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Case of the Month
Mo-99 produced at power plant
I-123 Assays
Nuclear Pharmacy Apps
APhA News
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 Cardinal Health seeking owner for three nuclear pharmacies.


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Case of the Month

Hemangioma imaging with Tc99m RBCs.
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 Rubidium Generator Recall Information 


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With the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, we remember and  pay tribute to, not only those we lost and the survivors but also to the many that rose in service and response to the attacks.  Our country and our lives have changed, and this includes nuclear medicine.  For example, we now have to provide therapy patients with a letter of notice in case they want to go home on the subway or through a NY tunnel.  Police have been alerted to the transportation of radioactive materials by well-intentioned citizens.  There is a strong push to switch to low-enriched uranium (LEU) produced Mo-99, because of the terror possibility with high-enriched uranium (HEU). No, we will never forget how the world we know can change in an instant.
Agreement to Produce Mo-99 in U.S.

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and Exelon Corp are studying the feasibility of producing Molybdenum-99 at their nuclear power plant in Clinton, IL.   GE Hitachi has signed memoranda of understanding with NuView Life Sciences and NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes to process the Mo-99.  For more information...

I-123 Dose Calibrator Assays
A study published in the current Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology surveyed 177 dose calibrators (11 manufacturers) at 138 sites and concluded that there are significant errors in activity measurements for sources in glass vials and plastic syringes. As an adjunct to routine quality control testing of dose calibrators, the I-123 calibration factors should be determined for the use of injectable I-123 labeled radiopharmaceuticals.  Click here to view article.
There's an App for That!
Nuclear Pharmacy Apps

There are two handy iPhone apps designed specifically for the nuclear pharmacist & technologist.  The NucRx app contains isotope information, decay calculator, and more.  The newest app, Tc-99m Elutions, provides generator yield calculations.  The cost of the apps is $4.99 and $2.99 respectfully, These applications were built by Dennis Davis, a nuclear pharmacist with years of experience.  Thanks Dennis!

APhA News 

APhA logo

With the restructuring of APhA-APPM, the nuclear section has changed to a Nuclear SIG (Special Interest Group).  Special thanks to Michael Mosley and Brian Schummer for assisting in making the transition and getting all the signatures needed for the SIG petition.  Join the nuclear eCommunity discussion group for news and assistance from your colleagues.


Congratulations to Nicki Hilliard and Eric Smith for being elected as President-elect and Member-at-Large, respectfully, of APhA-APPM.  Nuclear pharmacy will be well represented with the first nuclear pharmacist to serve on the APhA Board of Trustees!  APhA Press Release. 
Calendar of Events
Sept. 8-11ASNC 2011 Annual Meeting. 16th Annual Scientific Session, Denver, CO.
Sept 22-25Southeastern Chapter SNM, Clearwater Beach, FL
October American Pharmacist Month
Oct. 2-8Nuclear Medicine Week
Oct. 3Deadline for CBNC exam
Oct. 3Deadline for APhA Abstracts
Oct. 15-16Central Chapter SNM Meeting, Traverse City, MI
Oct. 22Mid-Eastern Chapter SNM, Annapolis, MD
Jan. 26-29SNM Mid-Year Meeting, Orlando, FL
March 9-12APhA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA

Nicki Hilliard, PharmD, BCNP

Nuclear Education Online

Phone: 501-686-6398




Nuclear Education Online offers two online courses for Department of Transportation training.  Training for Highway Shippers and Transporters of Radiopharmaceuticals and Training for Air Shippers and Transporters of Radiopharmaceuticals.  Both the DOT and the FAA have been inspecting pharmacies and nuclear medicine departments.  Make sure all your personnel have been trained.  Just $47 each or $75 for both.  See for more details.