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Fall 2014 newsletter 

The fall color has been amazing this year, and the color on the green roofs has been equally spectacular. We achieve year-around interest on our green roofs, because we take the extra effort to customize the plant mixes to showcase diversity of seasonal blooms, foliage color, textures, and evergreen attributes. This achieves a green roof that is durable, changes with each season, and is beautiful year-around.  
















Genesis Medical Center East Campus

Davenport, IA


Photos taken October 23, 2014  

(Installed Fall 2010)



This green roof features two custom sedum mixes to create a colorful wave of red thru the green roof. The facility showcases 720 square feet of the LiveRoof� Standard System. The green roof is part of a new addition at the facility and is visible from the interior waiting area as well as the nearby overpass. LiveRoof� certified installer Cardinal Roofing installed the green roof on July 2, 2014.

university of iowa seamans center for engineering
iowa city, IA
The LiveRoof� Deep System was used to improve a courtyard area visible from classrooms and accessible to students and faculty. It features multiple mixes with sedums and wildflowers such as black-eyed susan, liatris, and alliums. This is the second green roof on campus and has 396 square feet of fully vegetated modules installed by LiveRoof� Certified Installer Dryspace, Inc. this September.
illinois central college arbor hall
peoria, il 

This green roof was installed in

September by LiveRoof� Certified Installer CJL Landscaping, Inc. This 144 square feet green roof is the first LiveRoof� System in the Peoria area and features multiple varieties of hardy and drought-tolerant sedums in the Standard System. The green roof is located over the south entrance of Arbor Hall and adds an attractive view for students and staff.

bioscience & technology business center's incubator lab
lawrence, ks 
This green roof was added to the facility to improve the view for building occupants. The project used 1,100 square feet of the Standard System and was installed by LiveRoof� Certified Installer Arbormasters. The green roof features a custom sedum mixture to mimic and blend in with the colors of the surrounding landscape. It also features 350 square feet of RoofStone� pavers which integrate seamlessly with the LiveRoof� System.
western illinois university riverfront campus phase ii
moline, il 

As the campus of Western Illinois grows, so has its use of green roofs. Phase II utilized 9,720 square feet of the LiveRoof� Standard System. The green roof features a custom sedum and allium mixture adding to the year-round, visual interest to the campus. The Quad Cities has embraced this newest green roof with multiple local stories, such as the October 29th story on Paula Sands Live.

Check it out here 


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We will be at the national conference, CitiesAlive! in Nashville, TN on November 12-14, 2014. If you are planning to attend, be sure to find us there along with the ENTIRE LiveRoof� Grower Network! It will be an exciting event and a great opportunity to learn about the current products and topics.



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If you have a project in mind, contact us now to get started! We are already planning our production for next season, so get on board to make your green roof a reality! 
Sedums and More!
Even though our name is Roof Top Sedums, we do offer a variety of plants to choose from to add to the beauty and function of your green roof. We know sedums are still the toughest and most durable green roof plants for our region that create unmatched coverage. We have a large selection of wildflowers and natives you can add to the function and diversity of your green roof design. We also have options available for turf grasses if owners want more of a lawn-like look.
LiveWall� and LiveScreen
The growing season always provides opportunities for new and unique ways to grow your plants.  LiveWall� and LiveScreen� can showcase your beautiful flowers or make growing a vertical veggie garden possible. The design versatility, ease of installation, and proven performance are unmatched. Contact us for more information and get yours today - you will be the envy of those with even the greenest thumbs!
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The seedlings for Roof Top Sedums were planted in 2006, when co-owner Teresa Nelson collaborated on a green roof project with LiveRoof� LLC in Michigan. This collaboration led Teresa and her sister, Roxanne Nagel, to fill a void in the growing green roof industry. Roof Top Sedums, LLC began providing custom grown green roof vegetation for the LiveRoof� Hybrid Green Roof System from their family farm in Davenport, Iowa. In addition, they have added the LiveWall� Vertical Green Wall System to their product line, and are excited to keep growing and growing!

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