November 2017

Welcome to In the District: news from the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. 
October/November surprise is an understatement of what has transpired in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District and beyond. Huge events, art and ideas happened through out the entire district as well as work being created in outstate Minnesota. Enjoy!

Introducing Open District

Open District
The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, Northeast A.D., announces the first Open District, a District-wide arts event on November 3-5, 2017. Over 500 fine art artists and galleries will participate via open studios and a guided gallery crawl. This free event encourages the public to explore studio buildings, acquire original art, and meet the artists of the Northeast A.D. 

Art Attack
California Dreaming
Open Casket
Solar Arts Building

Rogue Buddha Gallery
The large studio buildings and galleries within the District having open studio events this weekend include:
California Building: California Dreamin' ( 2205 California St NE)
Casket Arts Building: Open Casket ( 681 17th Ave NE)
Northrup King Building: Art Attack ( 1500 Jackson St NE)
Solar Arts Building: Art This Way ( 711 NE 15th Ave)
and Rogue Buddha Gallery ( 357 13th Ave NE)

The open, casual format of Open District encourages dialogue between visitors and the artists of the Northeast A.D. allowing for in-depth discussions deepening knowledge about the creative process. It also allows collectors to purchase artwork directly from the artists before it makes makes its way to galleries around the country.

This free community event is designed to attract art lovers, collectors, tourists, neighbors, and other artists to the Northeast A.D. for a weekend of art, fun, learning, and a great time exploring one of the top Art Districts in the nation.

Friday, November 3rd, 5-10 PM
Saturday, November 4th, 12-8PM
Sunday, November 5th, 12-5PM

The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District is committed to preserving, conserving, and promoting arts production. Northeast A.D.: The Arts at Work.

Pete Driessen- Monumental Achievement
By Josh Blanc
Michael Flora Sound artist

Driessen has achieved a milestone set of work of art with Trestle Support Systems.  
Pete Driessien ia a long time NE artist with a studio in the Casket Arts Building who worked in collaboration with sound artist Michael Flora with a grant from the MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative grant. His project is supported and presented as part of Here & There: Rethinking Public Spaces, The Soap Factory 2017 public programing.  This massive 180' x 18' wide piece made of simple material of rough swan red pine beams and metal hardware in the Black Smith Shop. As well as Trestle Workers in the Boiler Shop are 8' x 60' x 35' are stunning works that make you stop in your tracks at the Northern Pacific Rail Yard site in Brainerd MN. A site that most artist would drool with excitement and envy to be able to create and have a show of work in this type of space. 

Trestle Support Systems

Trestle Support System's simplicity and immense size is bracketed by Michael Flora's sound installation reverberating in the massive 50,000 sq. ft. railroad Blacksmith Shop building with 20' high side walls and 80' wide cross span and concrete floors which set the stage for this immersive work. When walking in the viewer goes through many stages of understanding of what is going on - from the size of the piece to the architectural building itself to the eerie yet familiar sounds constantly changing from a four point surround sound speaker system created by NE artist Michael Flora. Flora took from the transformer hum in the building and built a symphony of sound that can give the impression of a railroad work station in motion but with no obvious sounds you can point to. The three components work harmoniously together as the viewer can walk around and through the 180 foot piece. 

Pete looking at Trestle

It can not be understated that Driessen has taken an incredible leap with this project for his portfolio and career. Pete has always been a very contemporary minded artist working to push the boundaries of art. This piece took almost two months and a staff of many to build and coordinate this project. It is only up from October 25th to November 4th. If you have the time to visit this installation it will be the best use of your artistic inspiration you will have had this year. 

We at the Northeast A.D. hope this type of art work by Driessen and Flora is a catalyst and gives license for other artists in the Northeast A.D. to think big and deliver on monumental art work. Driessen is knocking on the international art door for all of the Arts District artists and we need to respond with support, congratulations and a new challenge to try to make work at this level. 

Candidate forums raised arts awareness
by Northeast A.D. Board Members
On the stage of the Ritz Theater six candidates for Minneapolis City Council addressed an audience of
65 on Oct. 16, and six candidates for Mayor spoke to 95 gathered Oct.17 for questions from the arts district community.

