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March 2018
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 P4K Parents:
T he P4K team who traveled to Rwanda to visit our partner school in Nzige and conduct teacher training would like to again thank you for your support and very generous donations of school supplies and Amazon gift cards. It was fun to watch the Nzige teachers learn about and explore all of the books and supplies on our training days and then to see them actually use them in their classrooms  with the children on other days. You will notice that a great deal of this newsletter is dedicated to our trip! We all had much more to say and literally 1000's more pictures we could have included but our hope is that you can get at least a taste of what we did, saw and learned in the articles below. It was a privilege  to represent P4K in Nzige!

A large sign in one of the Nzige School classrooms

Lydia Monroe, P4K Executive Director
Pearce 4 Kids Child Care Center
Jump Start - Extended Nursery School
We have been taking registrations for Jump Start and still have some space if you are interested in your child attending this program. Starting May 21, after our regular Nursery School & Pre-K classes end, Sue Smout will offer a 4 week extended preschool class which will include kindergarten readiness skills, games, art projects, camp activities, and lots of recreation time.  

For more information contact Sue at:  ssmout3@aol.com
School Age Registrations 
Beginning Thursday, March 1st, brochures and registration forms for school age Summer Camp and Fall Before/After School Care will be in the mailboxes of the children who are eligible for those programs as well as online at  Pearce4Kids.org .

Register Early and Save!  Turn in your Summer Camp registration form and your 2018/19 Before/After School registration form together and pay only one registration fee of $40 for both! 

Summer Camp:
Summer Camp  starts on Monday, July 2 and ends on Friday, August 24 for children who are entering Kindergarten in the fall through children who turned 13 during the 2017-18 school year. We provide full-time (5 days per week) care and part-time (1 to 4 days per week) care. We do limit the number of children per day so register early to ensure your child's spot in the program!
Before/After School:
Those families who are re-registering for the Before and/or After School Program 2018-19, may complete an abbreviated registration form. On March 1st will receive a form in your child's mailbox with all of your current information listed. Simply update anything that has changed, or is new, and return it to the P4K office with your registration fee and your child will be registered for the fall. 
P4K in Nzige, Rwanda!           
The P4K team had a wonderful time in Rwanda in February. We were able to train the teachers at the Nzige Preschool and Primary School, visit P4K's sponsored child and her family in their home and soak in the culture and people of the Nzige community. Below is a "brief" report from each team member:

Sue Smout:
My trip to Rwanda was filled with "favorites". I loved getting to see Claude, Priscilla, and Sophie - three of the teachers I met 18 months ago and see how they have grown professionally. Their love for the children and their thirst for learning is evident. I loved seeing the school children I had met before and witness their academic progress and their excitement for school. I also loved seeing the new primary school building and latrines that the Pearce VBS children helped to fund the past 2 summers. Those experiences were all near the top. But my all time favorite part was going to visit my ICCM sponsor child's home.

I had the joy of visiting Christian and his parents on my last trip so I couldn't wait to reconnect with them. They live very close to the Nzige school and we walked to the house after training one afternoon. We brought gifts of a mattress, rice, beans, and laundry soap that the family requested, and of course I had a soccer ball and Hot Wheel cars in my backpack for Christian. I videotaped Christian in his preschool class and showed his mom and dad photos and videos of the activities Christian was doing.

Christian's mother prayed for our team, and served fruits from their garden. Christian prayed and sang for us, and then I had the honor of praying for their family also. To see firsthand how the ICCM sponsorship benefits Christian's education and his everyday life is very powerful. I know not everyone will have this opportunity, but I  hope that others will see this and want to  sponsor a child also.

Leandra Cooke:
God reminded me before the trip that it's not about me. God also reminded me that He was using me to show others His Love and I was to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I also realized that my arms and heart aren't big enough to love and hug all those I encountered. if I could have I would have brought them all home with me! God asked me to be a smile for those that needed it, He asked me to wrap my arms around those that needed to feel his love, and the smile on their faces every time I saw them was God's reminder that I'm doing what He has asked me to do. I saw God in more ways than one during this trip. If you expected to hug one child you better be prepared to wrap your arms as many kids as your arms can hold, and at times I felt like I couldn't hold anymore, but God reminded me that his arms stretch far and wide and doesn't matter what I can or can't do but to rely on Him.   Also their faces lit up when I started Jump roping with them and oh man the giggles still play back in my ears. 

