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Carol Gauger
Carol Gauger, MAS
Member Engagement
& Regional Relations

Melissa Weber
Regional Programs Manager

Valerie Schenewerk
Valerie Schenewerk
Regional Relations

Seth Barnett (small)
Seth Barnett
Diversity Development
and Engagement

Lisa Beck
Lisa Beck
Member Engagement
Programs Manager

Christina Sanders
Christina Sanders
Volunteer Engagement & Recognition

Regional Update                            Volume 2017 Issue 1

PPAI on the Road
Regional Engagement Program Speakers
Regional Relations hopes you enjoyed the following PPAI speakers who have visited seven of the 27 regionals already this year to deliver industry perspective and training:
  • Director, Public Affairs Anne Stone presented Prop 65 and State Regulations at GAPPP
  • Also at GAPPP, President/CEO Paul Bellantone, CAE, told the story of promotional products and their power
  • Seth Barnett, Manager, Diversity Development and Engagement, spoke re millennials at PAPPA and PPAS
  • Director, Member Engagement and Regional Relations Carol Gauger, MAS, trained on member recruitment and retention at PMANC and SAAGNYand did two sessions at SPPA--Developing Your Personal Strategic Plan and Telling the Story of Promotional Products
  • At RMRPPA, Incoming Chair of the Board Dale Denham, MAS+, explained how to leverage LinkedIn
To book a speaker, fill out and return this form.  To schedule a Board training session facilitated by PPAI staff, submit this form.
Millennial Messaging
Seth Barnett Speaks with Regionals

PPAI Diversity Development and Engagement Manager Seth Barnett is available to the regional community to deliver messages about the new and changing marketplace. As part of his role, it is Seth's goal to ensure the regional community has access to the resources about the changing buyer market as well as the present demographic shift.
His sessions include topics that address the engagement and retention of young professionals, working with new consumers, understanding the shift in marketplace dynamics, as well as how to utilize industry resources for success in these areas.

Seth at TRASA Bd Mtg

Seth Barnett (rightmost) contributed his insights to the TRASA Board
re attracting and engaging young professionals in the industry for its 2017 strategic plan.

In 2016 and already this year, Seth took part in the following regional events:
  • May--Community education in Allentown, Pennsylvania hosted by Artistic Toy and PAPPA
  • June--Promo University hosted by GAPPP and CAAMP in Greenville, South Carolina
  • July--GCPPA Education Day in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • August--PMANC education with a Millennial Panel held in Burlingame, California
  • September--NWPMA Fall Showcase Professional DevelĀ­opment in Bellevue, Washington
  • November--TRASA Board of Directors Strategic Planning held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • January--PAPPA Winter Showcase education in Springfield, Pennsylvania
  • February--Facilitating the Young Professionals Panel Discussion at the PPAS Monthly Luncheon  in Dallas, Texas
Seth is a featured educational speaker under the Regional Engagement Program; to book Seth for a speaking event, contact him,or fill out and return this form. To learn more about PPAI's generational diversity program, visit HERE.
Schedule a PPAI Speaker Now
Calendars Filling Fast
Our Regional Affiliate Engagement Program speakers are already scheduled to do sessions at 22 regionals in the coming months.  If you haven't scheduled a speaker to present education at your tradeshow, a monthly lunch 'n learn, or your annual meeting, or to set up a training session for your regional Board, take a moment now to do so.

Please NOTE that these sessions cannot be done in December.

To book a speaker, fill out and return  this form .  To schedule a Board training session facilitated by PPAI staff, submit  this form .
New Executive Directors

Please help Regional Relations welcome these new Executive Directors:

Mike Schenker, MAS

Mike Schenker, MAS
    Read more HERE
Cheryl Small

Cheryl Small
    Read more HERE
Elizabeth Boothby

Elizabeth Boothby
    Read more HERE

Donna-Jean Plante

Donna-Jean Plante
    914/848-7369 ext. 304 
Reagan Zugelter

Reagan Zugelter
    Read more HERE

Regional Spotlight
PPAMS Uses Video to Introduce 2017 Board
Click HERE to see the new PPAMS Board members' video introductions.
Regional Spotlight
SAAC's New Strategic Plan & Focus

SAAC In November 2016, the SAAC Board developed a strategic plan to guide its future growth. The 2017-2019 Strategic Plan includes refreshed mission and vision statements and newly developed values through which the association will drive growth and expansion.

The strategic plan establishes a framework for enhancing member experience and advocacy, while maintaining SAAC's financial stability and growth in the years to come.

Click HERE to read more and see the outline of SAAC's strategic agenda and scope of work over the next three years.
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