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    Newsletter - January 2013

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Certificate Program Alum Named a 2013 Kauffman Foundation Global Scholar


Purdue graduate student and Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation alumnus Landon Young has been selected to be a
landon young
[Landon Young]
2013 Kauffman Foundation Global Scholar. Young, who received bachelor's and master's degrees in ecological sciences and engineering, will be one of 10 students from around the world who will study, exchange ideas, and work with entrepreneurship experts over a period of six months.


 "As a Kauffman Global Scholar, I will be transformed into a more effective entrepreneur, strategic decision-maker, and global business person," said Young, who has already been involved in starting ventures from the ground up. He is the CEO of World Help Solutions Inc., which seeks to provide effective solutions to elevate the quality of life in third world countries, and he is working with a wind turbine startup, Dualpower Turbines LLC. Read more about Landon and his global impact here.


Students Visit Entrepreneurship Networking Spaces in Indianapolis

[Students at The Speak Easy]

In October, more than 100 students enrolled in entrepreneurship capstone classes traveled to Indianapolis to experience The Speak Easy and DeveloperTown, where they were treated to a number of speakers and a tour of these innovative and creatively designed work spaces. The Speak Easy was founded in 2012 and has been described as a clubhouse for entrepreneurs, designers, and "geeks" built on the belief that bringing people together in a fun, productive work environment provides the surest way to accelerate the development and launch of high-growth startups in central Indiana.

[Developer Town Work Spaces]

Adjacent to The Speak Easy is DeveloperTown, a warehouse where every employee/entrepreneur has his or her own small house-like workspace. It is focused on helping companies get their products to market faster and on a stronger technological foundation. This is achieved through collaboration, mentoring, coaching, and technical support and by leveraging the experiences of participating startup companies and seasoned entrepreneurs.  



Harold DeGroff Scholarships Awarded to Two Entrepreneurship Students 


Doug Booth, a senior in the School of Management, and Aaron Johnson, a senior in the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering, are the inaugural recipients of the Harold DeGroff Endowed Scholarship. These entrepreneurship students were selected based on their outstanding merit in their respective colleges as well as their participation in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. Both received financial aid awards of $1,200.

Harold DeGroff was a longtime faculty member and dean in the School of Aeronautical Engineering at Purdue and also taught in the School of Management. The endowed scholarship  was established by his children, including Joe DeGroff, a partner in Ice Miller's Business Practice Group in Indianapolis and a member of the advisory boards for Purdue's Discovery Park and the Burton Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship. We look forward to honoring two students annually who are enrolled in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program and in the disciplines of Management and Aeronautics and Astronautics. 


Purdue Showcases the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Director

[Nathalie Duval-Couetil]

Purdue recently profiled Nathalie Duval-Couetil, Director of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. Nathalie was responsible for launching the program in the fall of 2005 and has overseen all aspects of its development since then. Read more about Nathalie's background, her path to Purdue, and her new role with the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.


 Invest in the Future


 Support student entrepreneurs at Purdue by making a donation to the Certificate Program today!


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Global Entrepreneurship Week 


During Global Entrepreneurship Week in November, the Certificate Program hosted a panel of student entrepreneurs and alums who discussed their paths toward venture creation. Read more about Andrew Linfoot & Chris MacPherson of Kyk Energy, Jeff Rieger of FreshTemp, and Andrew Blejde of Cause.it here.

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Showcasing Student Successes


The Certificate Program is featuring student and alum stories on large TV displays throughout the Burton Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship. If you have an interesting professional or other story to share that relates to your experiences in the program, please contact Jeanette Greener.   

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Network Your Way to Success


One of our missions is to provide an array of entrepreneurial opportunities to our students and alums. Join our Facebook and LinkedIn groups to keep up to date on these offerings and to network with like-minded students. 



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Congratulations Orr Fellows!


The Certificate Program is proud to announce that four of the six Orr Fellows selected from Purdue are Certificate Program alums. The Orr Fellowship places recent  college graduates in top entrepreneurial companies in Indiana. Congratulations to Doug Booth, Peter Chen, Jackson Troxel, and Curtis Wassum.


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Brian Lamb Makes Surprise Class Visit


Founder and CEO of C-SPAN Brian Lamb made a surprise appearance at an ENTR 20000 class thanks to Chad Barker, who hosted him during a recent visit to Purdue.

Chad Baker and Brian Lamb

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 ENTR Student Club


 Current students! Don't forget about the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Student Club. Check out the website and calendar to look at various opportunities that might be of interest. 


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Director: Nathalie Duval-Couetil - Academic Advisor: Rita Baker

Program Manager: Jeanette Greener - Administrative Assistant: Jessie Thayer

Instructors: Stroh Brann, Beth Carroll, Mike Cassidy,
Brady Kalb, Chris McEvoy & Kris Taylor


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