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We begin our newsletter with a heartfelt "thank you" for your continued support and interest in PRIDE Industries. This newsletter is just a tiny snapshot of all that is happening at PRIDE as we strive to keep you engaged and involved in our success. After all, you help to make it happen! 
As always, we measure our success by a dual bottom line - the financial health of our organization, and the strength of our mission to create jobs for people with disabilities while delivering superior service and support to our customers. 

We are delighted to highlight recent customer feedback and our shared accomplishments below. Thank you for your continued partnership with PRIDE Industries!
PRIDE Industries Employee
Jorge Casco, PRIDE Employee at Los Angeles Air Force Base and Fort MacArthur.

Business Highlights

PRIDE's programs for people with disabilities are funded primarily through revenue generated by our business services.  Growth at PRIDE Industries means more jobs and opportunities for people with disabilities, which is why we are driven to ensure our customer's complete satisfaction.

With that in mind, we are especially pleased that in the recently concluded customer satisfaction surveys of PRIDE's Manufacturing & Logistics and Commercial Custodial Services, 100% of our customers said that they would purchase and recommend PRIDE's services again...for the third year in a row!

We believe that this commitment to customer satisfaction, paired with a shared passion for our mission, has powered PRIDE's growth despite a very challenged economy.  To add to our successes, we are proud to highlight a few new developments at PRIDE:
  • PRIDE was selected by the Sacramento County Airport System to provide custodial services at Sacramento
    Sacramento International Airport Terminal B
    Rendering of Sacramento International Airport New Terminal B
    International Airport's new Terminal B, opening next fall.  This example of the positive benefits of public/private partnerships is estimated to save the County $14M over the contract, and will provide opportunities to people with disabilities in our community.
  • PRIDE was selected by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to provide facilities maintenance services at court houses and other court buildings in the North/Central California Region beginning this fall. PRIDE will bring its considerable facilities expertise in the public sector to this contract opportunity.
  • PRIDE's successful PRIDEClean™ eco-friendly commercial products will be coming soon to consumer markets via a large local player and a national office products distributor. Distributed in a unique 6-refill bottle, the environmentally-responsible DfE-registered products offer an economical, eco-friendly alternative that creates jobs for people with disabilities in the packaging and labeling of the products. Complete partner details coming soon! PRIDEClean Logo PNG

Speaking of eco-friendly, Tim Vanover, PRIDE's Director of Commercial Services joined other notable panelists at the recent Sacramento Business Journal Green & Clean event.  The panel demonstrated how sustainable business practices are not only good for the planet and make customers look great -  they also benefit the bottom line.  Click here to learn more about how our PRIDEClean™ Process can help your business achieve its environmental and business objectives.

What We Do For People
Justin Johnson, Maintenance Trades Helper, Ft. Bliss, TX
Justin Johnson, PRIDE Employee
Justin Johnson, PRIDE Employee Ft. Bliss, TX
Throughout school, Justin Johnson attended special education courses.  Outside of school, he found a very different reality in the working world.  As a person with a disability, he was frequently let go because he worked and learned differently than other workers; he was terminated because his speech was slurred and the company assumed he was intoxicated.  Justin never received the chance to explain that his slurred speech was due to his disability. At 28, he found it increasingly difficult to find work. When he joined PRIDE Industries, he had been unemployed for nearly two years.

Things look very different for Justin now. Referred by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Justin joined PRIDE in May 2010 as a maintenance trades helper on PRIDE's base operating support services contract at Ft. Bliss, TX. With more than 45 years of experience in helping people with disabilities succeed in employment, Justin soon found a working environment and team that understood his challenges and was willing to work with him to develop his skills and unique talents.

Working in the carpentry shop proved to be a perfect match.  Justin has a natural affinity for building, and aspires to have his own business rebuilding classic muscle cars one day. While his disability requires some repetition to learn a new task, he found his co-workers patient and pulling for his success.  He gained on-the-job training in light carpentry, molding and dry wall installation, door hanging, tiling and painting. Thanks to his own hard work and commitment, he earned the Employee of the Quarter Award, and now has carpenters competing to work with him.

