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It is August and Ubud is busy, I mean very busy, besides many ceremonies and rituals going on, it seems like a good part of the world is enjoying Bali... in fact,there are people everywhere on our small island, and nobody is complaining, it is the peak season and that is the way it should be!

For us, life remains generous, almost all of our retreats are booked until November. We are looking forward to our journey in Thailand and we have already planned a retreat in a beautiful castle in Bordeaux, France for September 2011 and possibly followed by a retreat in Ibiza, let us know which retreat you would like to join!

Dreams do come true, since 2001 when Iyan and I first start dreaming our business project, traveling while 'working' was and still is part of our dream. It first happened in 2009, while traveling through Europe in October we did our first workshop abroad, in The Netherlands, 'Follow your Dreams' was the name of the workshop. Since then we received news from participants that have made their dreams happen, congratulations as you have understood the power of 'intentions' and the fact that you believed in your dream made it possible.

The workshop 'Follow your Dreams' will be repeated in November 2010, it will be part of Escape to Thailand. We will be offering the program in Bali in 2011.

Today is a beautiful Sunday of August, now that I am done with the news, it is time to enjoy the beach!


Claude, Iyan & the Team
ONEWORLD retreats

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!

Wayan Partha...

Now a certified yoga teacher!

Wayan ParthaMany of you have already met Wayan Partha, he has been Iyan's assistant for almost two years. Wayan is a lover of yoga and of kirtan. Over the past couple of years, Wayan has been the assistant and student of many guest teachers at Kumara, he doesn't miss an opportunity to go deeper in his practice.

During this past July, with the help of Louisa Sears, founder of Yoga Arts from Byron Bay Australia, Wayan completed his training and became a certified yoga teacher on August 7th. We are proud of him and wish him the best in his teaching. A very special thank you to Louisa for her generous assistance in making this certification possible for Wayan.

Yoga Arts offers various teacher training programs in Bali, Australia, Malaysia... and a few more countries.

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Write and Sell that Book!
writing workshop in baliWe often hear people say... one day, I will write my own book... it is a dream that is very possible, I personally think that everyone has a story or more to tell!

If this has been your dream, then you should seriously consider joining Joanna Penn and Robin Spark for a very unique retreat / workshop at Kumara. The retreat is scheduled for October 1 to 6, 2010 and there are just a few spaces left!

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And by the way, the Write and Sell that Book workshop is immediately followed by the famous Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, an event that has grown amazingly well over the past 5 years. The festival will start on October 6 to end on October 10, 2010, during that time, Ubud is brilliantly alive!

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Fresh Start Cleansing Retreat
Whemark amentn it is time for a true cleansing, one want to be in the hands of a professional. Mark Ament is an expert on natural healing, living foods nutrition and internal cleansing. He has spent the past 15 years studying the subject with some of the most well known teachers in the world.
Mark has also written several books on living food nutrition and cleansing.

Join Mark for an exceptional week starting on November 28th.

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It started last October in Ubud...

julia roberts in ubud

Besides Xavier Samuel, not too many men got close to Julia Roberts while making the movie Eat Pray Love in Bali... The owner of Kumara Sakti did, as the regent of Gianyar, Tjokorda Ace Sukawati was involved and he said that Julia was very amicable.

Eat Pray Love Movie

Time flies by quickly... it seems like it was just a couple of months ago that Ubud was crowded with the whole crew of Eat Pray Love... and last Friday, the movie was launched in USA! So far the critics are not so great, but hey I am sure that many people will see the movie anyway!

The book sold by the millions, and yes, some of you came to Bali because of it, now let's see how many people will visit us because of the movie! Check out the trailer... there are beautiful images of Bali!

(Official trailer)
Ayurvedic Chakra Dhara - More than just a massage!
Iyan "OM...." There is no doubt that 'omming' connects one with the Great Universal Energy! Besides my love for leading retreats and teaching yoga, I also find great rewards in sharing my knowledge and experience by teaching selected spa therapists the virtues of our Chakra Dhara treatment. Over a 10 day intensive training program, I witness changes in my students, following morning yoga and meditation; I can see serenity in their faces as they open their eyes following the last OM!

In addition to learning the well developed technique of this massage, the intention is for the chosen therapists to understand and practice the principles of the energetic chakras. This massage goes deeper than the technique, the treatment is meant to re-balance the energy by focusing on the seven chakra energy points. It is also important to remain physically, mentally and spiritually grounded as the treatment last for two hours and thirty minutes, nonstop. This is achieved through the meditation and yoga helping to reconnect the therapist with their deeper self and higher spirit.

As a therapist, the most important chakra to be in-tune with is Anahata, or the heart chakra. Following each meditation the student must feel the heart beating and relate to it as pure and unconditional love; which I consider a must when offering a massage that goes deeper than the hands. Each chakra's energy is represented by a different color and each spins in a different direction; this is also different for men and women.

This time, the training began with seven therapists; however only four qualified to earn the title of Chakra Dhara Therapist. Unfortunately the others will have to develop more grounding and keep practicing.

Sharing is a beautiful word, for me, it means giving and receiving. Whenever I share my knowledge and experience with my students, I receive happiness in return.

Kadek, Mila, Eka and Made...are now ready to share their knowledge with you. I know that they too will receive happiness in return. I am very proud of their achievement & I wish them and you, our valued Guest, all the best.



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