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Robust Valves VS


Suitable for a broad range of applications

The VS series valves are distinguished by their outstanding price/performance ratio, exceptional diversity, modern design, as well as robust and durable quality. 
  • Easy to assemble and service thanks to the external pilot air supply via manifold rail
  • Easy to assemble: available as ready-to-install individual valves with silencers, fittings and coils, or as pre-assembled units on a manifold rail VTUS
  • Orientation of cable outlet can be adjusted easily using the rotatable coil, thus allowing the unit to fit in tight installation spaces
  • Ideal for use in vacuum and the low-pressure range
Ask us about our Special Introductory Pricing on the VS Series Valves.
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FT 55-BH Blue LED Sensor

Precise, adjustable background suppression
For reliable detection of highly transparent or strongly light-absorbing objects, the FT 55 photoelectric switch with blue LED emitter offers better performance than standard red LED sensors.  The precisely adjustable background suppression allows for operation even with highly reflective and glossy backgrounds.
  • Long scanning distance of 1.20m
  • Reliable detection even with angles up to 90°
  • IP69K and IP657 protection 
Don't Let Your Guard Down
OSHA increasing violation penalties up to 80%

Every month is safety month and we know you prioritize minimizing accidents and injuries. Did you know that machine guarding is a regular offender on OSHA's top ten most cited violations? And effective August 1, 2016 the maximum penalty for a willful violation increases as much as 80% up to $127,000 for each incident. It pays to be proactive!
Do your safeguards....
  • Meet the minimum OSHA requirements?
  • Prevent workers from making contact with dangerous moving parts?
  • Remain firmly secured and not easily removed?
  • Ensure that no object will fall into moving parts?
  • Permit safe, comfortable, and relatively easy operation of the machine?
Contact us for an evaluation of your  current machine guarding initiatives  and to receive recommendations.

Schmalz Basic Ejector SBPL
Power when you need it

The new basic ejector SBPL extends Schmalz's range of vacuum generators with very high suction rates with the launch of the new basic ejector SBPL (Schmalz Basic Pump Large).

This vacuum generator has been designed for maximum efficiency and is the strongest product of our ejector range. This way the SBPL can provide its performance more effectively and more powerful. When operating between -200 and -600 mbar the SBPL´s suction rate is almost twice that of its predecessor. This cuts evacuation times and thus minimizes cycle times.


Robust & flexible
VS- Valve Series

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FT 55-BH blue light with background suppression

Line Card


Schmalz introduces new SBPL basic ejector for short cycle times