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Tony Santo, PT

Tony came to work at Modern Physical Therapy in 2009.   Prior to working as a staff therapist, he spent a large amount of time as an intern with Esteban Azevedo, PT at Modern Physical Therapy.  

Tony is from Falls City, Nebraska.  He graduated from Doane College with a BS in athletic training.  While in college he also was a pitcher for Doane's baseball team.  After completing his BS he went on to achieve his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Texas Tech University.  He is currently pursuing a certification through the International Academy  of Orthopedic Medicine in manual therapy of the spine. 

In his spare time, when he's not helping his fiancee plan their upcoming wedding, he likes to play a variety of sports, such as golf, baseball, and football.  He also greatly enjoys spending time with his nieces and nephews and of course his fiancee, Jessica. 

Tony finds great inspiration in life from sound wisdom and philosophical truths such as, "Life is a garden, dig it."  
Tony has been a great asset to Modern Physical Therapy. 

Tony and Wrigley
Tony and his pal Wrigley

Happy New Year! 
Best Wishes for 2011!

Shoveling Tips for Your Back

Well, it finally happened.  Our first snow of the season has fallen, and like it or not it probably will not be the last.  For those of us that don't have the modern convenience of a snow blower, its time to start preparing our bodies for SHOVELING.


As therapists, we see shoveling related injuries frequently.  The unfortunate thing about most of these injuries is that they are easily preventable.  Here are a few simple tips to protect your back.

Start at your foundation - Your core plays an important role in the prevention of low back injuries.  At the initiation of our core stability programs we focus on the Transverse Abdominus or TA contraction.  The TA is your body's natural back brace and helps to prevent injuries.  The contraction of this muscle is extremely simple and effective.  He is a basic overview of the muscle and how to activate it: Click here for link


Technique is everything - The movements involved in traditional shoveling can create a lot of stress on the back.  The easiest way to avoid this increased stress is to adapt your technique.  Most shoveling injuries occur because of the combination of bending and twisting.  Working to avoid these combined movements can help immensely with injury prevention.  Next time you are shoveling, try taking smaller scoops and step into your pitch.  


Adapt your tools - There are many different alternatives to the traditional snow shovel, that can assist in protecting your back.  Your local hardware store should carry a variety of styles of shovels.  The one I like the most will look similar to a lawn mower in that you push the snow instead of scooping.  In addition to a strong core, a little external assistance can help greatly with injury prevention.  So if you have a back brace put it on and if you don't have one think about getting one from your local pharmacy.  A brace does not take the place of a good strong core, but every little bit helps protect the low back. 


These are quick and easy tips for shoveling, but often the smallest changes can make the biggest difference in performance and safety.  So, this winter time, be proactive.  Take a little time to build a strong foundation, think technique, and look for safer alternatives, and go enjoy that wonderful snow!



Despite my thorough proof reading a typo was made in our last newsletter.  Did you catch it? 

Total Health Psychology's phone number is 816-420-9292! 

Sorry for any confusion.  If you find any more typos in my letters let me know!  The first person to let me know of one for each newsletter will win a mug, T-shirt, or cloth shopping bag!

Be careful out there on those icy roads and remember protect your back with your shoveling.


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