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A Note from Bonner...


Hello Friends & Family of OMF!


As we head into October, I am reminded of where I was a year ago today -- in the middle of an intense training regimen and heading into the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.  Over 100 of you traveled to Kona last year to support and cheer on my efforts in pursuit of my $1 Million Dollar goal.  I will be forever grateful for your support.  


This October I will be heading back over to Kona for the 2013 Ironman World Championship on October 12th.  Only this time I will be on the sidelines cheering on all of the athletes competing in this awe inspiring event.  So many dreams are accomplished and funds are raised for many incredible causes.  I look forward to being at the finish line and celebrating as competitors push beyond their own limits in completing the 140.2 mile race.


Since the Ironman, the last 12 months have been filled with speaking engagements, the successful launch of OMF's signature Oakley eyewear, the launch of the Team Jake Program, and the announcement of my book coming in the Fall of 2014.  Along with my board of directors, we continue to look forward into the future, strategize and make plans for future programs and fundraising efforts.  The need that exists for the children we serve never leaves my mind for a second and I continue to be incredibly grateful for your continued support.  We continue to build upon our ideas year over year in hopes of creating a legacy that will make a difference and last a very long time.  



A Perspective From the Board Room

Board Member Spot Light

Gunnar Gooding
 Gunnar Gooding*
OMF Board Member

Gunnar Gooding, SVP Select Staffing


I first met Bonner about 7 years ago as I helped recruit him to join another non-profit board that supports kids with disabilities.  Bonner shared how he had gone through life trying to hide his disability. But he was realizing that by highlighting his disability he could help inspire kids who needed to push through challenges of their own.  His charisma and radiant personality drew people towards him immediately.  Never being someone who would settle for anything small, he undertook 2 huge fundraising endeavors, first climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa and then competing in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.  Both events were hugely successful raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and spawned slick promotional materials for our charitable foundation OMF.  All the funds raised through those endeavors are going to establish early childhood learning centers for kids with disabilities to help them live a life beyond limits.


But as I reflect on the true impact that Bonner had made, what really stands out for me are not the high-profile amazing accomplishments Bonner has achieved, but instead the powerful impact he's had on kids in the local communities.  I've seen him speak at many local high schools and watched as normally fidgety teenagers sit in rapt attention as he describes his journey in overcoming adversity.  I've seen kids with disabilities and those without, stand in long lines to get his autograph.  To the kids with disabilities, Bonner is a role model and gives them motivation and inspiration to work harder and do more to overcome the obstacles they face in their own life.  To the kids without disabilities, Bonner is a role model who (almost without them knowing) has broken down prejudices and raised awareness about their peers who may face similar challenges.  In both groups of kids, Bonner makes a powerful and lasting impact. 


So I've enjoyed working alongside Bonner to raise money for OMF to build these early learning centers and will continue to press forward in that important work.  But my true satisfaction from this philanthropy is in watching firsthand as Bonner changes lives one at a time when he addresses the young people of this community.  If you've never seen Bonner in action, click on this link and share it with some young people who you think might be interested in his message.  In doing so, you can help Bonner change the world.


*Gunnar is a senior vice president at Select Staffing, one of the largest staffing companies in the US with over $2 billion in revenues.  He sits on several non-profit boards of directors including OMF and lives with his wife and 3 children in Newport Beach, CA.


Thorny Rose, Hogue & Genesis Wines Proudly Support OMF

OMF is thrilled to report that the Constellation family of brands had another successful fundraising campaign benefiting OM Foundation in August.  This is the 2nd year that Constellation sponsored an in-store program and has raised a total of $50,000 to help support centers that provide the various types of therapies for those living with disabilities.  Each bottle of Thorny Rose, Hogue and Genesis wines sold celebrates the Constellation family vision, entrepreneurial spirit and passion to produce world-class Washington State wines along with the spirit of giving.  We are grateful for their continued support!


