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PCE Residents,

It's that time of year in Texas where the weather can swing from warm to freezing cold in just a few hours. Keep those sandals and short-sleeved shirts handy, for those days where it gets up to 70.  And on the flip side, don't forget to purchase faucet covers or at least have a few towels that you don't mind being out in the elements for when the temperatures drop below freezing. As it is often said, wait a minute the weather will change in Texas. Summertime is the exception; then it's just hot!

Community Highlights and Stories

Do you like to write?  Have some community stories that you would like to share with your neighbors here at PCE? Do you have a fun fact about North Texas or other areas that you would like to share?  Is your kid a genius at writing poems?  Got some How Tos or Home Remedies you'd like to share? Well start writing.

The communications committee would love to feature articles written by our residents. Remember to Keep it Clean and keep it Kind. You can submit your articles to the PCE Communications Committee.

PCE Communications Committee Email
Sheena LaPlante: PCE Asst. Treasurer
Sheena and her family moved to Frisco and brought their home in Panther Creek Estates in 2012, prior to their twin girls being born. She is a stay-at-home mom and has a love for reading and crafting. "I have a desire to see a stronger sense of community and would love to make a positive impact on our neighborhood. PCE is an amazing neighborhood and as a family we wanted to raise our children here. I can't wait to see what the future brings for our area. With the surge of businesses entering the area, I would like to see PCE as the place to be for the new Texans that move here. As I am slowly learning the ropes of our board, I am looking forward to all that we are doing to better PCE."
Pet Owners and Considerate Neighbors

We've recently received several complaints and concerns regarding dogs in the neighborhood being allowed off of their leashes in various areas. The most common are the greenbelt areas and the fenced in playground at SEM Elementary.
We would like to remind dog owners that your dogs are not allowed off of their leash in public areas. Additionally, they are not allowed on school grounds leashed or not. We've had instances where dogs off of their leash have attacked other dogs through their fenced in yard as well as piles of dog feces being left all over the SEM playground. Unfortunately, no matter how well behaved your dog is or how well you pick up after them, there are ordinances in place. We would appreciate it if you could be a considerate neighbor and follow the ordinances that are in place for everyone's health and safety.

Did you know we have a lovely dog park in Frisco? We realize that it may not be as convenient as having one in our own neighborhood but check it out. Not every city has this great option.
Click Here for Dog Park Info

Dog Park Address: 3335 4th Army Memorial Rd , Frisco, TX 75034 
The dog park is south of the ball fields and has its own separate entrance off of 4th Army Memorial.  

Save the date: April 3, 2016 // Adult Bingo Night

The PCE Social Committee has been working on plans and it will be a ton of fun. Come win some fun prizes and socialize with your neighbors.  So mark the date on the calendar and line up your babysitters because it is an
adult only night! 

More info to come!  Updates will also be posted on the PCE website. 

Location: The Depot in the Frisco Heritage Center behind Babes restaurant.  
The opinions expressed in the PCE Newsletter are not those directly expressed by the PCE Board or as a community as a whole.

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