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Ripley Grier Studios October 2015
Fall leaves

Happy Fall, y'all! A nip is in the air, mutant squash are on the stoop, and sorority girls from Columbia to Pace are trying to decide between "sexy zombie" and "sexy industrial accident victim".

I'm going to christen this installment of the Newsletter the "Plug-oween" issue, as we hype a new RG-sponsored play (KICK), an original work previewing here at 520 on Halloween night (ELIXIR), and a new line of swanky shoes created by our very own Shakira Moran (I Am Sam Shoes). More information about all these things in the side-bar to your right.

Oh! And my very own band,
Johnny and the Blood Will Tell, created earlier this year right here at RG (natch), will be bringing our rock-and-blues tinged American roots sound back to Brooklyn on Friday the 30th at 11pm. Expect gorgeous layered vocals, themes of heartbreak and redemption, and some red-hot fiddle. More info at , or just click the image below!

John Norman
Ripley Grier Studios
In the Spotlight: Big Apple Body Therapy
In a city that invites (or demands) that people re-invent themselves, it's hardly surprising to find a Lithuanian MD doing bodywork for performing artists.

After he received his Doctor of Medicine degree, Viktoras Jeriomenko specialized  in orthopedic diseases and disorders for 14 years. His further training and workshops took place all over Europe including Germany, Switzerland, and Russia where he also participated in conferences and published several medical books. He was always interested in hands-on therapy and holistic approach as a means of alleviating physical and emotional pain. In addition to having a profound clinical history, he now has over 25 years of experience in manual therapy. Some of the modalities he is skilled in consist of deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, Feldenkrais and reflexology.
   Viktoras has built a clientele that includes many luminaries of the New York performing arts scene, including Lawrence Rhodes (Artistic Director of the Juilliard Dance Division), Quenia Ribeiro (Alvin Ailey Master teacher), Cyndi Lauper, and the late Harvey Shapiro (pictured above with Viktoras a few years before his death at 88). When asked how he gravitated to working with performers, Mr. Jeriomenko remarked, "All performers have injuries. If you do something seriously, eventually the body needs a tune-up." Repetitive stress injuries and issues are so common among musicians particularly that he claims, "Tell me what part hurts and I'll tell you what instrument you play."

If you are interested in working with Viktoras either at our 131 west 72nd street location or in your home, he can be reached through his website, 
Patricia Ripley - Feng Shui and Fitness
feng shui color chart
Welcome to Fall!!  The weather is great,  cool at night and 60's in the day.  The sun is so bright and warm.  The beach is a great place to walk and contemplate.  I have very few 70+ days to go in the ocean as the water is getting cold.  My wetsuit is rated 65 degrees and the ocean is getting colder faster than the air.  
Jeannie and I went out to Montauk for out annual birthday celebration over Columbus Day and the weather was great and Montauk was hopping.  There was the annual Fall Festival and the water was warm.  Jeannie had to go back early to march in the Columbus Day Parade in New York, so I spent a couple of nights alone.  It is the one time in the whole year that I am totally alone and not responsible for anything but myself.  Whew! everyone needs that once in a while.  I have a yellow Camaro convertible and a yellow boogie board. We put the top down and we cruise the Hampton's and Montauk for 4 days.  World Pie, Bobby Van's, East by Northeast, The Inlet, Anthony's for breakfast , and the new Scarpetta at Gurney's Inn.  We play miniature golf and go to the lighthouse.  Of course I go boogie boarding at one of my favorite spots, "Poles" near Ditch Plains. I always check the real estate mags and dream.  Montauk is one of my top three places in the world.  Key West, Montauk and Long Beach.   
I will be teaching my Intro to Feng Shui next Monday October 26th for the Long Beach Adult Education program.  If you are interested in that class or want any information concerning Feng Shui please call me at  212 799- 5433,  Ext 204.
My Functional Fitness classes are back in swing.  The Fall season the best time to establish a routine.
Biking, walking, jogging, going to the gym, etc.  Get your routine going and keep it up through the holidays.  Watch your food caloric intake and eat smaller portions to prevent cold weather weight gain.  Come and join me and the other master teachers in the Fitness Concepts for Life program.  9 classes per week, trial class for only $10.  Go to  for more information.  
See you in November.    
Regards and blessings,  Patricia

A great deal on original theatre for the RG community
On her way to her first big New York audition, dancer Bernie O'Connell is tricked into a car and attacked in a vacant lot off the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.   KICK follows Bernie from a kickline to A Chorus Line to Hollywood and back as she picks up the pieces and finds the glue to put herself back together.

Get Tickets at
Only $25.50 with the code "KCKD25"

Performances begin October 25, playing every  Sunday at  7pm
St. Luke's Theatre, 308 West 46th Street, NYC
Preview an Original Work by RG's own Graham McCarty
Come check out a spooky new musical experience this Halloween night, ELIXIR, right here at Ripley-Grier 520, starting at 8pm. Written by and Starring Graham McCarty with Music by Ashley King!
Presenting Shakira Moran's
I Am Sam Shoes

I am Sam is a new shoe line created by RG's very own Shakira Moran. Her latest design "Berrylicious" is perfect for those fall nights and winter days when you just want to stand out. This is a limited edition so get yours while they are still in stock. Enjoy FREE shipping and  $10 off your purchase with coupon codeKMCO1CIHNDY
 The shoe is 100%  manufactured in Italy and is made of genuine Italian leather.
Get yours today at

I hope everyone is having a good fall so far! The weather is getting cooler. During this month a few new movies hit the theaters, and I saw two.
Long Beach lost it's theater from "Sandy"2.5 years ago  We had to travel 25 minutes to the nearest theater. Over the summer we were lucky to have it renovated and reopened.  It is another step in our recovery.
I saw Bridge of Spies the second night it came out, and the theater was packed. We had to go to the show at 9 o'clock at night because the 6 o'clock showing was completely full. The movie was great. No wonder so many people wanted to go see it. Tom Hanks did a great job as the leading role as always, and the plot was very interesting. The second movie I saw was The Martian. I was able to see this one in 3D, and it was stunning. All the graphics looked awesome in 3D. I also really liked the plot line and the acting by Matt Damon and Jeff Daniels. I highly recommend everyone to see these movies, either in theaters, on a DVD, or anywhere else you can see them. Although, I do recommend you see The Martian in 3D.
See you next time- Jeannie

Jeannie Ripley-Grier is the daughter of RG founders Patricia Ripley and Butch Grier