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Linear Gantry EXCT

Cartesian handling system for high speed picker

The high-speed EXCT series T-gantry can easily achieve cycle times of 670 milliseconds. It offers a higher dynamic response than conventional linear gantries and is scalable for a wide variety of strokes.

The gantry has a speed of 5 m/s and achieves acceleration rates of 50 m/s² over its entire working area thanks to a clever design that connects both toothed belt axes to the cross member with a single rotating toothed belt around the drive shaft. Driven by two servo provides the positive side effect that there is no need to include a motor in the motion on the Y/Z plane with its two degrees of freedom.

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Torque Motor Rotary Tables
High precision, backlash free movement

HIWIN Corporation torque motor and rotary tables ensure excellent acceleration capabilities and high precision uniform movements. Hiwin torque motor and rotary tables are backlash free, extremely rigid, optimized for high torques, have robust dynamics and are especially well suited for tasks in a wide range of automation processes. 

Various sizes in diameter and height are available with the option to add a servo drive for a complete plug and play solution .

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Capacitive Level Sensor

A level sensor for all media

The Advanced SMARTLEVEL sensor combines standard capacitive sensing technology and the patented SMARTLEVEL technology enabling the ability to sense solids and highly conductive acids and bases with the utmost reliability. The Advanced SMARTLEVEL is housed in 316 stainless steel for the most aggressive environments.
The PEEK sensing nose will provide protection against sticky and adhesive materials. This combination of housing materials gives the sensor an IP69 rating and is suitable for use in autoclaves for one hour. When used with the proper mounting accessories the sensor can be used in hygienic applications. Integration into control systems is fast and flexible with either discrete outputs or with IO-Link communication

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Right-angle Worm Gearboxes

Unmatched precision and versatility for machine builders

EJ Series servo grade gearheads are ideal for challenging motion control applications requiring an efficient, quiet and smooth running drive.

Three variants are offered to match a wide range of customer applications: EJP, EJH & EJM. Each series incorporates a globoidal worm gear mesh design resulting in optimal torque density, low backlash, high overload protection and high torsional rigidity in a compact space envelope. Mounting options including hollow shaft, flange mount and shrink disc provide the ultimate level of flexibility with various machine interfaces.

The EJ series is well suited for applications within the metal forming and general automation industries, but is also offered in a variety of wash down options to meet the demands of the food & beverage market.


Festo BionicOpter

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