The questions were about how to keep artist work space affordable, how, if they take office, they plan on leveraging the arts district to reach its full potential and how to supportand implement Arts Action Plan 2. They told why they are running and their personal experiences with arts.
One of the values of putting on these forums for the candidates is to let them speak about their specific goals in reference to the arts community and Northeast. The arts district has become a huge financial contributor to the city. Many recognize that but few really know how it ticks. The forum raised consciousness with the candidates that the arts district is an unrecognized tool that the city could more fully leverage.
The Audience
The candidates all expressed there is a long way to go and praised the community for its work so far. The Northeast A.D. in fact is an economic and political engine and won't allow ourselves to be overshadowed or taken for granted.
Forums like this make that clear to the candidates and future elected officials. Whereas it's easy to take the arts for granted as not a commodity, this demonstrates clearly
that the opposite is true. Mary Cassidy Holmers, Northeast resident and small business owner, said she is conflicted about the difficulty of getting info that would make her "feel good about any of them," and that education and affordable housing are all issues closely connected with arts issues.
30 seconds
Indeed, voters would be wise to look at candidates' websites, attend other events, and read up as various publications print candidate information in the week before Nov. 7. She's already looking to the future, that "runoff voting has diluted the power, there's not a mandate of leadership. How are we going to unify" after the election?
Debbie Woodward, for 21 years the manager of the Northrup King Building, attended both forums though she's not a resident and would not be able to vote here. She commented that through the forum she saw and met people "who have enough of a voice, and ideas, that I would like to connect with, whether or not they're elected, and help make some of these things happen."
The candidates made that connection with many deeper thoughts on how they will engage and work with the arts community. This bodes well for the Northeast A.D. and overall community that after the election we will have two strong council members and a mayor who really
see the value of the arts district. Note: The entire mayor forum can be viewed at
Northeast P.E.E.P.s
(People, Events, Exhibits, Places)

Autumn NE member show

Solar Arts Building, 3rd Floor Gallery, 711 NE 15th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55413
AutumNE (formerly Fall Fine Arts) is an annual exhibition of more than 150 of NEMAA's members'artwork. It's a great opportunity to view a vast collection of quality and diverse artwork, including painting, photography, sculpture, mixed-media art, and much more - all for sale in one location.
2017 Gallery Hours
October 27 - November 5, 2017 (open to the public Thursday-Sundays)
Gallery hours:
Thursdays/Fridays, 5-9 PM
Saturdays/Sundays, 12-6 PM

Gumball Boutique
by Nick Harper 
Nestled in the middle of a cozy neighborhood block of 13th Ave in the heart of the NE Minneapolis Arts District lies Gumball Boutique, a shop whose name was inspired by the fun and colorfully bright nature of gumball machines.
While Gumball Boutique will be celebrating it's 5th year of business this July, it remains for many a hidden treasure.  For those in the know, allegiance to the shop is almost automatic as it's easy to be amazed and inspired by the work on offer from over 50 local artists.  One can find a gift for nearly every occasion, or just for themselves, from paintings to jewelry, candles, lamps, clothing, body care and more.
In addition to the hand made artisinal offerings, Gumball Boutique plays host to a large locally curated vintage clothing section that will be expanding into another full room in 2018.
Prior to opening her storefront, owner Ann Meyers, who makes clothing from repurposed t-shirts and her sister Ava, who also makes clothing from repurposed sweaters, had worked at craft shows and art fairs for 10 years. As a longtime resident of NE, when it was time for Ann to realize her dream of running her own store where she could permanently sell her and her sisters clothing as well as artwork by others, there was only one neighborhood Ann could imagine her store calling home. "I lived in NE for over 10 years and couldn't imagine being anyplace else. The community here reminds me of living in a small town. I love it. I am part of a community that cares for each other. I love having people to bounce ideas off of and look around and see art in so many places."
Ann's commitment to her community and the artists she represents shows.  Gumball Boutique offers a number of DIY classes, presents numerous pop-up events along with music and special guest artists and hosts an annual clothing swap.
As well as regular store hours she will be open for extended holiday hours soon as well as being open for special events. You can learn more online at
While the term "hidden gem" might be apt for Gumball Boutique, consider yourself now in the know of this neighborhood jewel and make a point to visit her soon! 

Three Main Goals 
of  Arts District Planning

1. Continue to discuss who we are as a community. 
2. Continue to define the v ision of the next 10 to 15 years, in order to drive the decision making.
3. Start a framework on how we can finance the goals of the district. This goal is only possible to discuss if the other two goals can be met.
Recent studies to consider reading: 
5.   Take the survey for the  CREATIVE MINNESOTA
Issue: 67
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National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Coming to Twin Cities

It has been more than 20 years since NCECA has had its national ceramic conference in the Twin Cities. The Northeast A.D. has been coordinating with their staff to encourage ceramic artists and galleries to participate in their huge event. 
The Theme: Claytopia
Since the 1960s, the Twin Cities region has played a pivotal role in shaping a renaissance in studio pottery and craft as cultural forces. Adaptation of Mingei-inspired ideals within the American heartland drove a vision of artfulness in daily life. Claytopia  will engage regional, national and international artists, thinkers, curators, educators, and students to produce an array of exhibitions and experiences that build on, respond to, celebrate, and push against ceramic art's diverse legacies. Together, we will expand critical discourse on teaching, learning, aesthetics, social impacts, design thinking, and artistic production.
The 2019 Concurrent Exhibitions Call
The call for 2019 Concurrent Exhibitions is now live on the NCEAC website at  The call includes an overview of the Concurrent Exhibitions program, as well as terms & limitations, the application process and timeline, adjudication, notification of selected exhibition and subsequent placement with a host gallery, as well as requirements and responsibilities.

The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District & the Arts District Committee is an outcome
of the Arts Action Plan.

"The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District Committee is comprised of interested volunteer community members, and is fiscally managed by the Northeast Community Development Corporation (NECDC). Additional support has been provided by Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA), Clay Squared to Infinity."
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