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Ball Valve Assemblies

Variants suitable for sanitary and hazardous environments
This complete process automation solution Includes:
Sensor box SRBC, a reliable and cost-effective solution when it comes to electronic position sensing and optical position indication. DFPB quarter turn rack & pinion actuator. VSNC NAMUR pilot valve and VZBE 2-way ball valve.
Complete Actuated Ball Valve Features
  • Certifications & interfaces meeting North American and global standards
  • Preconfigured and tested standard assemblies
  • Engineering resources to design custom assemblies for challenging applications
  • Global company adhering to ISO9001 and ISO14001
  • Components stocked and assembled in USA for quick delivery 

Modular System for Vacuum End Effectors

Hose-free vacuum distribution
The Schmalz modular system for vacuum end effectors, VEE allows fast, flexible configuration of end effectors for different processes. A wide selection of combinations of vacuum feed and zones, connection elements and suction pad connections is available to create the matching end effector.
  • Flexible modular design with perfectly coordinated parts 
  • Variable number of suction pads and variable suction pad distances
  • Hose-free vacuum distribution
  • Designed for high-speed applications with accelerations up to 10 g (100 m/s²) 
  • FDA compliant material (high performance thermoplastic) 
  •  Excellent resistance to alkaline agents

Six Axis Technology
TV Series vertical articulated robots

Toshiba Machine's range of 6 axis robots offers our customers the additional flexibility required in certain applications. The technology is based upon the clean, quick and high performance level of the SCARA but with the full movement of 6 axes. The TV Series six axis robot uses an absolute position detection system, with a robust AC motor at its heart.
  • 6-Axis Vertically articulated arms 
  • Available in 800, and 1000mm arm lengths
  • Up to 10kg payload
  • Ideal for machine loading/unloading and assembly applications
  • Supports cleanroom design and waterproof design (-IP)
Hiwin Rail and Blocks 
Cut to length for quick delivery

Hiwin linear guideways provide a type of linear motion that utilizes re-circulating rolling elements between a profiled rail and a bearing block.
Rankin Automation stocks standard rail and blocks, and each series features different options for sizes, loading capabilities and accuracies.  Our in-house cutting capabilities means that we can cut rail to your specific length and ship on the same day.

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Hose-free Vacuum
End Effector


TV800 6-axis
Industrial Robot

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