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December 2015

From The Editor...     

As I begin preparing for the Holiday season, I wonder if Santa has a "Back Office". How do the two relate? Well, I'll attempt to share my thoughts.
Over the past few years I have been seeing and hearing a term that has exploded in the business world. The term is the dreaded "Back Office"! Some of the customer service departments I have recently dealt with have informed me my order was lost in the "Back Office". Also, when I have been asked to complete a new form that I have never been asked to complete before, I am often told the "Back Office" needs it completed. Moreover, one of my clients was recently informed by one of the financial institutions that he uses that his loan had been turned down by, yes you guessed it, the "Back Office".
Recently I've found myself asking, where is the "Back Office"? Is it behind the walls of the building I was in when I was told that? Who works in the "Back Office"? Is it the Wizard who was behind the curtain in the Wizard of OZ? Does "The Back Office" reality exist? Or, is it in some faraway place that can only be reached by traveling in the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars? Personally, I think it is a new means for Corporate America to pass off telling customers something the company does not want to deal with or explain. Maybe I'm wrong, but until I hear a better answers, that is my belief.
Now, getting back to Santa having a "Back Office". What if the letter you wrote to Santa as a child never got to Santa and was lost in the "Back Office"? You might have been scarred for life. Or, what if the toy you could not live without as a child never made it into Santa's bag and remained in the "Back Office"? You likely would have had a very unhappy holiday, to say nothing of trust issues.
I believe that most people want to be dealt with fairly and to hear the truth; thus, I would encourage Corporate America to rethink is position of blaming the "Back Office" and start sharing with customers what really happened or why something has changed. In my dealings with others I have found reality has always worked the best.
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Richard T. Hendee, Editor
The Silver Fox Advisor
The Use Of An Ionized Fluid In The Hydraulic Fracturing Of Shale
By Joe Munisteri, a Silver Fox Advisor
For the past four years I have been involved in developing a method and system for generating an ionized fluid and then injecting the ionized fluid into underground fissures, of shale deposits, then pressurizing the ionized fluid, whereby the crystalline structure, of a portion of the shale deposit, located in the fissures, are changed into suspended particles. The depressurization of the ionized fluid, forces the suspended particles out of the fissures, and increases the amount Hydrocarbons contained in and released from the shale formation.
Mitchell Energy, in the mid-nineteen nineties utilized two newly developed technologies that changed the way unconventional, insitu hydrocarbon shale deposits could be produced economically. The first technology utilized the development of steerable and controllable drilling techniques that could change the direction of a drill bit going in a vertical direction and rotating it into a horizontal direction.
Fine Wine, Aged Cheese, And Valuable Antiques
Professionals Who Go The Distance.
By Hank Moore, Corporate Strategistâ„¢
A professional's career and their collected Body of Work encompass time, energy, resources, perseverance and lots of commitment in order to produce. This holds true for any company, institution and for any person.
There are three key ingredients in developing deep leadership roots. Long-term success for the company and a healthy career for the individual are attributable to:
  1. The manner in which an organization or professional lives and conducts business on a daily basis. I symbolize this with the analogy Fine Wine.
  2. The evolution, education, enrichment, professional development, training and life experiences that one amasses. This continuum is symbolized by the analogy Aged Cheese.
  3. What of value is really accomplished and left behind. This shows that the business or person actually existed and contributed meaningfully to society, rather than just filling time and space on this earth. This is symbolized by the analogy Valuable Antiques.



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