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How important is truth to you?  One of the most insulting and affending things to me is a liar.  No matter how you dress it up a lie is a lie.  Remember the Good Book says a liar is worse than a thief. You can lock from a thief but there is no way to protect you from a liar.  We are going to see a lot of lying this year by the GOP to deceive the electorate.  Don't be deceived.  The truth is out there and we must call out the liars and slanders who insult our intelligence.  Email is a prime means of those who  try to deceive us.  Will a friend send you an email that insults you by spreading false statements?  Politically this is considered ok by our Republican friends.  Tell them if you are affended.  You won't lose a friend because that friend did not exist anyway. Friends do not hurt friends.
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October 11

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 Scioto County Democratic Party

 Central Committee Meeting

 will meet

 September 27, 7PM, 



 Scioto County Democratic  


1018 chillicothe St.  Portsmouth, Ohio

Members of the Central Committee are encouraged to attend and invite your families and friends

This is an open meeting and everyone is welcome. 




Phones are now installed in the Headquarters for your use.

Please phone 740-351-0243 and schedule your use of the phone bank.




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Next meeting is
September 24, 2012
 5 PM
Democratic Headquarters
1018 Chillicothe St., Portsmouth Ohio


This will be a working meeting and an enjoyable
time for all
Everyone is welcome
Kim Platzer, President





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2012 Obama Campaign








Portsmouth Organizing for America Office




Volunteer at Democratic Headquarters, 




1018 Chillicothe St., Portsmouth, Ohio 


Now hear this!



The phone banks are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 PM at the office, and for the canvasses we meet at the office at 10:00 AM on Saturday mornings. If any questions, call Robbie Day, OFA organizer, at (740) 341-3107.






  vote health


 For the GOP arguement that President Obama increased the debt.  President appears to be the only President in 60 plus years that showed he knew how to manage our government financially.










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Dear Friends, 
This past weekend, we marked the end of summer with Labor Day celebrations across the state. But Labor Day is about more than just a change of season; it's a time to salute the people who stand on their feet all day working at diners and hair salons, construction sites and classrooms - and who still volunteer at local food pantries or stay active in their houses of worship.
Labor Day reminds us that a great nation ensures fair wages for an honest day's work; it reminds us how workers have come together to secure an eight-hour day, equal pay for women, pensions, collective bargaining rights, and retirement security. 
The advancements we enjoy are the result of our united efforts. This report highlights the work we've accomplished together in recent months.
  1. Promoting Rural Economic Development and a Comprehensive Farm Bill
  2. New Resources for Carroll & Vinton County Airports
  3. Protecting the Historic Village of Zoar
  4. Connecting Ohio's Rural Communities
  5. Bolstering Firefighter Safety
  6. Connecting Ohio Veterans with New Employment Opportunities
  7. Sen. Brown's Office is Here to Serve You

Promoting Rural Economic Development and a Comprehensive Farm Bill
Sen. Brown and Sec. of Agriculture Vilsack visit the Ohio FFA Center
Strong rural communities and a thriving rural economy require strong infrastructure that promotes business development. Sen. Brown fought to include support for rural communities in the 2012 farm bill and is working to pass a five-year farm bill that would create jobs, boost development, and promote growth in Rural America.
During Ohio's Rural Community Assistance Partnership (R-CAP) conference in August, Sen. Brown was named R-CAP's "Rural Champion of the Year." At the conference, representatives from Sen. Brown's office outlined his efforts to bolster rural economic development, including an amendment to the Senate-passed farm bill aimed at boosting U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development programs. The amendment would help Ohio communities update wastewater and sewer infrastructure systems, provide access to job-creating capital for Ohio agricultural producers and small businesses, and provide technical assistance to beginning farmers.
Sen. Brown will continue to support R-CAP and Ohio's rural development leaders and push for a farm bill that will bolster rural economic development, overhaul the farm safety-net system, and ensure access to healthy and affordable food.









Balancing the Budget, Reducing the Deficit, and Lowering Taxes
During these tough economic times, working families are making their own difficult decisions on how to reduce their personal budgets. Sen. Brown believes that it is clear that the government must lead by example and share in the sacrifices required to reduce the deficit. That's why he voted to reduce the deficit by $2 trillion, while protecting Social Security and Medicare. Under Sen. Brown's leadership, Ohio families are paying the lowest federal tax rates in years.

