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How It Happened and Why I Serve as President of Local NAACP
The Fuzzy Mirror of Ronald Reagan
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Well, it looks like global warming is still having its way with the heartland of America. As I write this, the temperature in St. Louis has risen to a balmy 38 degrees! We have some great articles for you this week. But first, we want to send happy birthday wishes to member
Wendy Siewert. Happy birthday Wendy!  


Second, we want to congratulate Nate Sanderson on his recent election to the head of his local NAACP branch in Columbus, Georgia. Congratulations Nate, we know you'll do a great job of shaking things up and making a difference in your community. 


And third, we want to tell you about an impressive young man named Demetrius Minor. Demetrius is 25 (oh to be 25 again!) and a senior political science major at Augusta State University in Augusta, Georgia. He is a former White House intern, a writer/blogger for Hip Hop Republicans, and a Sunday School teacher and Minister at First United Pentecostal Church in Augusta, GA. He is also the co-host of a brand new conservative talk show called "Powers to the People" in Augusta, GA. on Sunday nights. I hope everyone will take a moment to listen to his show and give him some positive feedback.


Stay tuned. On Monday we will be making an announcement on a big event that we have planned for later this month. Until next week, be safe and prosperous, and have a great weekend! 



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Christopher Arps, Co-founder


How It Happened and Why I Serve as President of Local NAACP

By Nate 


The whispers and often in your face question, how can a known conservative that once ran for the Georgia House of Representative as a Republican in one of the most Democratic city's in Georgia (Columbus) be elected President of the local NAACP. I must tell you, it was not easy.


To fully understand how I became President of our local branch I must take you back to election night November 2, 2004. After losing a long and grueling campaign that had numerous debates in a district that was sixty-eight percent black and the majority of the constituents agreeing with me on practically every issue but told me they would not vote for me because I was a republican really shook me. Read more... 

The Fuzzy Mirror of Ronald Reagan

By Isaac Hayes 


Recently, I had been searching for something to write about and today my gift came. A local community radio station sought to diminish the presidency of Ronald Reagan. He was referred to as the infamous "racist," and a heartless man who "robs from the poor to give to the rich."

However, I wanted to touch on this idea that Blacks were worse off under Reagan. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average unemployment rate for Blacks in 1980 was 14.3%. President Reagan took office in January of 1981. At the end of his second term in 1988, the average unemployment rate for Blacks was 11.7%; nearly a 3% drop. Read more...

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