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You may have noticed after a recent trip to the credit union that there has been some construction and remodeling going on. Not only is the Baptist Convention Building receiving a beautiful face lift, we've done some re-arranging of our own. Sometimes changing things up a bit is necessary to keep your creative juices flowing! While changes can be a good thing...changing just for the sake of changing might be bad. One thing is for sure! At MBCU, we will always hold true to our values and make sure that we are working for you, our members! While we may always be on the look out for new products and services to make your financial life more convenient, that doesn't mean we will lose sight of what is most important to our members!
Faithfully Yours,

Setting the Table
Bringing Back the Family Dinner

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Times sure are busy! If your family is like most, you probably find it difficult for everyone to even be home at dinner time, let alone sharing a nice meal together at the table. A single week night might have everyone going in different directions. But the more activities our families are involved in, the more important it is to place an emphasis on family dining.
Eating dinner as a family can help your family stay connected. Getting your family to the table might seem like pulling hair but once you get into the swing of it, it really isn't that difficult. Have everyone pitch in. Ask your kids to help set the table or help with dinner. If they feel they have contributed to the meal, they will be more interested (especially small children). Make sure all phones are away from the table and the television is off. Distractions will reduce the amount of conversation.
Once your family is all at the table, TALK TO EACH OTHER! Ask your kids and spouse about their day. What is the best thing that happened? What is the worst thing? These open ended questions can help your family engage in conversation that will bring you closer together.
Enjoying a family dinner can also create variety in your diet. Anyone can get tired of pizza, cheeseburgers and Mexican take-out after a while (although your children will never admit it!). Cooking at home allows your family to try new things. If a new recipe is a flop...have a good laugh together and know that you won't use that recipe again. Eating at home will also help you save money! Groceries are expensive but it is very expensive to feed a family even at fast food restaurants these days! If you take a look at your budget, you will find that eating at home will cost much less money than eating out 3 to 4 times a week.
Before you know it, the opportunity to have your family all at home together will pass and you will certainly miss the days of running! Don't let these opportunities pass you by. Don't forget, dinner time nourishes more than just your body, it nourishes your hearts and your family's relationships.




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That is the theme of this year's Bank on More campaign. The Credit Unions of Missouri have come together to educate consumers about the real differences between commercial banks and credit unions. Credit unions are local, community centered and here to help! Sure we offer many of the same products and services but there is so much more to credit unions! You'll be seeing advertisements around. Know that this is something that our credit union supports! For more information about Bank on More, contact us here at the office or go to the web at