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Happy Holidays!   
As we reflect on the past year and prepare for the upcoming growing season, we are thankful for all of the successful partnerships that we have with the regional designers, contractors, owners, and facility managers, who trust us as experts to help them maximize the potential benefits of having a green roof and green wall on their project.  We are proud that our job is made easier because we work with the proven systems, the LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roof System  and the LiveWall Vertical Greening System. Thank you for your trust in us, and we look forward to all of the unique and exciting opportunities in 2016!

RoofBlue® - NEW Accessory to the LiveRoof® System
LiveRoof Integrated RoofBlue™ Riser is engineered to provide temporary water detention underneath LiveRoof systems.  

When used with a control flow drain system, RoofBlue expands the usefulness of a green roof system as a stormwater management tool:
  • Reduces burden on stormwater systems.
  • May allow for reduced sized stormwater drains - saving money.
  • Could reduce or eliminate the need for other forms of on-site stormwater management.
    (cisterns, underground tanks, detention ponds, etc.)
  • May reduce stormwater utilities or qualify for zoning incentives.
Contact us to discuss how RoofBlue® can be incorporated into your green roof project.  

continuing education
It is also a good time of year to learn about the newest trends and topics related to green roofs and green walls.  Contact us if your company is interested in a lunch and learn.  For your convenience, you can also check out the online courses and earn credit at and

Design guides and research studies

Click on the link below for a pdf of the current design guide for LiveRoof®.
More information is available, please contact us for additional documents related to LiveRoof® and LiveWall® accessories and green roof and green wall research.

upcoming events!
AIA KC Nooniversity
"Stormwater Management Capabilities (and More) of Green Roofs
January 14, 2016        
Sedums and More!
Even though our name is Roof Top Sedums, we do offer a variety of plants to choose from that add to the beauty and function of your green roof.  We know sedums are still the toughest and most durable green roof plants for our region that create unmatched coverage.  We have a large selection of wildflowers and natives you can add to the function and diversity of your green roof design.  We also have options available for turf grasses if owners want a lawn-like look.
LiveWall® and LiveScreen
The growing season always provides opportunities for new and unique ways to grow your plants.   LiveWall® and LiveScreen® can showcase your beautiful flowers or make growing a vertical veggie garden possible. The design versatility, ease of installation, and proven performance are unmatched. Contact us for more information and get yours today - you will be the envy of those with even the greenest thumbs!
Are you hungry for more knowledge and maybe a Lunch and Learn?
Our staff is available for educational presentations, project discussions, and guidance.  Just let us know and remember we are Green Roof Professionals!  Simply fill out the Request for Information on  our website and let's get started!  

The seedlings for Roof Top Sedums were planted in 2006, when co-owner Teresa Nelson collaborated on a green roof project with LiveRoof® LLC in Michigan. This collaboration led Teresa and her sister, Roxanne Nagel, to fill a void in the growing green roof industry. Roof Top Sedums, LLC began providing custom grown green roof vegetation for the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System from their family farm in Davenport, Iowa. In addition, they have added the LiveWall® Vertical Green Wall System to their product line, and are excited to keep growing and growing!

See the Project Showcase for recent examples of our work. 
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