Lowering Taxes

  • Voted for the Middle Class Tax Cut Act, which extends tax cuts for 99 percent of Ohio families, saving the average Ohio household $1,400 on their taxes.
  • Supported legislation to repeal the 1099 reporting requirement relieving small businesses of a burdensome requirement.
  • Cosponsored the bipartisan Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief Act that would preserve this vital homeowner tax relief provision.
Reducing the Deficit 
  • Fought to pass Budget Control Act, which reduces the deficit by more than $2 trillion, sets 10 years of spending caps, all while protecting Social Security and Medicare for Ohio seniors.
  • Working to end special tax breaks for Wall Street hedge funds that would reduce the deficit by $23 billion over 10 years.
  • Fighting to close tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas, which would save $19.5 billion over 10 years.
  • Voted to repeal special tax breaks for the five largest and most profitable Big Oil companies, which would save $20 billion over 10 years.
  • Introduced the bipartisan Congressional Retirement Age Act that would prevent Members of Congress from collecting their pensions until they are eligible for Social Security. This legislation, would save about $15 million over 10 years while demanding Members of Congress make the same sacrifices many are asking of working Americans.
Balancing the Budget
  • Fighting to ensure that the federal government lives within its means.
  • Supported a responsible balanced budget amendment that would end extra tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires unless there is budget surplus.
  • Opposed plans that would attempt to balance the budget on the backs of hard-working, middle class Ohioans in order to provide additional tax breaks to oil companies and the wealthiest Americans.
  • Championed a Social Security "lockbox" to keep Congress from raiding the Social Security trust fund to hide the true size of our deficit.
  • Opposed an irresponsible budget plan that would enshrine tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires into the U.S. Constitution, recklessly restrict the size of the government in a manner that would threaten our national defense and homeland security, and undermine Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.















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    Charles --


    If Mitt Romney was Santa Claus, he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves.

    I've always thought the funniest jokes had a hint of honesty behind them.


    This year, we face a true choice. In Mitt Romney's America, he would have "let Detroit go bankrupt" and nearly 850,000 jobs tied to the auto industry in 80 out of 88 counties right here in Ohio would have been threatened. But thanks to President Obama, today auto sales across our country have doubled and folks in Toledo, Parma, Cleveland, Lorain, and all across our state are hard at work.

    But without your support right here in Ohio, we could face a country in November that looks much different than the one you and I know. I'm dedicated to supporting the American worker, and I hope you are, too.


    Please, help us make sure that Ohio re-elects President Barack Obama, and chip in $8 today so we have the resources we need in this final stretch to bring this election home.


    In Matthew Chapter 6, verse 21, the scriptures tell us that - "where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." My friends, any man who aspires to be our President should keep both his treasure, and his heart, in the United States of America.


    But Mitt Romney's money is far from home, with passport in hand, summering in the Cayman Islands, and wintering in the Swiss Alps.

    Friends, the stakes are too high this year to sit the election out. We need your support to carry Ohio, like we did four years ago. Can I count on you?


    In just more than 60 days, we'll be celebrating victory in Ohio,because you helped get us there. Donate $8 today and make sure we finish this race strong, carrying Ohio for President Barack Obama.

    Thanks for everything you do,


    Ted Strickland



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    William Smith for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District

    posted on Scioto County Democratic Party's Wall


    1) 1.5 Trillion Cut from Affordable Care Act
    2) 770 Billion Cut from Medicaid
    3) $200 Billion Cut from Medicare
    4) Cutting the top 1% tax rate from 35% to 25%

    These are the key provisions from Paul Ryan's budgetary plan supported by Tea Party Brad Wenstrup. This is not the leadership Ohio's 2nd District middle class voters need. I urge you to visit to see my positions on these issues and why William Smith is the right choice this November."




    Will you add your name to say that you're standing with President Obama?

    On Wednesday night, I spoke on the floor at the Democratic Convention about what a Romney-Ryan America would mean for women.

    An America in which access to birth control is controlled by people who will never use it.


    1. In which politicians redefine rape so survivors are victimized all over again.

    2. In which someone decides which victims of domestic violence deserve help, and which don't.

    3. And six months from now, we could all be living in that America.

    But we've also seen another future we could choose. An America in which our President -- when he hears a young woman has been verbally attacked -- thinks of his daughters. Not his delegates or donors.

    We talk often about choice. Now, it's up to all of us to make the choice to support our President with a Democratic majority. 


    Will you add your name to say that you're standing withPresident Obama?



