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September 27, 2012

Greeting from Aquatic Director


Yes, it is Thursday, September 27, 2012:


Greetings all,


Where does the time go to? The funny thing about time is the more you want it, the less you seem to have. This is the best way to explain yesterday for me. However as always, there was a lesson to be learned. A very wise woman once told me "you were given two ears and one mouth, you should listen twice as much as you talk". Taking the time to listen and address different issues yesterday helped to educate our staff and assist in the improvement of our operation. We learned that in our fast paced life we unfortunately miss many of the positives of life. While we still have a long way to go, this "unscheduled" projects did help to encourage we are on the right path. (Thanks mom for the words of wisdom J)


One of the areas we continually work on is our communication among the staff and with you. We have provided you a link to a general Aquatic Center Calendar. This calendar will provide you information on open/closings and how busy the pool will be. Hopefully this will assist you in your planning. This calendar is updated daily by our Graduate Assistant. We have also provided a link within this newsletter, in the Facility Schedule section.


To continue this communication, I do have a few updates for you:

  1. Facility Closing - We will be closed this weekend for the Regional Championships for Men's Water Polo. This event will be held all day on Saturday and Sunday. Come out to watch some great water polo.
  2. Bobcat Cubs - Our Learn To Swim program is off and running. With the first session underway, we are looking forward to the second session. Our new process for signing up is working. As we make changes, we are looking for feedback on this process.
  3. Aqua Fitness - Aqua Fitness classes are under way. This year we have added individual training opportunities from basic stroke development to assistance in training for your next triathlon. More information will be posted around the facility in the coming weeks.
  4. Lockers - We are starting to update the locker system and rental process. Over the coming weeks, those who have expired locker contracts, should be receiving an email and message in your locker about renewing possibilities.

Lastly, thanks for the comments and suggestions for our operation. It has been great chatting with you about the operations regarding the possibilities for improvement. Please keep these comments coming. As a reminder, the best way to reach me is via email. ( Thanks again for your continued interest in the Aquatic Center here at Ohio University. Hope you all have a great day.  


In the swim of it,


Facility Schedule: 
Facility closed for Men's Water Polo Invite on September 29 & 30.

Learn To Swim Fall Schedule:
Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:30pm-7:10pm;
Tuesdays & Thursdays,   5:30pm-6:10pm.

Facility Schedule on Google Calendar

Thank you!

Thanks to all your great effort, Aquatic Center is improving. 

Stay tuned, our future is unwritten!


Aquatic Center

Athens, Ohio 45701 

Ohio University