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"By telling the stories of the families we see, we can help change the world. By helping parents help their children to love language and books and reading, to understand stories and storytelling, we can help children find their voices, write their own stories. What the doctor sees is what the writer knows--we live in a world full of stories and medicine makes writers of all of us."

--Dr. Perri Klass, receiving the Gold Foundation Award for Humanism

This has been a whirlwind week, highlighted by my attendance at the national American Academy of Pediatrics meeting. It is always amazing to be in the company of over 10,000 pediatricians, all committed to making this a better world for kids.

Of course this is all happening with the backdrop of the most divisive election landscape most of us have ever seen. It is critical that we elect leaders at all levels of government who will make the right choices for our children's future. Check out this video of some of my pediatric colleagues making the case for why we must all " Vote Kids."

In less than 10 days we will have elected a new president, new members of Congress, and new officials in states, counties, and cities across the country. No matter who is in office, we must work together to advance the policies, the investments, and the actions that are needed to assure a positive future for all of our children. Read on for some inspiration. And VoteKids!

 Jill Sells, MD & the Reach Out and Read Washington Team

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Blueprint for Children
"The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) produced the Blueprint for Children: How the Next President Can Build a Foundation for a Healthy Future to put forward a vision for what the 45th presidential administration can do to improve the lives of children. Because the health of our society depends upon the strength and well-being of children, this document outlines a comprehensive vision for how the federal government should be aligned to give children a solid foundation."

Calling for a "comprehensive review and realignment of federal government activities for children and families," the document outlines actions needed by the federal government to promote healthy children, support secure families, build strong communities, and ensure that the United States is a leading nation for children. A comprehensive vision is provided for each of these four areas.

This is followed by specific recommendations across 23 federal agencies and departments. Reach Out and Read is highlighted in both health and education in the following recommendations: 
  • Support Medicaid payment for primary care interventions that can have a significant impact on child health and development, such as Reach Out and Read (p. 27)
  • Fund the Department of Education's Innovative Approaches to Literacy Program, within which the Reach Out and Read model is described within ESSA (p. 41)
Dr. Sells with Dr. Klass following her award

Dr. Perri Klass Honored for Humanism

Congratulations to Reach Out and Read National Medical Director Perri Klass for being honored with the Gold Foundation Award for Humanism from the American Academy of Pediatrics! A Professor of Pediatrics and Journalism at NYU, and a regular contributor to The New York Times, Dr. Klass is an inspiration to families and to pediatricians across the nation.

Watch AAP President Dr. Benard Dreyer introduce the award, highlighting Dr. Klass' leadership with Reach Out and Read, and her comments in response.

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Reach Out and Read gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together.  Our evidence- based proven program leverages the influence of children's doctors and makes literacy promotion  a standard part of well-child checkups from birth through 5 years. Reach Out and Read  supports parents as their child's first teacher and helps children be ready for  kindergarten. 
Through 196 programs in 31 counties, 1,650 medical providers serve an estimated  100,000 children and their families across Washington. Reach Out and Read
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