Founder in the News - Regional Center of Orange County

(RCOC) is one of 21 private, nonprofit organizations contracted by the State of California to coordinate lifelong services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  This past issue of their quarterly magazine, "Dialogue", featured an article on Bonner Paddock's inspirational message from CAT Chair Sylvia Delgado's report on Bonner's inspirational presentation at a recent CAT meeting.  


"Bonner's presentation to the Regional Center of Orange County's Consumer Advisory Team was inspirational! It was important for the group to hear that he does not let his disability hold him back. He encouraged us to do the same by setting goals for ourselves and pushing ourselves beyond what we think we can do. He is a role model to people with disabilities. 

Thanks Bonner! "  Click Here for the Full Story.


Signature Oakley Eyewear


Thank you to everyone who purchased the OMF Signature Oakley Sunglasses.  Over $35,000 was raised and we could not have done it without your generous support! 


Special thanks again to Tanja Norris, Dane Howell and the entire Oakley team who came up with the concept, designed a fantastic pair of high quality limited-edition sunglasses and donated 200 pairs to OMF.  We are truly grateful for your support.  Thank you for helping OMF make a difference in the lives of special needs children!

About Us
OM Foundation (OMF) was started in 2009 by Bonner Paddock, who was born with Cerebral Palsy.  OMF is committed to raising money to build early learning centers that provide various types of therapies for children with disabilities.  Through therapy, these children are provided with increased well-being and inclusion into society.  For more information about OM Foundation, click here.
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Gunnar Gooding, SVP Select Staffing
Washington August Wine Month
Founder in the News (RCOC)
OMF Oakley Eyewear SOLD OUT!!!
Get Involved - TEAM JAKE
Speaking Engagements & Events

"Small and Mighty" and Hands Down to the Krusher from Team Jake

Drew Reichardt, 6 Years Old
Two new members to Team Jake are the feature highlight this quarter - Meet Drew Reichardt who is 6 years old, yes, he is wearing a pair of OMF's Signature shades.  Drew raised $100.00 for the OM Foundation at his lemonade stand by selling fresh squeezed lemonade (lemons grown in his own backyard) and homemade cookies. His Dad, Shane Reichardt, helped him set it up and 100% of the proceeds went to  OMF.  High Five to Drew!
Guy Hammington,  of
Young's Market Co., Heads up Team Kiwi Krusher
"Kiwi Krusher's PTC 2013 Team Jake fundraiser" Led by Guy Hammington, participated in the Portland to Coast Walking Relay 2013, raising over $1,200.00 for Team Jake and the OM Foundation. Guy's enthusiasm was palpable as he trained and prepared for the walk and his support of Team Jake is astounding and right off the charts. 
OMF's objective is to rally round and support the creation of teams of all kinds. It's easy to do and Linda ( will gladly assist you through the simple-to-follow process. Team Jake was formed by Steven Robert and his wife, Allison, after their son Jake's passing in 2006 to celebrate Jake's life.  Team Jake is a group of runners, walkers, fans, and volunteers of any kind who would like to raise funds in Jake's memory, have fun and support special needs children and their families through the OM Foundation.  The OM Foundation is proud to be a part of this journey.  To the Kiwi Krusher's and to Drew's lemons' make lemonade we salute your work -- you guys are the Bomb.    


Click Here to Learn More About Team Jake and Get Involved! 


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Beyond Limits DVD's are still available. 

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Prints & Greeting cards of Beyond Limits photo available here.   Artist Robert Foss is donating all proceeds to OM Foundation.

Event Update:


Bonner continues to travel all over the United States sharing his anti-bullying message in schools, motivating sales teams and delivering keynotes at high level executive meetings and conferences.


Next Up!
Oct 23rd - Evanta, Denver
Oct 29th - Evanta, LA

OM Foundation is Proud to be a part of the Bud Kuhl Wood Bat Invitational on November 10th!

6th Annual Bud Kuhl
Wood Bat Invitational
When:November 10, 2013
Where:Angel Stadium of Anaheim
Gates Open:8:45am
Game Times:10:00am, 1:00pm
& 4:00pm
Admission:Donations Accepted