    Thank you


    Sandra Fluke 






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    Scioto County the People's Candidates Updates


    Gail Alley for Scioto County Recorder

    Busy week. Drop by the Democratic Headquarters and see the new signs on the Marquee.  Volunteer for my campaign to campaign and make phone calls


    Donnie Rachford for Scioto County Commissioner

    Donny Rachford updated his status: "Wanted you all to know I am having a "Meet Donny Rachford" event on Sept. 29 at 6:00 pm at Pioneer Village in Wheelersburg. , there will be free food and drinks available, everyone is welcome. Please spread the word!"


     Steve Goins for Scioto County Sheriff

    Scioto County's Drug Problem. Can you think of a better reason to elect Steve Goins for Sheriff

    Last night I received the endorsement of the Carpenters Union Local #437. I would like to thank the men and women of Local #437. I will represent your endorsement with honor and integrity. 


    I have spent Saturday and Sunday at the Rarden Whitetail Deer Festival. All I can say is WOW. We had a great time and the people of the Rarden area and the Festvial people were just great to us. For a small community is this a big event that is very well orgainzed and a lot of hard work went into this event. I will certainly be back every year for now on. I had a lot of good comments to me about my candidacy for Sheriff, and a lot of my yard signs were given out after residents asked for them. The parade was today, and we all had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came out and wore my shirts and walked in the parade.


    The article quotes the Sheriff as saying "over the last several years, while the county has undergone financial problems, the Sheriff's office has pulled through, "and it's not just me. It's teamwork here at this office. And I feel that with me stepping right back in, that will continue."

    What is not said by the Sheriff, is when the employees of the department, including regular deputies, had to take one furlough day off a month and a pay cut, the Sheriff turned around and gave his top administrative supervisors a pay increase. these are the supervisors you see out campaigning for the Sheriff at ball games and other events. If you do not believe me, go ask a regular deputy, and they will tell you that, they told me. As Sheriff, this will never happen in my administration. "Teamwork" is everyone getting pay cuts, including the Sheriff, until it gets better, and not taking care of your campaign supervisors. But when you receive two pay checks (double dipping) , do you really care?


    Saturday, September 22 at 3:00pm at Green Township


     Across the road from 3787 Junior Furnace Powellville Road ( large campgound facility) there will be a free cookout for all; hamburgers and hotdogs and all of the fixins. You will need to bring a lawn chair with you. This is a community area event for me. Please come and meet me and have a great time. The residents that are helping to set this up is expecting a large community attendance. There will be signs out to get you to the location, and if bad weather, we might have to reschedule date.



    Marie Hoover for Judge 4th District Court of Appeals

    6:45pm Sep 7


    I would appreciate your vote for my campaign for Fourth District Appeals Court Judge. The Fourth District is made up of 14 counties: Scioto, Pike, Ross, Pickaway, Adams, Highland, Hocking, Washington, Jackson, Vinton, Athens, Meigs, Gallia, Lawrence Counties.

    I have been traveling the fourth district trying to meet as many people as I can. I would appreciate your support during the next couple of months! Thank you! :)

    Volunteer to canvass and make phone calls




    Jerry Buckler for Domestic Relations Judge

    Volunteer to make phone calls and canvass



    John Haas for State Representative 90th District. 


    Volunteer to make phone calls and canvass



     Admission Free

    Join best-selling author and filmmaker Peter Navarro for a screening of DEATH BY CHINA at the Republic Theatres on Thursday, September 13 at 7:00pm.

    Watch the DEATH BY CHINA trailer:


    Melanie Ogg8:55pm Sep 9


    Thanks to all who supported Vice President Joe Biden today at PHS.!!! It was an awesome event. Meeting and Introducing the VP, being on stage with Ted along with my daughter and son-in-law on stage, my husband on the news, and my WWII Veteran Father in the audience has to one of the highlights of my life!!
    Remember - this is a fight we can't afford to lose!!


    Comments are welcome and we invite our readers to submit articles and letters to the editor.
    Readers may contact us at:
    Phone 740-777-1935
    Cell      740-250-4713

    Charles Neal


    Charles Neal, Vice Chair

    Scioto County Democratic Party


    Paid for by Scioto County Democratic Party,  Ann Bobanich, Treasurer 

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    Elect Steve Goins Scioto County Sheriff, 26 years law enforcement experience
    Currently the Police Captain for New Boston Police Dept.and former Deputy U.S. Marshal for Southern Ohio.
    Thank you for your support and vote.

