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Issue: #82

January 2017

The PRQC Snowman with Tropical II
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KOI POND - 2 Fabric Applique
TROPICAL II - Hawaiian Block Quilt Patterns
MARK'S MUSINGS - Something to remember when you donate a quilt
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Koi Pond  

2 Fabric Applique Quilt


Koi Pond 2FAQ  

  Sale Price: $10.00

(Regular Price: $12.00)

 Purchase yours here 


 $2 US postage

Puyallup, Washington here we come!

We are very excited to let you know that we will be vending at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington this year.  The show is March 2 - 5. 

I hope you are prepared for a wonderful show with awesome vendors, seminars and quilts. Come and do a bit of shopping with us or just stop by and say Hi!
Need a little help getting going?   
Echo quilting You have your Hawaiian Quilt appliqued and now it is time to quilt. Hawaiian Quilts are traditionally quilted with echo quilting lines.  The concept of echo quilting is easy: Evenly spaced rows of quilting radiating out from the applique. This quilting can be done by hand or by machine.

Echo quilting is not reserved for Hawaiian quilts only. True, we naturally think of echo quilting on Hawaiian quilts, but you can echo quilt any style of quilt. Echo quilting works beautifully on 2 Fabric Applique Quilts as well. 

One of the more common questions is: what do you do when quilting lines begin to merge between a center medallion and an outer border? Or in the center of a quilt that has a large open center? Or, when the shapes of the applique cause the lines to bump into each other?

We have a downloadable PDF available to answer  your questions. 

It is on our How to and Ideas Page. If you have not checked it out you should.   
Wonderful little pins   
I am a fan of these wonderful little   Clover Applique Pins.

They are the perfect 3/4 inch pin with a polyester resin head which will not melt when ironed over. Whether you are needing to pin your applique in place to baste or you are doing a multi pieced applique and want to use them to hold your pieces in place while you stitch you will love them! They are short enough to not catch your thread but long enough to hold your fabric in place.  They also are just thick enough to not slide out easily.  I keep them on hand always!

Clover Applique Pins: They come in a handy plastic container. 3/4" (2cm) long, steel, Polyester Resin head, made in Japan.,  Price: $7.20. Purchase yours here. 

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2017 is here and came with an abundance of moisture and weather in our part of the world. We received more snow here in Medford than has fallen at one time since 1919... As I say that it sounds like I am complaining. I am not.

For about 24 hours we received all of this snow. It created one of the most beautiful mornings I have ever seen here. Butch and I took the opportunity to put on our boots and venture out. Butch loves the snow as do I. I took the time to build a Pacific Rim Quilt Company snowman and take some photos. I felt like a little kid again. I did think I should make a snow angel but with no one to help me up I decided it wasn't such a good idea. :-)
I hope all of you are able to have time to stitch and enjoy your time this winter.

Stay Safe and Enjoy the Beauty!

KOI POND: 2 Fabric Applique quilt pattern

Good Luck and Perseverance in the New Year
Are you excited about what the New Year has in store for you? 

In Japanese and other Asian cultures, the koi fish is a celebrated creature, with many noble qualities and ideals. The koi fish can symbolize good luck, abundance and perseverance.

While doing a bit of research on good luck I came across this:

Perseverance is the Mother of Good Luck by Prakash.

Perseverance is the mother of good luck. There is nothing which perseverance will not do in any pursuit.

Napoleon used to say "there is nothing like impossibility". The lives of all great men (and women) furnish numberless examples showing the power of perseverance in achieving success.

If we want success in any undertaking, we must work steadily to the end. We should not therefore be discouraged with disappointment, at the beginning of life. Things do not always pass on smoothly. The world is not a bed of roses. There is a sort of unevenness in everything that we see. Our hopes are liable to be frustrated at every moment of our lives. However, we must not be daunted and discouraged. We must work steadily and perseveringly and success will be at our hands. Koi Pond 2FAQ
So what a wonderful sentiment to start 2017.  

Koi Pond, 2 Fabric Applique Quilt pattern, 24" x 36", Normally this pattern sells for $12.00. For a limited time it is the Internet Special for just $10.00 Purchase yours here.

2 Fabric Applique Quilts DVD coverWant to learn needleturn applique, or improve your needleturn skills? Our DVD 2 Fabric Applique Quilts with Nancy Lee Chong will take you step-by-step through the process of making a 2FAQ quilt using the needleturn applique method. You will refer to this DVD over and over again as you practice your needleturn applique. 2 hours of instruction for just $25.00.
TROPICAL II: Hawaiian Block Quilt Pattern

Many uses for our Blocks
Tropical II  
I wrapped my Snowman in our Tropical II quilt sample, with Angel's Trumpet, Ulu (or Breadfruit), Plumeria, Monstera, Torch Ginger and Orchid. The individual blocks in this quilt are 21" squares.

The appliques for these blocks can be cut from just a fat quarter of fabric (18" square).  Collect a variety of fat quarters that look good together and do each block in a different color, or fabric. This is a great way to make a larger quilt yet have smaller applique pieces to work on.  I love having some small projects to work on when I have to go to the doctor, a meeting or on a trip in the car.  These are the perfect portable project. 

