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Issue 14September 7, 2011

Customer Pick-up Hours


You're already noticing the shorter days...within a few weeks, the evenings will begin to cool and you'll be looking for something to take the chill off.  If you havn't already secured your fuel for this coming season, now is the time.


Beginning Saturday, September 10th, our Wells and Windham locations will be open every Saturday morning from 9:00 am till 12:00 noon for customer pick-up.  Click here for directions. 


Starting Wednesday, September 14th, our Wells location will  be open  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 


Visit us at the Cumberland County Fair Sunday, September 25th through Saturday, October 1st.  This will be our third year displaying! We encourage all current and new customers to stop by and say hello. 


Wells & Windham Hours at a Glance:


Route 9 (356 North Berwick Rd) Wells:


Saturday        9:00-noon

Wednesday     2:00-5:00 starting September 14th

Thursday        2:00-5:00 starting September 15th

Friday            2:00-5:00 starting September 16th



Route 302 (361 Roosevelt Trail) Windham: 


 Saturday         9:00-noon


Extended pick-up hours at our Windham location will begin in mid-October.  Check our website for details.


As always, we encourage customes to call in advance to confirm availability of products.


Try Before You Buy


Southern Maine Renewable Fuels invites you to take advantage of our "Try before you Buy" Bundle Special.  New to pellet stoves or simply want to try one of our newer pellets or Bio Products?  Here's an affordable opportunity you won't find anywhere else!


For only $10.00, purchase three bags of wood pellets or three packages of our Bio Products to test in your own appliance.  Bundle specials are availabe for customer pick-up only during our scheduled times above.  Click here for details.


Limit one bundle special per household per heating season please.

Save $10.00 On Each Pallet You Pick-up


Looking to pick-up a full pallet of wood pellets or Bio Products?  Own a pick-up truck, have a friend with one, or just don't mind making several trips with your vehicle? 


This season, save $10.00 off any full pallet of product picked-up from either our Wells or Windham locations.  There is no limit to the number of pallets, but we ask that you plan on transporting the entire pallet during the normal pick-up window that day.  We do not have the facility to store partial pallets.


If you purchase one pallet at a time, this will save you a bit of money.  If you're buying two, three or four pallets, consider our affordable home delivery and save your back, time and gas!

 Now Available...PWI Hardwood  Pellets

At Southern Maine Renewable Fuels, we're always looking to add quality products to our line of wood pellets and Bio Products.  We are pleased to announce the addition of PWI super premium hardwood pellets from St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. PWI pellets have one of the lowest ash contents available (.29), and and are currently available for $279/ton. 


Click here to view an independent review of over 50 brands, comparing average temperature, ash content and fines. A  number of our pellet brands are listed near the top.   Please read pages 18 and 19 for the testing protocol and a list of results.


We invite you to visit for a complete list of wood pellets, bio products and bagged coal.  Place your order with our convenient on-line form.

Cozy Logs Are Back



Own a woodstove or fireplace?  Southern Maine Renewable Fuels has an excellent assortment of Bio Products including Bio Bricks, Canawick Bricks, Envi Blocks, Home Fire Logs and Rio Logs.  You won't find a better selection anywhere!


We're very happy to report that we are once again able to secure Cozy Logs.  These popular logs were in short supply last heating season.  Cozy Logs are ideal for fireplace owners who enjoy the ambiance of a beautiful flame and great cedar smell. 


Bundled in convenient plastic bags with handles, Cozy Logs are an extruded product and thus very dense, uniform, stable, and perhaps your best choice if long term storage is a concern.  Great to have in the event of a power outage and ideal for summer camp fire pits. 


Tired of stacking and restacking firewood?  See how our fuels stack up!  Bio products take up less than half the space of cordwood, and eliminte the hassles like bugs, bark and dangerous creosote.  Clean, convenient and affordable!


Click here for current pallet and individual package pricing.


Thank You 

Got a stove?  We have your fuel.


As always, we thank you for your patronage.


Warm Regards,

Bob Maurais
Southern Maine Renewable Fuels

Specializing in Affordable home delivery
to residents of Maine's York & Cumberland Counties.

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