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January 2014
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My greatest joy with my work is seeing clients make breakthroughs and move forward in their life.    I love some of the stories that come out of my sessions and I thought I would share one with you. This is a story of Mary, her name has been changed of course.   Mary's session was about relationships or so she thought.    She came to me with complaints of never being satisfied with the men that she had been attracting in her life.  She always ended up being the caretaker or servant rather than a partner.   When I began to search through her past lives I found that she had a issue with leadership and didn't want to put herself into a position of authority anywhere in her life not just in personal relationships.   She had a past life where she had been beheaded when she was married to a prince.   As it turns out she always had health issues in her throat and she was constantly losing her voice.   She had also been attracting men of power to relive that life time trying to overcome her fear of authority and power.   Her real issue that she was dealing with was equality and having a voice of power again in relationships.  Once we cleared the  past life traumas and worked on the issues she began to move forward and left her fears behind.   She is now engaged to be married and feels a sense of peace knowing that she has found herself in a relationship with her true partner  that is not only satisfying but also nurturing and giving.

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We would like to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year with Blessings of Peace, Happiness, Fulfillment and Health for 2014.   From all of our staff; Sherry, Liz, Vicky and Ron. 
Goals that work! 
Setting goals for the New Year is important, but understanding them is more important.   Knowing that your goal is nothing more than a desire of acquiring something that feel you are lacking.   Being in touch with the emotional reason you lack the goal  is your first step towards moving forward.   For example lets say your goal for 2014 is to increase your income.  The important part of the goal is the emotional aspect behind it.   What type of person would you be if you made more money?  Would you be more respected, would it make you feel more secure,  would it make you feel as if you are more successful?   So the true goal would be to feel more respected, or secure or successful.    The next step in your process would be to see the emotional aspect of that feeling (i.e. success, security, respect )  in your day to day  life.   For instance if you are looking to feel more respected, focus on every time someone shows you additional attention by doing or giving you something.   When you don't feel respected turn around and respect that person and show them extra respect so that the energy opens up the door to come back to you.    The next thing you know the energy blocks that you were creating around income will be gone and you will notice more money coming your way.    Please be honest with yourself when you do this exercise and if there is more than one emotion linked to the outcome of  your  goal, know that you are dealing with core issues and it is daily work to see the universe in a different way.  
Vicki Murphy

I would like to introduce you to Vicky Murphy.   I have searched long and hard for someone that has the same gifts. Vicki can see energy and release energy the same as I do.   She  has many years of experience behind her and has been working with me to take some of the emergency appointments and overflow. If you are interested in seeking her guidance please get in touch with Liz to set up your appointment.   



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