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Well we have just over 2 weeks to go to the USA national championships at the world class A-Game facility.  I am sure I'm not the only one who can't wait.  Players and Umpires - I hope you have spare soles for your shoes and lots of tiger balm because there's going to be a lot of Netball!!  To help you prepare, we've got some Magic 30mins refuel tips below from Olympian, World Record Holder and Emerald City Netball athlete, Ursula Grobler


Gared Sports LogoAs a result of the overwhelming response we have had to close team registration early and added a 4th full size court to the competition.  Spots are still available for single players to participate.  Read below  to catch up on the latest event news, special guests and other opportunities for clubs to fundraise.  We are very happy to announce GARED and Hunt Brothers Pizza as key event sponsors.


Members, be sure to register for the AGM on Friday November 4, 7-9pm.  There is going to be some hot, hot news announced at this meeting with the official annoucements being made during the championships!!  So don't miss out as this is changing the face of Netball in America.  


As we are always striving to improve, we'd appreciate you complete this short survey.  Everyone who completes the survey will be entered in for a chance to win a $25 VISA gift card.  Survey is open until 11pm PST October 25th.


'Score Big with your Customers' - Netball America is featured in a national advertising campaign for Kwik Kopy!! Check it out. 


Kwik Kopy 


See you in Music City!



Sonya Ottaway, President, Netball America

e/mail - 


Sarah WelshWe welcome Sarah Wampler to the VP of Strategic Partnerships position.  Sarah is one of the founders of Austin Retros Netball Club, has been assisting our education and marketing committees ,  and has been key in getting our relationships with the Kids in Sports LA, Mary J Blige's FFAWN foundation, key US media, as well as obtaining event sponsors and donars .  Sarah has also been flying around the country as one of our producers for the WNBA and Special Olympic events. 


 Omega logo

Another Georgia club joins the team -  Tropical Omega Netballerz in Atlanta.  Omega supported the team at the WNBA Atlanta Dream award presentation last month and you will see them participating at the upcoming championships.  

We look forward to working with them and Crusaders ATL in leading the charge for Netball in Georgia.

Ursula image

Ursula Grobler  who is in training for the 2012 Olympic USA rowing team (lightweight double scull)  has some post game recovery tips to help everyone through the tournament.


After you have played your netball game, you need to refuel. After exercise, there is this magic 30 minute window where your body acts like a sponge and absorbs all food better, and much faster. But it only happens directly after you exercise. It doesn't wait until just before your next game or when you get home to eat. So pack some goodies to eat after your game. The best things to refuel with are high glycemic index foods (such as bananas, mango, raisons, grapes, all dried fruits, sweet potatoes and yams). Normally in our day to day diets we want to eat low carbohydrate foods, however when refueling, you want the opposite.  A great example would be, after your game, refuel with a banana, and a few slices of turkey or chicken. Make sure you drink lots of water too.  Check out other tips on Ursula's blog.




It's not too late to get fit for the 5th. Check out for great tips on warm-up, sprints and other speed training drills. Jump Higher has some simple jumping exercises to get you ready.  Try the beep test, which you can download. This is an excellent resource to increase your fitness, try and increase the level you reach each time you do it.


Plyometrics or plyos - type of training designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and improve the functions of the nervous system, generally for the purpose of improving performance in sports.

Burpees - are an excellent plyometric exercise working both the upper and lower body.

Box Jumps - using a sturdy bench or step, this is a great explosive exercise for the lower body. Great for going for rebounds.

Speed skating - increases your cardiovascular ability along with assisting with lateral take off.



Washington State Teachers conf.Netball America was on the road this month speaking at conferences in Upstate New York and Washington State. 
Thank you to Melissa Medeiros, Carrie Kennedy and Ursula Grobler who joined the President at these important events. 

We have been able to fill one our open coach positions in NY.  There is still a coach position open in Manhattan with an option to coach in Brooklyn.  You will be following the National Education Netball Program and the pay rate is $20 per hour.  Please email us for the job criteria and how to apply.    

Netball America and the Nashville Kangaroos will be hosting 20 US teams from 7 States (California, Georgia, Illinois, Nashville, New York, Texas and Washington State).  The tournament will see Ladies, Men's, Mixed and U/18 teams compete for the National Championship in their category.  It will also be the debut of the premier USA Netball national pool of umpires.
There is an easy way for clubs to fundraise some extra $$ - reach out to your partners, sponsors and businesses to see if they want to advertise in the event program booklet.  The booklet will be made available in hard copy at the event, as well as online, ads start at $25 for a quarter page, $50 half page and $100 for a full page.  50% of any ads you sell will be donated back to your club.
Michael Johns
The clash between the USA rep. teams, the East Coast Jaguars vs West Coast Sharks will kick off the event.  Attendees are also in for a treat as S7 American Idol finalist Michael Johns (who's "Hold Me" single went to #5 on the Japanese USEN charts) will perform at the event.  


Stephen Rowe

The official post-Championship event is being held at Dooley's, 204 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203 (walking distance from the Hilton). In addition to Michael Johns performing, we have a world class band flying in from Los Angeles - 2010's Australian Independent Country Music Awards Finalist Stephen Rowe & Band, featuring TATU lead guitarist Troy MacCubbin and bassist Dutch Suoninen.      


Dutch Suoninen
Troy MacCubbin
  • Please support our members in their upcoming tournaments and showcases. Further information is available on our calendar:   
    • Nashville, TN - Annual General Meeting - November 4th.
    • Nashville, TN - National Championships - November 5th. 
    • Nashville, TN - A and B Badge Practical Exams  - November 5th.  Register here.
    • New York, NY - Netball America speaking at the NY State Teachers Convention - Nov. 17-19.
    • Dallas, TX - Netball America speaking at the Texas State Teachers Convention. - Dec. 1-3
If you'd like to participate in any of these events, please let us know.
Happy Playing!