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Teddy Schiavoni, Summit Ski & Snowboard
NSSRA Chairman of the Board

Larry Weindruch
NSSRA President
NSSRA Chairman:
Value Your Business
When is the last time you considered the "Goodwill" of your business? It can be a difficult asset to value on your balance sheet but in your heart and in your daily operations, you have a good idea of what it's worth.
Consider your brand, your customer base, your qualifications and capabilities within your specialty industries. Weigh in your networking and relationships, and the experience you bring to your business, your unique ability to keep it strong in tough market conditions, your shop and showroom and "Voila!", you and your brand are worth more than just the inventory. Odds are, you and your business are worth something more to your industry than you realize. Are you capitalizing on your value?
It's buying season for the snow sports industry. As you're grinding away at your sell through reports and forecasting your open to buy commitments, think about the cost of operating your storefronts. You can readily come up with overhead expense numbers including costs per square foot, payroll, advertising, etc., but how about those thousands of customers coming through your doors? More importantly, have you considered the influence you have over their purchase decisions based on the product mix on display in your stores?
What is that worth to your business regarding your suppliers? Think again. Your business is one of only two places where our industry is guaranteed to touch the elusive End User while the other is the cold seat under their butt. Which is more valuable to your supplier partners? You are.
Brick and mortar retailers are the conduit, the personal touch, the service agents our industry needs in the backyards of Main Street America and on the Boulevards of Ski Towns. We ensure that snow sports participants are getting the proper experience and service.
Yes, these are the showrooms for suppliers' goods. Embrace it. Your business is the showroom of our weather-dependent, economy-driven, seasonal, niche industry and believe it or not, your suppliers need you. It's your job to put them in front of your market in the best possible light, to keep up the value of your business. Suppliers can't afford to recreate the Goodwill you have. The decades of experience and dedication to your customers are priceless. Now, multiply that by the 400-500 specialty storefronts of a suppliers' typical distribution.
As you are considering the dollars you are about to risk on a product or brand, ask yourself a few questions: Are we representing this product to the best of our ability? Is this relationship being valued equally by both sides? Does this product or brand enhance the value of my business' bottom line...our image...our reputation...our customer relationships?
You may find your business has more value than you've considered before. Most suppliers will tell you in earnest that they want to be a better partner. If they do, listen closely. Chances are they have identified yours as a business with whom they'd like to enhance their relationship. As in all relationships, a healthy one balances give and take and benefits from mutual respect. Invest in your business. It's worth it.
Teddy Schiavoni
NSSRA Chairman
Summit Ski & Snowboard, Framingham, MA

Add Value by Offering To Ship Customers' Gear via Ship Skis
NSSRA members who participate in the Ship Skis program will be able to ship their customers' gear to and from any home, business, or ski resort in the United States or abroad. Retailers will be provided with an easy to complete Ship Skis web page for their websites, which quickly calculates shipping charges. Through Ship Skis, shipping fees are offered at discount rates. This allows NSSRA retailers to earn a margin on their customers shipping charges for facilitating the shipment. Shipments are insured against loss or damage, and Ship Skis will cover up to $200 should the customer have to rent gear for any shipments that are delayed in-transit.

NSSRA Introduces  New Officers
At the Annual NSSRA Member Meeting January 26 in Denver, NSSRA Chairman of the Board Wilbur Rice, Equipe Sport, (in photo, right) completed his two-year term, and Teddy Schiavoni, Summit Ski & Snowboard, began his term. Rice, who has been a leader and supporter of NSSRA for many years, will serve as Immediate Past Chairman. At the meeting, Rice was presented with a barn coat with a personalized inscription in the lining, thanking him for his years of devotion and leadership. Lori Underwood, Peter Glenn, will serve as Vice Chair, and Greg Dekdebrun, Dekdebrun's, will serve as Treasurer.
Please Take This Brief Survey
While at the ASTM meetings in Denver last week, NSSRA President Larry Weindruch was asked to distribute the following survey to members who do rentals. This survey will help ASTM better understand AT rental compatibility issues.  Please complete this survey today.

SIA Extends Contract To Keep Snow Show in Denver
SIA has extended its contract in The Mile High City through 2030. The original contract began in 2010 and will last through 2020. The new contract is expected to bring more than 18,000 delegates annually over the next ten years.
With this announcement, the Snow Show -- which has taken place annually for more than six decades -- will continue to be held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

"We look forward to continuing to build a lasting legacy with Colorado and are thrilled to announce the extension of our partnership with Denver," said SIA President Nick Sargent. "Our focus is on creating growth and a positive future for the outdoor snow industry and Colorado's likeminded approach makes for a great partner."

PartnerShip Announces March 3 Deadline for FedEx Sweepstakes
FedEx is currently running a sweepstakes that NSSRA members can participate in -- the $25,000 Get Ready Sweepstakes, which runs from January 9th to March 3rd, and you can find the official rules here
Members not enrolled can enter the sweepstakes by enrolling in the NSSRA shipping program. By enrolling, you are automatically entered. Members who are already enrolled will need to sign up for My FedEx Rewards through the sweeps registration page to enter the sweeps. If a member is already signed up for My FedEx Rewards, they will need to log into My FedEx Rewards through the sweeps registration page.
After the initial entry into the sweepstakes, each eligible FedEx shipment the participant makes counts as an additional entry (up to 51).
In March, FedEx will select winners for the following prizes:
  • $10,000 Grand Prize (1 awarded)
  • $1,000 First Prizes (10 awarded)
  • $50 Second Prizes (100 awarded)
Visit www.PartnerShip.com/14nssra to enroll.
February 2017 Issue
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