November 2016

Welcome to In the District: news from the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. November is the start of the Fall art event season. Lots of performances, Artist talks, Art Crawls, and  First Thursdays. Below are some of the big highlights not to be missed.

Teens in the Arts District

Today's teens grew up with the Northeast Arts District, from the discussions around forming it in the early 2000s, to its formal designation in [year].
Olivia and Daycia
Olivia and Daycia
A recent conversation with a couple of teens about the Northeast arts community sparked an idea. Having two teen girls of my own, what were their experiences of growing up in the arts district? How did youth explore and discover the world that the artists created in Northeast? Where did they hang out and what kind of interactions did they have with the arts? These four young people, now ages 16 to 19 gave insight into a group that might be an "invisible but in plain sight" part of our arts world.
Meet Olivia, Daycia, Fiona and Elliot. 
Thorpe Building
Thorpe Building
The Thorp Building and in it, Diamonds Coffee:  Their ground zero in the early teen years, their indoctrination into the Northeast Arts community. Art-A-Whirl was born in the Thorpe Building. Maybe the energy and mystery drew them all to explore the creaky wood and old cut up building that houses so many artists and interesting characters. They hung out, drank coffee, and ate treats. In that process they met lots of artist who also chilled at Diamonds.
Dan the Accordion Man (Turpening) was one of their favorite artists. He would talk with them on a regular basis. Whenever the studios were open, Fiona said, "we came to get free snacks and tried to get the wine but we never succeeded." 
Many other artists would just let them visit their studios but not necessarily engage them because they were busy working.
Rainbow Bruce

Olivia shared a memorable experience; attending a concert of punk band Rainbow Bruce at the loading dock. They remember a dinosaur on wheels that everyone could ride until the head fell off. 
All of them attended Art-A-Whirl and commented it was a major experience for them. Their parents took them when they were young children. Around middle school they were off with each other or by themselves exploring the art community. The Northrup King, Thorpe, Casket and Solar Arts were all talked about as regular places they attended. Plus, it was easy for them to walk, take a trolley or bike over to these buildings.
Some have started collections of art by attending art events. They all were excited and interested in the collecting process. Olivia said they are trying to collect local work by living artists at least once a year.
Asked about these experiences Olivia said, "recently Art-A-Whirl has so much alcohol it doesn't feel safe anymore. So much drinking and drunk people walking around. I liked it before the brewery thing came in. It was more geared toward kids, now it is more adult oriented." 
All of them lit up when it came to talking about food in NE. They said their favorite place is Chimborazo with Sen Yai Sen LekUncle Frankie's, La Gran Colonia and Holy Land as favorite haunts, too. Mojo Coffee and the California Building has started to become the new hang out spot. They all spoke to liking the atmosphere and said more artists talk to them.
Fiona said, "Everyone is an interesting person. Seeing so many people in one place, I get to see so many styles. It gives me inspiration." Fiona, who also works as a studio assistant at Clay Squared to Infinity and for Sue Christensen Clayworks, says art "is the #1 inspiration of what I like to be. People doing what they want to do instead of what they have to do. Makes me feel like I can do that too."

By Josh Blanc

Northeast P.E.E.P.s
(People, Events, Exhibits, Places)

Happenings In Northeast
Art Attack

Over 250 painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, jewelers, clothing designers, textile artists, glass blowers, ceramists, custom furniture makers and more at the Northrup King Building.  

Live music, art demonstrations and food trucks throughout the weekend.

2nd Annual Fall Costume Ball
2nd Annual Fall Costume Ball

District artist showing outside the lines

ometimes Chickens Drive Tractors

"Sometimes Chickens Drive Tractors" Exhibit by Layl McDill
Location: Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community, 
Time:  November 17th,   4:30-8:30pm 
ending on  January 14, 2017 .

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3. Start a framework on how we can finance the goals of the district. This goal is only possible to discuss if the other two goals can be met.
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