
Shahrad Selahvarzi
Daulton Simmons
Rose Simmons
Frank and Celia Waltjen 
Tuesday, January 24th
1300 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek
Refreshments will be served.
Saturday, January 28th
To schedule an appointment,
call 888-204-5573 by
January 20, 2017.
Fighting Hunger in Contra Costa

Wednesday, February 8th

Ygnacio Valley Library
2661 Oak Grove Road,
Walnut Creek

Key Note Speakers:
Elaine Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services and
Larry Sly, Executive Director, Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano.

Saturday, February 25th
The Danville Grange
743 Diablo Road, Danville
Help us make this a BIG success by purchasing a table filled with your friends!
Purchase tickets here.

86° Magazine 

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"East Bay Times"

Front Page Story

by Sam Richards


Providing Food For A Disabled WWII Vet



 Elaine Clark Sends Letter to the Editor of the East Bay Times

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Contra Costa Crisis Center


Issue 5, Volume 1
January 2017
Change, hope, and gratitude.  These are the stories you will read this month.  Approximately 229,000 older adults (60+)live in Contra Costa, each with a story, a history.  Recently, I visited with two such women, one in the hospital and one celebrating her birthday alone.  I was filled with gratitude for their friendship. 
At MOWSOS, we are privileged to meet, talk with, and experience the richness of aging.  Not always comfortable or pleasant, nevertheless, a part of life.  Moving into 2017, we recognize with gratitude that change happens and appreciate that hope can be found in the most dire of circumstances.
We are also filled with gratitude that you, our supporters, volunteers, and friends, are part of this journey.
Thank You and Happy New Year!
Making A Difference
The John Muir/Mt. Diablo Community Health Fund provides grant to allow MOWSOS to expand efforts in Far East Contra Costa!
While the Far East Contra Costa region has experienced rapid population growth over the past decade, there has not been a corresponding increase in social support services.  Support services for low-income older adults are especially lacking,and there is a documented need for no-cost/low-cost social support services that promote health and wellness in Far East Contra Costa for older adults. 
Over the past few years, MOWSOS has strengthened its outreach in Far East Contra Costa and is currently working with the Elder Abuse Collaborative to expand support services for low-income seniors in this area.
The grant from John Muir/Mount Diablo Community Health Fund will enable MOWSOS to establish connections with service partners to build an ongoing sustainable and long-term presence in the area as well as strengthen social supports for low-income older adults.     
For more information about this exciting initiative or to support the work financially, contact Elaine Clark at or 925-937-8312.         
  1st Annual Poker Tournament Fundraiser
A Habit of Giving
Every morning, Sarah asks her 15-year-old daughter, Carson, about her mind, body and spirit.  Mindfulness and practicing gratitude are key to their relationship to each other and to the world. Getting ready for school, Carson might report that her mind is foggy and her body did not get enough sleep, but her spirit is super grateful for jean jackets! Of course, giggling ensues.
Another way that this dynamic and thoughtful mother-daughter team practices gratitude is to send a monthly donation to Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services in memory of Shawn Morrissey, Sarah's husband and Carson's dad.
"My dad had a crazy appreciation of the absurd and he just loved being silly ... but he would get very serious when he thought there were people in our community who were hungry," says Carson.
Sarah (left) with Shawn and Carson.
Sarah continued, "Shawn was passionate about the work he did in technology and how it could improve peoples' lives. He looked at the big picture ... he really cared about the world and other people. Every year, no matter where he was working, he ended up being the guy that always headed up the Employee Giving Campaign. He enjoyed getting people to think about the charities that they wanted to give to."
Carson added, "My mom and I have talked a lot about how to make the world a better place. We both feel that every person in the world has been given a special gift and it is our responsibility to develop our talents so that we can make a difference in the world."
Sarah elaborated, "But when your belly is not full, it is not easy to use your gifts. It can be pretty challenging if your basic needs are not taken care of and that is one reason we give monthly to Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services and other organizations."
Both Carson and Sarah talked about how giving is a habit like brushing your teeth. "You can give with your money, with your time, and with your thoughts and prayers ... it is one of those habits that make you feel good."
For more information about investing in MOWSOS, contact Erica Marcus at  or 925-937-8315.
A Letter of Thanks from the MOW Staff
"BIG thanks to all of the volunteer drivers that helped and supported us through the holiday period.  You filled-in or drove an extra route, held on to or gathered containers, and handed out route sheets.  Many days you delivered extra items with the meal and you were enthusiastic because you knew the pleasure it would bring.
The community was extremely generous this year and provided us with many items to remind our seniors that they are not alone. We received donations of warm socks, blankets, household items, plants, holiday stockings, scarves and mittens, calendars, placemats and table decorations.
I wish everyone who contributed could have been present to see the smiles these gifts brought.
The generosity of our volunteer drivers and the community is a gift of support for our staff and tells us how much you value what we do and the people we serve.
We couldn't do it without you.  You are ALL terrific!!!"