What changed for Justin?  Support and opportunity. "PRIDE has given me the opportunity to work in something I really like," says Justin. "Working in the carpentry shop has given me a sense of belonging."
Laurel Peterson, PRIDE Employee and son, LancePRIDE In the Community
Laurel Petersen, PRIDE Contract Administrator Joins MIND Institute Board


Laurel Petersen, Contract Administrator for IFS at PRIDE in Roseville has joined the board of the UC Davis MIND Institute based in Davis, Ca. The MIND Institute is a collaborative international research center, committed to the awareness, understanding, prevention, care, and cure of neurodevelopmental disorders. The Institute's vision is to bring experts from neuroscience to education, from molecular biology to developmental pediatrics, from occupational therapy to psychiatry, to work together toward a common goal: curing neurodevelopmental disorders, starting with autism. For Laurel, the connection is very personal.

"My recent nomination to the UC Davis MIND Institute Board, on behalf of PRIDE Industries, is not only an honor, but is also near and dear to my heart," says Laurel. "After working for PRIDE for nearly 10 years, I decided to start a family and made the tough decision to stay home with the baby. Little did I know that my time at PRIDE had prepared me for the journey I was about to embark upon, as I soon found out my son was autistic."

"I am now back, working for PRIDE again and, after nearly 6 � years of learning to navigate my way through the unique world as seen through the eyes of my son, I am so compassionate about helping to solve the mystery of Autism and to make the world a better place for my son and other autistic children. Being a single mom has not always been easy, and I know there are many other parents of special needs children with similar concerns."

"I hope to offer the Board the unique perspective of a parent who has lived and breathed many of the issues at hand with these children. Becoming a board member for the UC Davis MIND Institute is a win-win-win situation for my son, PRIDE Industries, and the MIND Institute. I am proud to be representing PRIDE!"

We're proud to be represented by you, Laurel! Congratulations!
PRIDE Industries Foundation News
Successfully transitioning foster youth to independence.  
Transitional youth services provide an introduction to employment for transition-aged youth with disabilities. During the current fiscal year, Foundation funds have supported employment preparation services for 16 transition-age youth, including transportation to and from work and a cumulative total 4,733 hours of employment training. We hope to soon announce a grant that will allow us to significantly expand these successful services to transition-age youth in Placer County, CA. Lauren's story demonstrates the need - and the results that can be achieved with the type of support your contributions make possible. While her name has been changed, her story has not:

Young Woman in Coffee ShopLauren was referred to PRIDE's Foster Youth Employment Program when she was 17 years old. She faced many barriers to employment and independence, including drug and alcohol dependency, a history of legal trouble, ADHD, Major Depressive Disorder, and PTSD.   
Like many foster youth, when Lauren first came to PRIDE, she didn't have the documents needed to secure a job. PRIDE's Job Developer helped Lauren secure a California ID card, and began working to improve her employment soft skills. Lauren practiced her interview skills and received coaching on appropriate respectful workplace behavior.

In addition to working, Lauren also wanted to pursue a college education. To help her achieve this goal, Lauren's Job Developer assisted her in applying for college, working to ensure that financial aid papers were completed correctly and strategically choosing courses that work towards her career goals. To help Lauren gain work experience and learn appropriate workplace skills, PRIDE placed Lauren in a career development internship at a local coffee shop. While she was nervous about her first job, Lauren is driven to succeed. During her time at the coffee shop, Lauren's supervisors report that she grew to become one of the hardest working, most efficient workers at the coffee shop. Through her internship, she learned a variety of important job skills, including teamwork, customer service, how to multi-task, and
the importance of coming to work consistently and on time.
As a result of her internship, Lauren secured a position at a local coffee shop. She is now working with the Foster Youth team to learn how to manage going to college classes, studying to keep her grades up, and working part-time. Without support, young adults like Lauren leaving the foster care system face grim prospects for the future, with many ending up homeless or incarcerated. Thanks to your support, we look forward to seeing Lauren's ongoing success in work and at school. 
PRIDE Industries Foundation exists as a vehicle for individuals, companies and foundations to join the mission of PRIDE Industries. To learn more, click here or email us at:
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