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Redwood City Police Launch Project SAFE 
at Sequoia Station Shopping Center

On August 9, 2013, the Redwood City Police Department launched a comprehensive, long-term response plan to address public safety concerns and quality of life issues at Sequoia Station that directly and indirectly affect the enjoyable utilization of the transit hub and patronage of shopping center businesses. 

"Project Safe"
The program is called Project SAFE and it centers on a collaborative partnership consisting of the Redwood City Police Department, the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Transit Police, the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office, Safeway and CVS Pharmacy property owners, Regency Centers property management, stakeholder business tenants of Sequoia Station, Forbes Security, and a host of both public and private social service organizations. 

Project Overview
Project SAFE is a multi-faceted approach that uses a variety of resources to address public safety concerns and quality of life issues present at the center. All entities represented in the collaborative partnership are committed to the time, effort, and dedicated resources for the implementation and success of this project. This is a long-term and on-going commitment with an anticipated reduction in crime and quality of life issues surrounding Sequoia Station Shopping Center and the Redwood City transit hub. The police department has significantly increased a law enforcement presence at Sequoia Station through rotational patrol assignments and is working with the business owners and 'Regency Centers' to make environmental changes to enhance public safety. 

Successful Start
The first three weeks of the program have been very successful in building collaborative partnerships with our committed stakeholders and improving the enjoyable experience in utilizing Sequoia Station for shopping and as a transportation hub. Several visitors, commuters, and business owners have reported noticeable improvements in the area since Project Safe began.

More Information

~Captain Dan Mulholland at 650.780.7100.

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