    Paid for by Supporters of Steve Goins Campaign, 552 Glenwood, New Boston Oh. 45662.Treasurer Jessica Gran


    Click on Link for more info on


     I have received in the mail my letter from IBEW Local 575 officially endorsing me as Sheriff. Thank you to all members of Local 575 your kindness and help means a lot to me. I will represent your endrosement with honor during this campaign.
    Jerry Buckler
    Domestic Relations Judge
    "In my 25 years of public service--fifteen as a practicing attorney and ten as a public school teacher--I have gotten to know Scioto County and its people from one end of the county to the other. There is something very special about this place. But in my heart I believe the Scioto County Domestic Relations Court can be of greater service to the citizens of our county, especially the children of domestic disputes. That's why I'm running for Domestic Relations Judge. Through hard work and careful planning, Scioto County's brightest days lie ahead."
    Thanks for your support



    Featured Adds
    Gail Alley 

     Thanks Scioto County for your Vote on March 6 Primary


    Vote for Gail Alley


    Scioto County


    20 years experience

    serving the people of Scioto County


    Endorsed by Laborer's

    Local Union 83



    Featured Adds


    Don Rachford
    for Scioto County
    Donnie is truly a man of the people.  His love and commitment is to the people of Scioto County.
      I need your support and I want your vote this November
    Featured Adds

    Democratic Candidates 

    Barack Obama

    for President


    Sherrod Brown 


    U. S. Senate


    Charlie Wilson



    6th Congressional District


    William Smith



    92nd Congressional district


    Marie Hoover


    Judge 14th district


    Steve Goins


    Scioto County



    Tom Reiser


    Scioto County



    Donnie Rachdord

    for Scioto county


    John Haas


    90th District State



    Bill Ogg 


    Scioto County Treasurer



    Featured Adds

      Bill Smith

    Bill "Butch" Smith




    2nd Congressional District 



    Vote Straight




    Featured Adds

     vote yes on 2    


    Equality for all Ohioans


    Redistricting reform is important to passing pro-equality legislation because it makes more districts competitive in the general election. More competitive districts mean more legislators will move toward the political center, which overwhelmingly supports non-discrimination and safe schools legislation for the LGBT community.

    Featured Adds


    The GOP has reduced American

    Women health and status as voters.

    Did you know that Health Insurance cost double what it does for a man?

    I can truly say my Mother was the

    greatest woman I ever knew. I could never thought of her, my wife or daughters as second class.

    I can never accept what the GOP is doing to mothers and women all over this country.

    Do you like what the GOP is doing to your Mothers and Daughters?

    This November send a message

    the GOP will never forget.



    Vote for Charlie Wilson
    6th Congressional District 
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    This is a Historical year for

    our country.


    There  are only two options.


    Move the country forward

    with Obama or backward

    with Romney.


    I can tell yyou the good old days were not good. 


    We must rally the people to

    make sure our message gets out.  We cannot match the GOP and their rich supporters financially.


    The 99 % of the citizens can

    put more boots on the ground than the 1% of the rich.  Get on board and let us

    show them what we are made of.



    We are American made, born and bred in the U.S.A.


    Throw your money, lies and

    mud at me but "I will not go

    quietly into the night."


    Make your voices heard and

    demonstrate for our rights before they are taken away.

    Vote and make sure your friends and neighbors vote.


    We have not yet been disenfranchised of our voting rights yet.  But rest assured

    they are planning to keep many of us away from the poling places by surpressing the vote.


    Over half of the states have

    GOP Governors with that sole purpose in progress.


    GOP's plan is to disenfranchise 5 million voters of their rights.


    The GOP sees this as the way to win an election.

    We must get out and vote while we still can.











    Support is a must
    to win this election.
    Marie M. Hoover for Judge 4th District Court of Appeals
    I have traveled the District and took every opportunity to speak, now I am your candidate so I have a lot more traveling to do.  Your vote in the Primary was greatly appreciated! :)

    Miles and miles I have traveled and many more before November.  I have committed myself to you and this district.
    This is a labor of love for me.  I care for each and everyone an want to serve the people I care for and love.
    Your help is needed in each of the 14 counties for a win in November. (Scioto, Pike, Pickaway, Highland, Adams, Meigs, Athens, Gallia, Vinton, Lawrence, Washington, Hocking, Ross, Jackson)

    Any volunteers?
    Visit Marie Hoover's web site:
    Paid for the committee to elect Marie M. Hoover, Judge of the 4th District Court of Appeals.  206 7th Street, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662