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July 2015

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If you haven't looked at your calendar for a while you may want to do so. You will discover that 2015 is half over! Remember that business plan or project list that you did for 2015 and all the things that were listed in that plan or on your project list that you wanted to accomplish in 2015, well you may want to review that plan or list and see how many things you have completed and weigh them against the number of things that you still have to do. Overwhelmed yet?

There may be very good reasons why certain things can't be checked off as done. No one expected $50.00 a barrel oil in Nov. or even Dec. 2014. It was like we all woke up one morning and oil prices dropped in half. For some that was very bad, for others that was very good. However, if you are disappointed at what you have not completed yet because you simply have not been able to focus on those things because you are running your business and you are already running as fast as you can, then you just may need some help.

Here are some tips that may help you get both feet back on the ground at the same time. Shorten your list or revise your plan and include only those things that are the most important to you and/or your business. Remember, if the cash register is not ringing you will soon have a much bigger issue. Prioritize the things in your plan or on your list and start with the top and work down. Just maybe some things will get eliminated or can be added to next year's plan.

You also may need assistance from an outside experienced business advisor, consultant, or mentor; before it gets any later in the year, contact a Silver Fox Advisor. Remember, the hands on the clock cannot be turned back, and in the business world a do-over may not be possible.

We encourage you to visit our Website at or to select a Silver Fox Advisor and also to learn more about the Silver Fox Advisors, our Associates and their businesses, as well as our great programs and community outreach endeavors.


Richard T. Hendee, Editor

The Silver Fox Advisor

Cash Is King

By David Neuberger, a Silver Fox Advisor

How often does a business man attempt to buy inventory and he realizes that his bank account does not possess the necessary balance? Or pay his employees and understand that he doesn't have the funds to cover the necessary tax payments?

Was this entrepreneur aware of the balance in his bank account? One would bet probably not.

A business possesses many assets-a strong management team, an excellent marketing strategy, and outstanding products. But if it doesn't have any cash, these assets will be of no value as far as liquidity is concerned.

We often find this especially true of the entrepreneur who has recently created a business and is attempting to solve the many problems he is encountering for the first time. However, this issue is not limited only to "rookies". Often seasoned executives find themselves strapped for cash.

Despite all of the virtues a business might possess, if it doesn't have cash it can't operate. Therefore the rationale for the topic of this article-CASH IS KING!!

In this review we will present several ideas that will allow the executive to avoid the pitfalls and potential life-threatening consequences of not possessing sufficient cash in the bank. They are:

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Doing Your Best Work On Deadlines.

Mobilizing the Energy for Best Business Success.

By Hank Moore, Corporate Strategistâ„¢

We just had the first live TV musical play extravaganza on television after a 50-year hiatus. The production was "The Sound of Music," starring Carrie Underwood. This TV special got a lot of attention because it was unique live, just like opening night of the Broadway show on which it was based.

Truth is that throughout the 1950's (the Golden Age of Television), there were comparable live TV extravaganzas on the air every night of the decade.

Many of them were consistently great. They were live, in real time. They had top talent behind them. They were well rehearsed. They had the adrenaline of "going live," and they shined with luster.

Among those crown jewel TV moments were:

  • "Our Town," starring Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint.

  • "Requiem for a Heavyweight," the premiere of "Playhouse 90." It was written by Rod Sterling and starred Jack Palance and Ed Wynn.

  • "The Petrified Forest," starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Henry Fonda. In it, Bogey reprised the 1930's Broadway hit and movie that launched his career.

  • "The Ford 50th Anniversary," a two-hour musical starring Ethel Merman and Mary Martin. This was the first TV special and set the tone for thousands of others since.

  • The first Beatles appearance on the "Ed Sullivan Show," where the whole world was watching. The Beatles topped that by composing "All You Need is Love" while they performed it on a global telecast.

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