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WOW what a winter!

Now that summer is upon us, it is hard to remember when that many parts of our region experienced a record-breaking winter with extreme temperatures and record-setting snowfall. It seemed like even the grassy lawns would not survive, but surprisingly most things bounced back and we are on our way towards a great growing season. The natural world never ceases to amaze us. We continually look for the most resilient plants to use on the green roofs we grow using the LiveRoof� System.

If you experienced some setbacks on your green roof due to the winter extremes, be sure to contact us for advice. We are happy to help. We have seen a wide range of outcomes depending on the region and site conditions of the green roof. There is still time to make the necessary repairs and restorations.
University of Iowa Pappajohn Biomedical
Discovery Building - Iowa City, IA
This green roof is especially exciting, because it is the first green roof on the campus of the University of Iowa. The 6,440 square foot green roof features 5 unique yellow, green, red, and pastel sedum base mixes with a variety of accents including hostas, rudbeckia, alliums, and liatris. LiveRoof� Certified Installer Vis, Ltd. is installing the LiveRoof� Deep System and will be complete this project around the middle of July.
Iowa State University Biorenewables Complex Phase 2 - Ames, IA
The LiveRoof� Deep System was also used on a portion of the new ISU Biorenewables Complex installed on May 16, 2014 by LiveRoof� Certified Installer Enviroscapes, Inc. The LiveRoof� System area is 780 square feet and features a sedum base mix with a unique plant palette of accents including hardy ferns, epimedium, carex, allium, and columbine. The green roof area is highly visible and will be a unique addition to the new building.
UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Hospital - Cedar Rapids, IA
This green roof was installed in April by LiveRoof� Certified Installer Poly Vinyl Roofing, Inc. This 204 square foot green roof features multiple varieties of Iowa hardy and drought-tolerant sedums in the LiveRoof� Standard System. The test plots are located over the west entrance of the hospital and add an attractive view for patients and visitors.
Kansas City Crossroads Parklet - Kansas City, MO
Confluence and Structura, Inc. are again collaborating for a second year to create the Kansas City Parklet which is installed outside the Brick, a busy downtown Kansas City bar and grill. It is designed to transform an on-street parking space into a vibrant pedestrian amenity. The project utilized donated LiveRoof� Standard System modules from Roof Top Sedums to add color and life and requires minimal watering and maintenance.
LiveScreens - Gilda's Club and Kahl Home
Two organizations recently purchased LiveScreens� for use at their facilities. Gilda's Club in Davenport, IA purchased a LiveScreen� XL thru a grant from Tom's of Maine 50 States to support an initiative called G.R.O.W. which stands for Giving Resources Organically Within. They have been utilizing it to harvest fresh vegetables and herbs as an on-site community garden for their members.

Kahl Home in Davenport, IA purchased two LiveScreen� Access units to use in their courtyard area. They have planted a variety of herbs and vegetables to harvest, as well as annuals to beautify the space for their residents.
Green Roof Maintenance
Maintenance is extremely important for the durability and beauty of your green roof. Now is the time to keep up with watering as needed and keep looking for any pesky weeds. If you need advice on what or how to plant, just let us know. We have a great selection of the toughest green roof plant varieties.
Custom Growing NOW!
If you have a project in mind, contact us now to get started! Growing is in full swing and your green roof can get started yet this season.
Sedums and More!
Even though our name is Roof Top Sedums, we do offer a variety of plants to choose from to add to the beauty and function of your green roof. We know sedums are still the toughest and most durable green roof plants for our region that create unmatched coverage. We have a large selection of wildflowers and natives you can add to the function and diversity of your green roof design. We also have options available for turf grasses if owners want more of a lawn-like look.
LiveWall� and LiveScreen
The growing season always provides opportunities for new and unique ways to grow your plants. LiveWall� and LiveScreen� are great ways to showcase your beautiful flowers or grow a vertical veggie garden. The design versatility, ease of installation, and proven performance are unmatched. Contact us for more information and get yours today - you will be the envy of those with even the greenest thumbs!
Are you hungry for more knowledge and maybe a Lunch and Learn?
Are you hungry for more knowledge about green roofs and maybe a Lunch and Learn? We are available for educational presentations, project discussions, and guidance. Just let us know, and remember we are Green Roof Professionals! Simply fill out the Request for Information on our website and let's get started!
The seedlings for Roof Top Sedums were planted in 2006, when co-owner Teresa Nelson collaborated on a green roof project with LiveRoof� LLC in Michigan. This collaboration led Teresa and her sister, Roxanne Nagel, to fill a void in the growing green roof industry and Roof Top Sedums, LLC began providing custom grown green roof vegetation for the LiveRoof� Hybrid Green Roof System from their family farm in Davenport, Iowa. In addition, they have added the LiveWall� Vertical Green Wall System to their product line, and are excited to keep growing and growing!

See the Project Showcase for recent examples of our work.
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