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In the recent months, we have all heard about the Penn State scandal and the abuse that happened to several young boys.

Sherrie Hutson, who is on staff with Murphy Toerner and Associates, shares some important information informing parents about sexual behaviors in children, which are not considered normal. 

What Sexual Behaviors Are NOT Normal
by Sherrie Hutson   

As a counselor at MTA that works with children ages 4 on up, I am often presented with a concerned parent asking the question about what is normal child sexual curiosity. Here is the answer I give them that comes directly from the experts at the New Orleans Children's Advocacy Center.


What Child Sexual Behaviors Are Not Normal? 


When trying to decide if a sexual behavior is normal, it's important for parents to be aware of and think about several things.


Concerning and/or abusive behavior can include sexual activity between children that is kept secret, occurs between children with a sizable age difference and/or children with unequal power or developmental levels.


Parents should consider whether the child's behavior appears to be compulsive, if the child seems to be obsessed with it, and/or if the child is not able or does not respond to the parents' redirection.

Normal child sexual behaviors are often accompanied with giggling and amusement.


Concerning and/or abusive sexual behaviors can be accompanied with physical force, threats, intimidation, rewards, promises, gifts and/or coercion.



For More Information:

New Orleans Children's Advocacy Center



Sherrie Hutson, MAMFC Counselor Intern



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