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Vision Sensor SBSI

For fast, low-cost implementation of simple camera applications

The vision sensor SBSI allows you to implement simple camera applications quickly and inexpensively - even without expert knowledge. Whether you want to read codes or carry out simple quality inspections. 

The SBSI can be commissioned in just 3 steps. Optics, lighting, evaluation and communication are fully integrated.

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Panel Your Project for Less
80/20 improves panel pricing structure

80/20 has invested in new high-efficiency technology which have enabled them to improve their panel pricing structure.  Basically, instead of rounding all the way up to nearest square foot or nearest square meter, we will be rounding to the nearest third decimal place, meaning the customer will pay exactly for what they use with zero scrap.

80/20 stocks a selection of over 100 varieties of wire mesh, plastic panels and aluminum plates with thicknesses ranging up to half an inch. This means you won't have to wait on material or machining; we do it all in one location .

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True Color Sensor with I/O Link

Distinguishes between the smallest color nuances

Balluff BFS 33M true-color sensor can discriminate all shades and colors with high accuracy, regardless of the object type. Even the slightest shades, smallest grey level differences or minimal changes to the surface properties are detected without effort.
As a true-color sensor, the BFS 33M precisely detects every color in the technical color space, making it suitable for use in a variety of demanding applications including robotics, automated assembly and in the packaging industry. The sensor is always used in conjunction with a fiber-optic cable, so that applications under especially harsh conditions and tight mounting spaces can be handled

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New Subminiature EV Line Valves

7mm 2-way normally-closed electronic valves

These new direct actuating valves offer an extremely fast response time for accurate dosing of minute volumes with the same long life you expect from Clippard's EV line of electronic valves, now in a 7mm cartridge package.

Due to very low moving weights, they are extremely quiet and emit very low vibration. Subminiature size and low energy consumption make them ideal for transportable and mobile systems, among others.
  • Expected life of over 1 billion cycles* 
  • Extremely small dead volume
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Extremely quiet and emits very low vibration
  • Fast response time
  • Low energy consumption

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Balluff BFS 33M Color Detection and Recognition Sensors

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