Becky Watson:
If there was one thing I could have changed about this trip, I would have made it longer. The whole experience was wonderful. God's hand was evident in all the details. Normally going into situations where I have to meet new people causes my anxiety to overwhelm me, but I didn't experience any of that. In fact I could feel God's peace surrounding me at all times. 

Life in Nzige is simple, but don't mistake that to mean easy. They are all hard workers and take pride in their simple lives. I was extremely humbled when we would be invited in to a home. There is so little in terms of possessions, but their smiles and generosity was abundant.  Even through the language barrier the children are so like our children here. They wanted to hold my hand, tell me when someone wronged them, and they sought my approval for completing their assignments. I would often be surrounded by a group of children and feel a poke to my arms. It took me a couple of days to realize they were fascinated by my freckles. Something I am so immune to, but fascinating to them. 

The P4K team and the Nzige teachers at the end of our week together

The teachers of the Nzige School are a wonderful group of friends. I consider them to be my brothers and sisters, not only because of our mutual love of God but because of our bond of friendship. It was affirming to find they have the same struggles with their students that we do. We'd present an idea or topic and they would add to it and in turn teach us. 
My greatest hope is that I'll be able to return to Nzige to build upon those friendships and learn more from them.

Lydia Monroe:
It's hard to decide the one thing to share about out Nzige trip! Visiting P4K's sponsored child, as well as my own family's sponsored child (pic to the left), in their homes for the 2nd time was a joy that is hard to put into words. Each family's gratitude and love is
palpable! Watching the Nzige teachers soak up all of the training and hear them laugh, ask great questions, engage in conversations....it helped us all realize that we are not really so different from each other. Watching the children 
during the school day and participating in some of their activities was just plain fun!! 

However, if I have to highlight one thing that consistently stands out to me about our trip it is my deep affection, respect and appreciation for the three P4K teachers who left the comforts of home and traveled to a faraway place with me in order to not only help train other teachers but in the process be changed themselves! I kept watching Leandra and Becky, trying to remember my first time in Nzige and how every sound, smell and view was so new and different and exciting (Sue had been to Nzige once before so she already had a trip under her belt!). I watched the three P4K teachers as they interacted with the Nzige teachers and as they trained them. I was so proud of them as they spoke clearly and slowly so that our interpreter could relay their teaching to the Nzige teachers who spoke only Kinyarwanda. They were patient as they often had to rethink what they said and put it into other words that the interpreter could understand. AND THEY LOVED ON THOSE CHILDREN!! We were all blessed to have the opportunity to see how God is working in our partner school in Nzige and were honored and grateful to have the privilege to be part of it for a week.

The P4K team at the Nzige School's banana farm - one of the ways the school is striving to provide healthy food for the children  and become self-sustaining in the future.

Sue sharing math teaching stratgies

B ecky reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and explaining ways to use the book for many teaching concepts including colors, life cycle and numbers

Leandra helping her teacher, Sophie, in the 3 year old classroom

Rosine in school
Meeting Rosine!               
P4K has sponsored Rosine through International Child Care Ministries (a Free Methodist Ministry) since 2015. Our sponsorship not only helps to provide her education but her family has also received goats, chickens and a mattress as a result of her being a sponsored ICCM child. Each P4K classroom room has Rosine's picture displayed and we try to help our children get to know her by showing them pictures, occasionally raising funds for her sponsorship, praying for her and writing her letters. The P4K team was able to meet Rosine in February, visit her home and watch her at school. What a joy to meet and watch this little girl who we have talked about and prayed for over the last 3 years! Several other pictures of our visit with her are on the  P4K Facebook Page.

Lydia, Becky & Leandra with Rosine

Rosine Mukandayisenga

If you are interested in the work of ICCM you can go to their web page by visiting the following link:  International Child Care Ministries

Pearce Church has more children available to sponsor at the Nzige School. The cost is $30 per month. You will be able to write to your child, you will get letters from them and you will get updated pictures periodically. The P4K team has seen first hand the impact that sponsorship can make in the lives of the children and their families in Nzige. If your family is interested in sponsoring a child, contact Lydia Monroe for more information. 
Clean Out Your Basements and Garages!               
The weekend of April 27 & 28 is the Annual Pearce Mission Garage Sale. All proceeds of this sale go to local and global mission projects identified by Pearce's mission committee, and will be identified in the April newsletter.  So start your spring cleaning early and take advantage of the opportunity to bring unwanted/unused items you would like to get out your house to Pearce.  Donations will be accepted starting Monday, April 23
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