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April 2015

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April 15th is just around the corner and if you are getting a personal tax refund, you may have already filed or will be filing very soon. If you have to pay additional taxes, your filing extension form is probably being worked on or is in the mail. April also has filing and payment due dates for many businesses as well (check with your accountant or tax preparer to see which forms and dates apply to your business).

Tax planning should be something that you give serious consideration to through-out the entire year. Decisions that you make every day in operating your business may not be possible to unwind when you start preparing your tax return. It is not a good situation when you find out that you have to pay more in taxes than you planned, or even worst, more than you should have to pay.

The Federal tax code changes nearly every year, and although legislation may pass that is not directly a change to the tax code, there may be provisions in a piece of legislation that have tax implications (e.g., the Affordable Health Care Act).

It makes prudent business sense to seek tax planning advice from an experienced tax accountant, business advisor, consultant, or mentor to try to uncover those hidden costs that could show up next year when you do your taxes. Before you make any big decision, seek the counsel of a Silver Fox Advisor.

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Richard T. Hendee, Editor

The Silver Fox Advisor

Is Life Insurance Required Or Necessary?

By Melvin Maltz, A Silver Fox Advisor

Depending upon your perspective, there is no universal answer to the question of "Is Life Insurance Required or Necessary"? The answer to this question will be different for almost all individuals and families. If you have assets that are readily converted into cash to satisfy the needs of your heirs, the person planning will often under estimate the need by failing to consider: a realistic rate of return on the invested assets, the future inflationary cost of care at home or at a nursing facility, the length of time dependents will require income from the inherited assets.

Other reasonable questions may be: is there a purpose other than my death for life insurance; or can the other benefits of insurance help me if I need those benefits before I die? If no longer needed, can existing life insurance be easily discontinue; if not immediately needed what is the cost of waiting five or ten years before adding life insurance for the protection of your heirs. A professional life insurance agent can help you answer these and other questions.


Avoid The Tired, Trite Terms

Encourage Original Thought.

Focus on Priorities and Strategy.

By Hank Moore, Corporate Strategist?

Words count. Put together, they reflect corporate culture. Used out of context, words become excuses, gibberish, rationales and basically wastes of energy.

When people hear certain words and expressions often enough, they parrot them. Rather than use critical thinking to communicate, many people often gravitate to the same old tired catch phrases.

I sat in a meeting of highly educated business executives. The presenter was dropping the term "brand" into every other sentence. The word had lost its power and came across as a fill-in-the-blank substitution for a more appropriate though. Many people used to do the same thing with the word "technology," using it far from its reasonable definitions.

These clich?s do not belong in business dialog, in strategic planning and in corporate strategy. These expressions are trite and reflect a copy-cat way of talking and thinking:

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"Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy."
~ Norman Schwarzkopf



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