Tropical II,  Hawaiian Block Quilt Patterns, 6 - 21" blocks, $12.00, Purchase yours here.   

Something to remember when you donate a quilt to charity.
Many of the quilts created are donated to charity. Do you know that donation of quilts to charity would qualify for a tax deduction.

In my "other job," I am an accountant. I was a practicing CPA for ten years.

Quilts are often donated for charitable auctions or given to hospitals and shelters. I realize that you give your precious quilts out of the goodness of your heart, but why not claim a tax deduction?

The difficult part of the donation process is determining how much to claim on your taxes for the donation. You are entitled to claim the Fair Market Value of the quilt. According to IRS Publication 561, "Fair market value (FMV) is the price that property would sell for on the open market. It is the price that would be agreed on between a willing buyer and a willing seller, with neither being required to act, and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts."

In lay terms, the Fair Market Value is what the quilt is "worth."

To support your donation, you will probably need some documentation. When you make your donation, ask the charity to give you a donation letter stating the value. If they plan to auction the quilt, there is often a value or opening bid stated on the auction listing. However, the value could be higher if the final bid exceeds the initial stated valuation. If that is the case, ask the charity to update the donation letter for the increased value.

There are special rules for donations of quilts with a value in excess of $5,000. In that case, you will need a qualified appraisal.

In addition to quilts, donations of books, fabric and other supplies could also qualify for a tax deduction.
Connie & Nancy's Whereabouts:

I am scheduling shows for 2017! Make your plans now to shop with Connie and learn from Nancy in 2017. We are adding more and more to our schedules for 2017 and 2018. Here are places where you can find one or both of us: watch a presentation, take a class at a shop or guild, or find us at a quilt show. Most guilds welcome visitors, so don't be shy.
Make your plans now for one or more of these events: 
2017 Shows, Classes, and Event     
  • Jan 14, Gossipium Quilt Shop, Issaqua, WA, 2 Fabric Applique Quilts.
  • Jan 15, Gee Gee's Quilting, Yelm, WA, Sunday Applique Party.
  • Feb 1-2, Camano Island Quilters, Camano Island, WA. Feb 1, 1:00 and 6:00 Presentations: Hawaiian Quilting, Its History, Traditions and Superstitions. Feb 2, Hawaiian Applique Workshop. 
  • Feb 12, Gee Gee's Quilting, Yelm, WA Sunday Applique Party.
  • Feb 14, In Stitches, Anacortes, WA, Tuesday Hand Applique, 10am to 1pm.
  • Feb 14, Tangled Threads, Lynden, WA, Tuesday Afternoon Applique, 2:30 to 5:30. 
  • Feb 27-Mar 1, Williamsburg, VA. Academy of Applique, 3-day Design Your Personal Hawaiian Quilt. Two sessions. You can sign up for one or the other. 
  • March 2-5, Sewing and Stitchery Expo, Puyallup, WA
  •  March 10-25, 15 Day Hawaiian Cruise. Nancy will be teaching a Hawaiian Wall Quilt Workshop as well as 2 Fabric Applique. 7 days of classes.
  • March 27-28, Hayden, ID. North Idaho Quilter's. Hawaiian Applique.
  • April 9, Gee Gee's Quilting, Yelm, WA, Sunday Applique Party.
  • April 11, In Stitches, Anacortes, WA, Tuesday Hand Applique, 10am to 1pm.
  • April 11, Tangled Treads, Lynden, WA, Tuesday Afternoon Applique, 2:30 to 5:30.
  • April 17, 20, Silverton Senior Center, Silverton, OR, April 17, 6:30pm to 7:30pm, Hawaiian Quilting, its History, Traditions & Superstitions, April 18-20, 3-day Design Your Personal Hawaiian Quilt.
  • April 20-22, Mid Valley Quilt Show, Rickreall, OR., Threads, Fabrics and Quilts, Oh My.
  • July 9-10, San Fernando Valley Quilters, Northridge, CA. Hawaiian Applique Workshop, Hawaiian Lecture.

Register NOW for classes. They can fill quickly, or be canceled if not enough people register in advance.
Schedule Nancy now for your show or event in 2017, 2018 and beyond. If you would like her to come to your area to teach, let your quilt shop, quilt guild, or show organizer know. Print Nancy's Brochure and pass it along.  

Piggy-backing is good!
Nancy is always eager to teach or speak at more than one location when she travels. If she is able to book multiple events, then each group shares in her travel expenses. So it is really an economical and efficient way to book. If you see that Nancy will be anywhere near* you, then contact her to see if additional engagements can be arranged during the same trip. That way EVERYONE WINS!

*Remember, Nancy is traveling from Washington State. So "near" means that if she will be in Virginia even Florida or Maine is near. Think regionally.

Nancy will be visiting the San Fernando Valley Quilters in California July 8-10, 2017.  Let Nancy know if your guild would like to piggy-back with that trip.  

Thank you for spending a little of your precious time with us, we really appreciate it. Remember to send us your stories, pictures, questions, or suggestions. We love hearing from you.

A hui hou, 
Until next time,



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