Nancy, Chelsea, Kelly, Trina, Robert and Dani

For more information about the Meals on Wheels Program, contact Nancy Raniere at  or
Meals on Wheels
 "You Are My Heroes"

The MOWSOS staff was busy this holiday season delivering $100 Gift Cards to its most needy home bound veterans through a grant received from the Contra Costa Crisis Center called "Share the Spirit." 

For Arthur, a former Air Force Airman First Class Jet Engine Mechanic, the Gift Card was "a dream come true."

"I spent all of my time (in the Air Force) in Southeast Asia and I loved my work," says Arthur.  Since he can remember, Arthur was enamored with planes.  "I played with planes with my friends every chance I could get so working on jets was a perfect fit for me." 

"263 jets and 10 to 15 support planes left our base every day," says Arthur.  "It was always very loud and we worked 10-16 hours per day, but I really
Arthur and his dog, Honey.
enjoyed working on the planes."

Arthur, now 72 years-young, suffers from multiple health conditions including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and began receiving meals in May of 2016.  "The meals have been a Godsend and I am much healthier now," says Arthur.  Before he received meal deliveries, Arthur's apartment manager checked on him daily because he could not get out of the bed to make himself a meal or to tend to his beloved dog, Honey.
Arthur says the Walmart Gift Card was an incredible surprise.  "It was totally unexpected and sure did come in handy," says Arthur.  "I bought a lot of groceries, snacks for Honey, and a big bag of M&M's!"
"You guys (MOWSOS) are heroes to me!"

For more information about the Meals on Wheels Program, contact Nancy Raniere at  or
Friendly Visitors
  A Match Made in Heaven

If MOWSOS had a "poster child" it would be Maxine Turner.  At 103 years-young, Maxine still lives independently in her home of over 35 years. 

Ginny (left) and Maxine.

"My daughter lives in the home next door and I love that she is so close, but I enjoy living in my own space,"says Maxine, and adds, " I have chosen to live independently."


Maxine receives a daily meal delivery through the Meals on Wheels Program and has formed a very special relationship with Ginny, her companion through the Friendly Visitors Program.


Ginny had just retired after a career in the Investment and Retirement Industry when she was matched with Maxine.  Her mother received Meals on Wheels in Florida for several years and Ginny wanted to "pay it forward." 


"We can talk about anything," says Maxine -- family, personal, and even politics!"  Ginny is like a daughter to me ... and I just love her red hair!"


"It's a match made in heaven," says Ginny.  I enjoy Maxine so much and look forward to every visit we have together." 

For more information about the Friendly Visitors Program, contact Cynthia Black at  or
 Care Management

A Pleasant Surprise
 "I've always had an open-door policy," says Rosa Loya, MOWSOS Director of Care Planning.  "And that's how I came to meet Mary." 
Struggling to lift herself from recent health concerns and living conditions, Mary found herself knocking on the door of Rosa's Concord office without an appointment. 
"I could see that Mary needed an ear," says Rosa, "so of course I asked her to come in.  We discussed ideas that would help lift her spirits and get her back on track." 
Mary suffered a stroke in 2009 and had lost much of the energy and motiviation she once had.  "I needed to stop pittying myself," says Mary.  "I lacked the confidence to do
Rosa Loya, MOWSOS Director of Care Planning (left) with Mary.
what I really wanted ... find something meaningful to do each day."
Rosa inspired Mary to find work that would be fulfilling and gratifying and provided her with several employment resources. 
Unbeknownst to Rosa, Mary visited one of the referrals that  afternoon and was hired ON THE SPOT!
Weeks later, Rosa phoned a partner community organization to seek assistance for a client and had a pleasant surprise.  On the other end of the phone was Mary's voice!
"Rosa gave me the encouragement I needed," says Mary.  She told me that my work ethic was already there, I simply needed to believe in myself!  I feel very fulfilled and am grateful for Rosa's expertise and kindness."

For more information about the Care Management Program, please contact Rosa Loya at or 925-239-2486.
 Healthy Bites


Be Well in 2017 

Have you made a New Year's Resolution? 

Fifty percent of Americans make New Year's resolutions -- most with the intent to become healthier in the new year. 
Unfortunately twenty-two percent fail after the first week, forty percent after the first month, and a whopping sixty percent after six months  (
Don't let this happen to you.  To help achieve your resolution and stay motivated, search the internet for some inspiring stories and create a daily mantra for yourself.
To help get you started, has put a great piece together.  Check it out.
Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017!
 About Town

Rodeo C.C. Café diner, Clover, is wearing her holiday spirit!

Walgreens Pharmacist, Courtney Ly (left) administers the flu vaccination to Bay Point C.C. Café diner, Luzviminda, who added some comedic relief.

Crockett C.C. Café diner, Jackie Kinney, displays her beautiful holiday center pieces.
89 year-old Walnut Creek C. C. Café diner receives a flu shot from Walgreens Pharmacist, Sarah.

Awards and Recognition

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