June 2011 - HR Micro Resourcing
Issue: 202June/2011

Now that you're starting to hire again, you may have fewer HR resources than ever. In this issue, we discuss HR Micro-Resourcing -choosing small parts of your HR process where you can get outside help, without losing your pulse on your company's culture and environment. The trend to Outsource Multi-Service Functions like HR seems to have fallen off a cliff with the recession, while boutique/niche service providers are growing.


Mapping your Pre-Employment Process
Where Can I get help while while keeping control? You find out start mapping the part of your process most likely to be stressed in the near future, like your  pre-employment process. You can do this on your own or get help. It helps to get an outside eye. Most companies charge a half day workshop for this. For a limited time we're doing a complementary consultation, with a customized written report. Email us for more information.


Confirmation of  Candidate  Work History
Confirming the information in an application is one  key step in minimizing the risk of exposing trade secrets, poor performance, and protecting your employees from criminal behavior where your you may be able to partner. We can help you with this


Confirming that an applicant is not a crime risk to your employees, and  verifying good financial judgement for financial candidates requires specialized research knowledge, skills, and contacts in 3300 US counties.. We can help with a full range of options.


I-9 Automation
If your company has multiple offices with scarce HR resources, getting I-9 work authorization forms done within federally mandated accuracy and timeframes can be a challenge. There is no range for error to avoid a technical violation.  If after mapping your pre-employment process you need help, We have a unique micro-process automation tool .


UK Bribery Act Employers May be Prosecuted for failure to vet their new Employees.

One Security  company says that up to one in four CVs (resumes) contains significant inaccuracies, lies or discrepancies, and that firms could be accused of failing to undertake sufficient due diligence should they fail to develop procedures to perform appropriate checks on their staff. 


Again, we are offering a complementary consultation about mapping your HR processes, including a customized report. Contact me for more information.

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