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Carol Gauger
Carol Gauger, MAS
Member Engagement
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Melissa Weber
Melissa Weber
Regional Programs Manager

Valerie Schenewerk
Valerie Schenewerk
Regional Relations

Seth Barnett (small)
Seth Barnett
Diversity Development
and Engagement

Lisa Beck
Lisa Beck
Member Engagement
Programs Manager

Christina Sanders
Christina Sanders
Volunteer Engagement & Recognition

Regional Update                            Volume 2017 Issue 2

Benchmarking Survey Now Open
Respond by Friday, June 2
The 2017 Regional Bench­marking Survey was launched Friday, April 7. The ongoing collection of data, identification of trends--both positive and negative, identification of best practices and the valuable metrics that are being established provide insight into our industry's associa­tion operations.

The Regional Relations team analyzes the data to identify new areas of support that can be developed for the Regional Affiliate Program, LDW content and the annual Engage­ment Program.

This year's survey includes some new questions that will provide insight into regional practices in the following areas:
  • Dues Structure Review
  • Standing Committees
  • Volunteer and Member Recognition
  • Communication Strategies
  • Bylaws and P&P Review
  • New Board Orientation

Remember, staff will treat this information as confidential. Any com­parisons, or contrasts will be blind and be offered to identify positive trends and the related activities.

PPAI RAC Volunteer of the Year
Nominate a Regional Volunteer Today!
RAC Volunteer of the Year
The PPAI RAC Volunteer of the Year Award celebrates regional association members who have demonstrated an outstanding level of volunteer leadership and made significant and measurable contributions to a regional association. See who's been recognized!

This is a perfect opportunity to recognize these unsung heroes for their behind-the-scenes efforts. Nominate a regional member! Nominations are open through May 19. Find the details and submit nominations to  awards.ppai.org .
SPARK Conference for Millennials
Reach Out to Young Professionals


Be sure to encourage  your young industry professionals to attend this summer's young professional's conference SPARK in Denver, Colorado, July 27-28.

SPARK is the premier event for young professionals in the promotional products industry and is the latest development in a series of "pop-up" events PPAI began last year that offer education and networking opportunities for young people working in the industry.  To learn more about SPARK and to register, visit www.ppai.org/spark .
Getting the Millennial Message Out
Seth Barnett Goes Coast to Coast
March was a busy month for PPAI Diversity Development and Engagement Manager Seth Barnett as he continued to drive the industry toward a better understanding of millennial consumers

CASA 2017 Tradeshow Audience
Early in the month, Seth spoke about millennial branding and genera­tion connectivity to show attendees at TRASA's Expo in Pittsburgh, Penn­syl­vania. Then, Seth was off to Denver to speak to RMRPPA members and its Board of Directors about PPAI's new strategic focus and the challenges facing our industry based on demographics. Finally, Seth wrapped up the month by attending CASA's tradeshow in San Juan, Puerto Rico and speaking to a room full of local industry repre­sentatives about employer cooperation across generational lines as well as the unique consumer market on the island. The conversation was amplified by two additional Puerto Rican speakers, Manuel Cidre and Alexandra Lugaro.
To learn more about PPAI's Diversity Development Program and to track Seth's travels, follow along on social media using #ppaiNextGen.  Seth is a featured educational speaker under the Regional Engagement Program; to book Seth for a speaking event,  contact  him,or  fill out and return  this form . To learn more about PPAI's generational diversity program, visit  HERE .
Required Continuing Education
Product Safety Ambassadors
Need Two Hours Every Two Years
Regional associations have a great opportunity this year to fill an education need -- the first PPAI Product Safety Ambassadors must take an additional two hours of product safety education to keep their Product Safety Ambassador status.

Use the Regional Affiliate Engagement Speaker Program to secure PPAI staff to deliver this required training.
Volunteer Help Available
for Regionals
Use the PPAI Shared Volunteer Program

Shared Volunteer Program Do you need volunteers to call, or e-mail contacts to increase attendance at your upcoming tradeshow? Do you want to conduct a survey, but just don't have the time to do it? Do you need help writing copy for your newsletter, website, or member­ship materials? Do you need someone to check in attendees at an event?

The PPAI Shared Volunteer Program can help!   The program pro­vides hands-on assistance to regional associations.

To date, we have had four programs in 2017--PMANC, NWPMA (2) and PPAChicago for:
  • Recruitment for tradeshows
  • Recruitment for membership
  • Exhibitor recruitment for tradeshow
You need to know:
  • The Shared Volunteer Program does NOT count against your regional marketing hours.
  • We ask that you submit your request(s) at least two months prior to your project start date.
  • We do not guarantee volunteers will be available to assist. 
How to request help:
  • Complete and return the form identifying project needs at least two months prior to the project start date.
  • If you need calls made, or e-mails sent, provide an updated Excel list with contact info.

PPAI Speakers Available
for Regional Events
Schedule Now, Don't Miss Out
Schedule a Regional Affiliate Engagement Program speaker to present education at your tradeshow, monthly lunch 'n learn, or your annual meeting, or to set up a training session for your regional Board facilitated by PPAI staff:
Sessions will not be scheduled for December.
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