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The 2014 NTBA Fall Roundtable was hosted by LeylandAlliance LLC at its Storrs Center project in Storrs, CT.
January 2015
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2015 Here We Come!  


The National Town Builders' Association (NTBA) is organized to serve builders and developers throughout the nation in an effort to build the very best traditional neighborhoods and town centers. 


Last year was an exciting year for the NTBA and 2015 promises to be even better! NTBA members will travel to Little Rock, Arkansas for its Spring  Roundtable in March, gather at CNU23 in Dallas/Ft. Worth in April/May, and close the year in Atlanta in October with the 2015 NTBA Fall Roundtable. 


NTBA Roundtables are held twice annually and feature specialized development topics that are selected to benefit new urban developers.  Roundtables are hosted by a NTBA Town or Urban Developer and include in-depth walking tours of existing and/or emerging urban environments, expert panelists who present cutting edge best practices and research, and NTBA members who share their development experiences -- both good and bad -- in the hopes of helping their fellow members create extraordinary places of enduring value. 


We invite you to join the fun by joining or renewing your National Town Builders Association Membership and attending our trademark Roundtable events, plus a special event planned for developers at CNU 23.  To join or renew your membership, please click here: JOIN THE NTBA 


Details for the Roundtables and CNU developer event are being finalized now.  Mark your calendars and stay tuned for good things to come.


Questions?  Contact NTBA Director Monica V. Johnson at or call 914-715-5576.


NTBA Announces 2015 Schedule of Events
The Village at Hendrix, Conway, Arkansas

NTBA Roundtables Travel to Little Rock and Atlanta


The NTBA Spring Roundtable will be held from Friday, March 20 through Sunday, March 22 in Little Rock, Arkansas. NTBA member-developer Ward Davis and The Village at Hendrix will be our hosts. The focus will be on "Making and Remaking Downtowns" -- from greenfield development to reanimating cities with good bones. Ward has lined up some impressive projects to visit and a powerhouse roster of speakers that you won't want to miss. If you have time, we encourage you to come a day early for a whirl-wind road trip of some interesting projects.

Come to CNU this year.  We are finding that content is becoming more and more relevant to developers.  NTBA members and other developers will gather during CNU23 in Dallas in April/May for a developer oriented get-together. Watch for an invitation soon.  It will be educational and fun!

The 2015 Fall Roundtable will be held on Friday, October 23 through Sunday, October 25 in Atlanta, Georgia. Our hosts include member developer David Roper and Eastmore. David frequently looks to a series of impressive in-town, urban projects in Atlanta for inspiration, creativity, and place making solutions. David and fellow member Jackie Benson will be our guides, joined by some of the nation's most respected new urban authorities, as they present a sampling of Atlanta's surprising and fascinating urban projects. Try to come a day early as a special tour of Serenbe will be offered on Thursday, October 22.


2014: Roundtables in Review

The hosts of the 2014 Roundtables really outdid themselves! 

The bicycle transportation was a hit!

Last year, NTBA members and guests traveled to Celebration and Winter Garden, Florida for the Spring Roundtable.  With a focus on the new urban developer's role in promoting health, wellness and housing across the generations, the Roundtable began in Celebration to study one of the pioneer new urban developments.  NTBA members were treated to highlights from the ULI initiative, "Ten Principles for Building Healthy Places" and enjoyed a personal tour of Oakland Park and Roundtable sessions in downtown Winter Garden. 


A stimulating group of expert panelists covered topics ranging from "Community Health Initiatives" and "Changing Deliveries to Senior Housing" to a review of the latest examples of incorporating senior housing initiatives within new urban communities.  A special treat included a tour of Green Sky Growers, a rooftop farm that is the first Certified Green building in the world with commercial-scale, Aqua Dynamic farming on the rooftop.  The Roundtable concluded with an expert presentation on "Market Trends and the Invisible Asset Class Initiative," the back story of Oakland Park, and our trademark Roundtable wrap-up.  A special thank you to NTBA member developer John Rinehart for putting together a great Roundtable!


In the Fall, Storrs Center and host LeylandAlliance took center stage in Storrs as NTBA members explored "Retail Development in New Urban Settings".  The fascinating back story of Leyland's highly successful Storrs Center project, a new, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use downtown adjacent to the University of Connecticut captivated members who were then treated to panels and presentations by highly experienced new urban developers and consultants as they explored the intricacies of mixed-use retail development.

Attendees explored the principles of modern retail development and how they can be combined with the best practices of urban planning to create successful and sustainable mixed-use urban commercial centers and historic town centers. 

Storrs Center, Storrs, Connecticut


2015 NTBA Membership Drive Begins
NTBA members during an educational session at the 2014 Fall Roundtable in Storrs, CT.
It's time to join the NTBA or renew your membership for 2015.  The NTBA is the only town and urban developer association that exists in which the knowledge and experience gained from creating town centers is freely shared.  The lessons learned can save time, energy, and money.  The relationships gained can be a resource and a joy.

Save 10% by joining on or before February 15, 2015

Town or Urban Developer:  $600 per person ($540 before 2/16/15)

A Town or Urban Builder is a principal or high-level management team member of a company engaged in the process of acquiring land, developing a master plan, or developing a neighborhood, town, or urban infill project based upon the principles of Smart Growth.  


Associate Membership: $300 per person ($270 before 2/16/15)

These include employees and partners of a primary Town or Urban Developer member; members of the public sector, or non-profit agencies engaged in Smart Growth development.


Next Gen Membership:  $300 per person ($270 before 2/16/15)

Individuals 35 years or younger who are engaged in activities meeting the description of a Town or Urban Developer, either for themselves or a firm are eligible for Next Gen membership.


Allied Professionals:  $600 per person ($540 before 2/16/15)

Individuals, corporations, or businesses that provide services to the industry.  Registry members do not have the right to vote.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ALLIED PROFESSIONALS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.


To join, click here:  JOIN THE NTBA



The National Town Builders' Association is organized to serve builders and developers throughout the nation in an effort to build the very best traditional neighborhoods and town centers. 

As a peer-to-peer organization, The NTBA provides an unequaled opportunity to share information and insight with the nation's premier Town Builders.

We invite you to learn more about the NTBA at or by contacting Monica V. Quigley at